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Found 3 results

  1. So, I boot up KSP with a bunch of mods, start a new save (this is my first save file on this copy), and am greeted with this "lovely" sight at a horrible framerate: I have no idea why, or how, but what I do know is what mods I'm using, and that there aren't any logs, unfortunately. Please help.
  2. So I've tried to build some big craft to explore Eeloo and stuff, and once I did, I was happy to explore the whole system. but it wasn't enough So I downloaded To Boldly Go, which requires Kopernicus. And once I downloaded Kopernicus, I booted up the game, and made a new save file. But I'm stuck on the loading screen! The planets keep orbiting the Sun! It was fine before this. What can I do? P.S no crash logs, it didn't crash
  3. I just installed a bunch of mods onto a new copy of the game, and I immediately got some glitches. First, upon loading up a save file, Kerbin was invisible, but reloading the save file fixes it. Another thing: when I looked at Jool in the tracking station, its orbit line was invisible and it had a new moon, courtesy of the To Boldly Go mod thinking it's one of its own procedurally generated planets. I have several other mods installed, such as TAC Life Support, infernal robotics, KER, DPAI, and others. Full list of mods and some footage of all glitches encountered coming soon, as I am currently on my tablet and don't have access to my computer right now, and probably won't be able to get on until tomorrow. EDIT: Here's modlist: FuelTanksPlus, Hangar, Interstellar Fuel Switch, Kerbal Engineer Redux, KerbNet Controller, Kopernicus, Infernal Robotics, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, SETI Greenhouse, TAC Life Support, To Boldly Go, Trajectories, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Transfer Window Planner, TweakScale, ModuleManager, Community Resource Pack, Community Category Kit, Configurable Containers, and Modular Flight Integrator. And here's a link to footage of the glitches: srry not embeded vid EDIT 2: srry about dropbox, I am new to this kind of addition to a post.