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Found 3 results

  1. The challenge is to have a rogue Kerbin which only has a small time window to get in to the inner system. Your goal is to either: Colonize a planet successfully and be self-sufficient(extra planetary launchpads mod and drills) Create multiple self-sufficient stations(see above possible mod) or Get to the top of the tech tree so you can 'redirect' Kerbin into the system (hyper edit) So that's my take! Thanks! -Noah
  2. Fly trough The Big River as fast as possible, but don't waste your fuel, you have to return home... Fly to the first checkpoint on the river source, once you get to it, you must stay below 400m and fly through the various checkpoints until the end of the river... Get a screenshot of the mission result when you land and stop back at Baikerbanur. To see the time you traveled through the river, just subtract the Finish checkpoint time from the Start checkpoint time. https://kerbalx.com/missions/33
  3. Rally Run Challenge! RULES -Stock Parts Only -Size limitation,entry vehicle must fit inside of mk3 cargo bays -You must include a driver, and they must be in an external seat for the race. -Time Starts with the launch of your vehicle -Time Ends when you collide with or pass the Squad Monolith. To qualify for a leader board spot include a screenshot of your finish time, we're working on the honor system here folks! Video proof is highly encouraged though it's not mandatory. Only your first submission can make it to the leader
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