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Found 1 result

  1. When you first got KSP, and started up a career save, you were excited to play the game and go to SPACE! Then you realized you only had a flea booster to work with, so you said "Space will have to wait," and built that same starter rocket everyone builds, didn't you? (You know what I mean) WELL NOT ANYMORE! WHAT IF YOU COULDN'T WAIT TO WORK YOUR WAY UP THE SCIENCE TREE? YOU NEED TO GET TO SPACE! This is the root of this challenge: Get the highest possible altitude with only tier 1 parts, easy right? (Here's a hint: Tier 1 has no decouplers or struts) Parts List: MK1 Command Pod, RT-5 "Flea" SRB, Mk16 Parachute, Mystery Goo, Modular Girder Segment, Basic Fin. THAT'S IT. How This Challenge Works: Create a NEW career file, on normal difficulty, go into settings, and put funds at 500,000 (Max), and make sure starting science is 0 Upgrade any buildings you want to, I recommend VAB+Launchpad for larger rockets, and Astronaut Complex to allow for EVA's (Extra Points) BUILD AWAY Staff your rocket, more kerbals does not equal more points, however those extra crew reports are worth something LAUNCH! Collect science along the way, it earns you points! (Using X-Science helps) REACH NEW HEIGHTS, THEN LAND! At least ONE kerbal must walk away from landing to plant a flag (all the more reason to have more >:) Do Nots: DO NOT use modded parts that happen to be in tier 1, mods that don't use parts like X-Science and Kerbal Engineer are ok DO NOT use the administration bulding, or mission control in any way to try and boost funds/science DO NOT use tier 2 or above parts (no science building) DO NOT use part clipping to stuff 10 flea boosters into the size of 1, mild part clipping with structural parts ok YOUR FIRST FLIGHT must be the record attempt, if you fail, revert flight, DO NOT RECOVER OR TERMINATE (test run on sandbox or another file) NO F12 OR HYPEREDIT (hopefully, this is a duh) NO USING the EVA spam push trick once in space, I will allow ONE push retrograde using a max of 1.0 units of EVA fuel (more info in spoiler) Tips + Tricks You may use the runway if you wish, however there are no wheels in tier 1 Flea boosters blowing each other/structural parts up make good decouplers The structural girders are very flimsy, although they "decouple" better than the fleas themselves (no struts) The Basic Fins perform strangely on some rockets, also they add weight, sometimes it is better to go without them Command Pods can be used as nose cones, even with their weight it can pay off once you are moving 500 m/s, also you get more reaction wheels Remove Monoprop from the command pods, it helps at those later stages Parachutes alone most likely will not stop you in time, having an alternate landing system is usually necessary Launching straight up will get you the highest, unless you are going for orbit Scoring: Suborbital: Highest Point Reached (in meters) + # of science points x 1000 = total score (91,000 + 16x1000 = 107,000 points) Orbital (Separate Scoring): Periapsis + Apoapsis + # of science points x 1500 = total score (71,000 + 83,000 + 18x1500 = 181,000 points) If there is need for a higher scoring system, such as moon orbits/landings (or interplanetary :P), I will add more leaderboards, you MUST have a screenshot of your rocket during launch, your map view upon reaching your final height, and one of the space center (science points) when you return as a minimum. Leaderboards Suborbital: @MarvinKitFox - 859,101 Points (859,101 Meters, Science Not Given) @LazySoUseHyperedit - 206,138 Points (94,038 Meters, 112.1x1000 Science) @Cunjo Carl - 137,951 Points (76,951 Meters, 61x1000 Science) First Besides Me To Do It Award I LIKE - 0 Points (0 Meters, 0 Science) PIE - 0 Points (0 Meters, 0 Science) Orbital: @Gordon Fecyk - 593,275 Points (Apoapsis 290,421 Meters, Periapsis 71,284 Meters, 154.5x1500 Science) First To Orbit Award Somebody - 0 Points (Apoapsis 0 Meters, Periapsis 0 Meters, 0 Science) Once - 0 Points (Apoapsis 0 Meters, Periapsis 0 Meters, 0 Science) Told - 0 Points (Apoapsis 0 Meters, Periapsis 0 Meters, 0 Science) Me - 0 Points (Apoapsis 0 Meters, Periapsis 0 Meters, 0 Science) This Challenge Is Closed!