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Found 1 result

  1. [snip by moderator ] DCK is gone DCK Features - 42 alternate skins for Stock, Aviator Arsenal, BD Armory Continued, BDMk22 Cockpits, SM_AFVs, Mk2 Expansion, QuizTech, KAX, Airplane Plus, BAD T Props; ALG, AoA Tech, RvB, SXT and Procedural Parts as well as most of @SpannerMonkey(smce)'s mods having built in support for DCK - DCK Paintshop courtesy of @TheDog ... Now you don't have to switch textures on each part one by one (see video below) - Transparent/Invisible Aircraft Armor ... protect that new paint job from scratches, bullets, missiles and even high speed impact against other craft (Armor models courtesy of @SpannerMonkey(smce)) .... now compatible with FAR by making the armor invisible to FAR's aero calculations ... MM patch included in download - Courtesy of @SuicidalInsanity - DCK Wheels ... If you've ever wanted to change the stock wheels to something with a little more pizzaz then DCK has you covered (see video's below ... Contributions by @Wrench Head) Be advised that the Transparent/Invisible aircraft armor DOES NOT affect the drag on your craft or its flight characteristics and only adds weight and an armor rating - for use in conjunction with BDAc ... Be sure to not block your weapons with the armor [DEPRECIATED ... Now a DCK add on] Please, do not overwrite DCK when updating ... Delete the previous version and any DCK add-ons from your Gamedata folder before installing the new version DCK Github download link: DCK Github issues link: DCK SpaceDock download link: PLEASE NOTE: I have compiled a version of DCK for KSP v1.2.2 ... You can find the download on my Github releases page (DCK v0.2.5 only) INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS RECOMMENDED ADD ONS PLEASE NOTE: DCK requires Module Manager (included in download) DCK contains code adapted from Default Action Groups, USITools and Firespitter ... Please see spoiler below DCK is licensed under the GPLv3 License: