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Found 6 results

  1. Woohoo!, it's March, that means it's time for new threads of the month, can you tell I'm excited? How about now ?! Taking the blame for any bad choices this month are @Dman979 and @Spaceception! I looked but I don't think I ever featured this, and it's something you really shouldn't miss, check out @Kuzzter's awesome Odyssey here. @Speeding Mullet recreates a challenge I've wanted to feature for some time, here's the newest and coolest Shuttle Challenge! How could I not feature the hottest topic going? Take a look at TRAPPIST-1 courtesy of @_Augustus_, and wonder if anyone there is taking a look at us. Too good to overlook, a VTOL F-35B from @Servo, all stock no less. With the upcoming language update it's interesting to find out just how varied our members are when it comes to languages, @NSEP asks the all important question. That's all for now, have fun! For Februaries TOTM see here!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm bringing you a craft themed TOTM this month, with the help of @Dman979, @Snark and @Red Iron Crown (so no stickies as there's too many, tags only). Ever wished there were swing wings in stock? Torquimedes has, so he built some... Here's some more stock wing shenanigans courtesy of Servo, variable incidence anyone? Enjoy a lorry load of heavy haulers this month with Castille7's big rigs, air horn sounds are optional. The Destroyer takes us back to space with his series of heavy duty SSTO's, just right for delivering a truck to Moho or Eeloo. Suit up and move out in Makc_Gordon's Fallout power armour! Or perch precariously on Klond's Mecha-pigeon That's all for now, have fun! See Januaries TOTM here!
  3. Phew, 2016 is finally behind us, here's hoping 2017 will be a smoother ride. Talking about smooth rides how about a train ride? Klond impresses us once again with his amazing toy train set. This would make an awesome Christmas present Now for something a little more hi-octane, how could I not feature Triops awesome Kerbal Dakar. It's worth checking out for the cars alone! We have a late entry for December with Norcalplanners tutorial on trigonometry in KSP, now you can finally find a use for the maths you learned in school HoloYolo poses a rather serious question in the Science forum, could we leave our solar system if we had no other choice, and what form might such a calamity take? Uncover the secrets NASA doesn't want to tell you about the Moon with purpleivan, we are not alone up there... As we all recover from overindulgence and resolve to be better people lets look back at our material gains with UnionPacific's old thread, I got socks That's it for now. Oh and happy new year everybody! See December 2016's TOTM here.
  4. Hello and welcome back to the Kerbal Space Program threads of the month, where I showcase your threads from around the forums. On this months TOTM I'm joined by the moderators @Red Iron Crown and @Vanamonde! Starting out in the KSP Discussion section this month we have eloquentJane asking us what inspires us to play KSP. I just have to feature this one, take a look at the awesome work from Nicole in the Spacecraft Exchange, nice one Nicole! A darker than usual challenge awaits you this month, leave your Kerbal behind, but the science is not expendable... Don't overlook Tirehtoori R.I.P's career in robotics in the Fanworks section, his robots would love to kill all Kerbals say hello! In Science and Spaceflight NSEP gets us thinking about what it would take to build a real Mars colony. And in the Lounge we take a look at a very different mode of transport to our beloved rockets, VaPaL steams ahead in miniature in his model railway thread. That's all for this month, don't forget if you see a thread that you'd like to see here, let me know See Octobers TOTM Here!
  5. Welcome to another edition of the KSP threads of the month, where we take a look at threads posted by our own members which you really shouldn't miss Helping me choose the top threads from around the forums this month are... @Deddly! @Frybert! @Dman979! and... @Red Iron Crown! CdrFuzz starts the ball rolling by asking what we've managed to do with the new fairing nodes. Makc_Gordon's challenge has to be seen to be believed, or explained, if you thought you've seen everything in KSP you're in for a surprise. It was impossible to choose between craft this month, so welcome Aphobius to this months TOTM with his working stock pendulum clock! And Klond with his drivable car! In Fanworks Kotagi shows us the start of his Kerbal cockpit simulator, that's one serious peripheral! An older thread now, Join ap0r in Science & Spaceflight as he designs a real rocket engine. Jonfliesgoats invites us to nominate our most Kerbal aerospace pioneer in the Lounge And finally our very own good control person, Snark, gets us to talk with only the top ten hundred most used words. That's all for this month! See Septembers TOTM here!
  6. Hello Kerbals! Here's Augusts TOTM, and this month I used a calendar Picking the victims this time around are... @Dman979! @Red Iron Crown! @Maverick_aus! @Snark! and... @Deddly! I don't usually pin threads in KSP Discussion, but Pecan's is too good to pass up. This is an old one but worth checking out, a mission report from a Kerbals perspective... In the Spacecraft Exchange we see Jon144's awesome Kinchook, er Chinook helicopter! Uninstall KJR before flight though Seanth makes his TOTM début with an unusual boat efficiency challenge. And The Raging Sandwich reminds us of the past with This Day in Spaceflight History. Another newcomer to the TOTM with a recent thread that caught my eye is NSEP telling us how the forum changed the way he plays KSP, his post reminds me of how the forum was and is a big part of the Kerbal experience for myself, our community is easily half of the game if not more to me. And happy birthday NSEP! That's all for now, see you in space! See Julys TOTM here!