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Found 3 results

  1. Portal is used to feed magic container, that has hole of one meter size. Could be dug deep with magic pipe tunneling hot compressed matter outside to prevent thrusting away from place. Once hot matter is out, what happens to surroundings? For example this matter has composition, pressure and density of Venus atmosphere on surface or gaseous core of gas giant/star. On other hand it could be vacuum cleaner or just drain water from marina trench. Container is magic, so matter source is constantly replenished and there is no energy loss during matter transportion trough pipe. Once matter is outside normal physics resume as in good old XKCD Whatif
  2. KSP AJE mod allows engines to run at up to 5 mach and 25 kilometers, KSP Interstellar mod allow higher speeds and altitudes for air breathing mode. What are limits for real world good old propeller / turbofan / turbojet / ramjet / scramjet / future (KSPI Interstellar) engines?
  3. apparently there appears to be some errors in the neowise survey, such as not accounting for the albedo of the asteroid, seems like a bit of an issue. discuss