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Found 6 results

  1. Thread of the month of April ! To see the last update: Click here After 4 months of work, I am very proud to present my first add-on: Aurora Space Center! Presentation Aurora Space Center is a mod that adds IRL/fictives buildings and launchpads! This mod has for vocation to be improved very strongly in the future, come back often to see the thread! Buildings and current launchpads: Features: Buildings and launchpads use stock textures. All other textures (logo or text) can be modified in paint for exemple! Buildings and pads will automatically turn on and turn off spotlight like the real KSC buildings. RSS compatible: all buildings are done in real scale ! (for stock users down the scale of buildings at building setup) Buildings and pads use a auto-matching grass color module, so that you can place them anywhere on Kerbin/Earth and even Mars ! Animated object by a simple click on it: INSTALLATION & HOW TO USE IT Install Kerbal Konstructs and Module Manager (link below) and put Aurora Space Center into your GameData directory and that's all! To put a building: open the KK menu (ctrl+k) and place it anywhere you want ! (If you choose to place a launchpad, you will need to restart your KSP to convert it automatically into a launchpad) A huge thank you to @JadeOfMaar, @Omega482 and @CobaltWolf for their help, without them Aurora Space Center could not have looked like this. And a very special thank to @damonvv who helped me enormously when I started! DOWNLOAD: Dependencies: Kerbal Konstructs & Module Manager If you want to see the progress about Aurora Space Center, take a look at the Roadmap ! FAQ How do you do that ? Check this video ! How to open the HIF doors ? The HIF doors can only be opened for the LC-2 launchpad, for the primary door click on the top segment of the door, for the south door, click on the left segment How to trigger the Crew Access Arm ? Click at the base (green thing) of the Crew Access Arm (Picture) Changelog All models and textures are distributed under All Rights Reserved License You can follow my twitter to see some updates before everyone: @chloe_mathon
  2. Thread of the Month April 2020 Created by CarnationRED Inspired by SimplePlanes' fuselage parts. Designed for limitless shape construction. _________________________________________________________________ KottabosGames' Introduction Video Features Change sections width, height and radius Save/Load section shape presets Various shape modifications CRFP Creator: Pick any 3 or 4 points in scene to create a panel, with surface/edge/vertex snap options Edit with gizmos and/or GUI Quick copy shape and materials using Ctrl+F or Ctrl+C/V Select individual textures or choose one of texture presets Fuel tank switch GIF Demonstrations Manual UI Press F or right-click to open up UI panel, hotkey is defined in CRFPSettings.cfg When adjusting radius, hold: Shift: link all 8 radius Alt: link current with its opposite at the other end Ctrl: link all radius at the same end Negative radius will not be effected by aspect ratio More details: Handle Gizmos Fast way to tweak length, twist, top/bottom size and corner radius Press F to activate, hotkey is defined in CRFPSettings.cfg Copy shape fast using Ctrl+F (see demostration above), note that linked section won't copy Copy shape using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V RMB to switch between parts, parameters in UI panel will also be updated CRFP Creator With this tool you're able to create panel parts easily Click at the upper right corner of UI panel to open, the Creator panel shows up, click to start Created part will try to exactly match those 3 or 4 points you selected. Textures Texture Browser Used to select individual textures, usually for texture try out Click one of texture names to open Enter a letter to start search F5 to refresh, up/down arrow key to navigate “Convert to normal map” option is experimental, which won’t overwrite the texture file Miscellaneous To reload cfg settings, press "=" and "-" when Part Settings memu is opened. Compatibility Compatible with KSP 1.8.x-1.9.x Compatible with FARc, RealFuels, Procedural Parts Known Issues Parts position go wrong when editing mirror symmetry part Custom texture lost during loading Bottom texture is stretched when Tilt Bottom is not 0 Wrong part movement when changing both Tilt and Twist (detach+attach is a temporary solution) Sometimes when copying part, handle gizmos also get copied with the cpoied part Changelog Download from GitHub Download from SpaceDock Source Code License: DDSLoader library by @sarbian (released under MIT license) If you like it, consider buying me a cup of coffee
  3. Just a thread for concerned kerbalnauts to post related information and discussion here.
  4. My county is telling us to "shelter in place" avoid The Disease, so my neighbor just knocked on the door, told me he works at a grocery store, and asked me if there's anything I need from the store. I don't even know they guy very well. It was such a nice thing to do in the middle of so much stress and bad news.
  5. This is a spinoff from @Petabyte's Longest Hover challenge. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is simple but probably not easy: Launch a rocket from the launchpad. It must have no jet engines, parachutes or aero surfaces (wings, fins, elevons, propeller blades, etc.) of any kind. Hover around the VAB while keeping the bottom of your rocket below the roof level. Hitting the ground or the roof of any building is of course not allowed either. Land back on the launch pad. As this is a race, entries will be ranked by time from launch to landing, but the real challenge is just making it around the VAB and back to the launchpad at all. Anyone who completes the challenge above will earn a place on the leaderboard, a cool badge and eternal fame and glory.* (* Amount and duration of fame and glory may vary.) Rules and clarifications: All entries should be built with stock parts. DLCs are allowed. (I may add a separate category for modded entries if there's demand for it.) As this is a piloting challenge, using any kind of autopilot-like mods (including Mechjeb autopilot or kOS scripts) is forbidden. Use of stock SAS is allowed. (Again, if people want to submit entries using kOS etc., I'll add a separate category for those.) Purely cosmetic or informational mods are OK, as is anything else that doesn't significantly affect physics or piloting. I'll even allow FAR, since it shouldn't make much difference for this challenge. If in doubt, please note in your entry what mods you're using. Also, any physics cheats like reducing gravity are obviously also forbidden. So are ladder drives and other glitch exploits. The challenge is to complete the course while hovering on rocket engines. Jet engines and any aero surfaces (wings, fins, elevons, propellers, etc.) are forbidden, as are parachutes. (Yes, that includes using the EVA parachutes on Kerbals.) All kinds of rocket engines are allowed, including RCS thrusters and SRBs. If it would work in a vacuum, it's OK. Both crewed and uncrewed craft are allowed. Staging is allowed (but shouldn't be required, if you're fast enough). However, crashing is not. Your craft should be able to take off again after landing, at least if refueled. Also, the VAB and the launchpad have to be still intact at the end of your flight. As the challenge is to fly around the VAB and not over it, the bottom of your rocket should never rise above the level of the helipad on the roof of the VAB, which is 108 meters above ground level. In particular, as long as your indicated altitude above sea level never exceeds your launch altitude + 100 m, you should be good. Also, as this is a flight challenge, your rocket should not touch the ground (or the roof of any buildings) except while on the central flat area of the launchpad. Bumping into walls is OK, I guess, but e.g. bouncing off the launchpad ramp is not. To show that you've completed the challenge, post either a video of your flight or screenshots showing (at least) your craft 1) on the launchpad before launch, 2) hovering on the west side of the VAB, and 3) landed back on the launchpad. If you don't have video, also post a screenshot of the F3 popup at the end of the flight showing the highest altitude reached (which should be at most 100 meters above your indicated altitude at launch). There's probably something else that I've forgotten. If you have any questions or notice any omissions, please let me know. This is my first challenge here, so it's probably not 100% perfect. Thanks! Categories: As of April 10, 2020, this challenge now has two leaderboard categories: a general category, with the rules as specified above, and a new Ultra Low TWR category! To qualify for the Ultra Low TWR category, in addition to following the rules for the general category, your craft's TWR (thrust-to-weight ratio) must not exceed 1.1 at any time during your flight. The easiest way to show your TWR during flight is to click the delta-v indicator button below the staging menu on the left side of the screen, which will expand the staging menu to show (among other things) the TWR of your current stage. You are also strongly recommended to record a video of your flight with the TWR display visible, in order of verify that your TWR stays under the limit at all times. (Alas, KSP does not show your peak TWR in the F3 popup window.) Leaderboards: General: @jshu — 0:16 with a fully automated craft using Breaking Ground robotic parts and a KAL controller! (link) @ralanboyle — 0:18 with four Cub engines and a Spark and extra landing legs (link; earlier runs: 0:49, 0:25, 0:20) @jimmymcgoochie — 0:19 using two upward and two horizontal Twitch engines (link; earlier runs: 1:05, 0:57, 0:22) @Petabyte — 0:36 with four Twitch engines (link) @sollarflare — 2:21 with a whole bunch of Twitch engines, almost qualifies for Ultra Low TWR (link) @DRAG0Nmon — 2:22 with four Twitch engines, piloted by Jebcal Kerman (link) @sturmhauke — 2:36 with an aerospike and Vernors for lateral control, piloted by Jeb in a command chair (link) … Ultra Low TWR (NEW!): @ralanboyle — 1:14 with one Spark, piloted by Herdock Kerman (link) @vyznev — 1:27 with a Spark and four Spiders, piloted by Val (link) … Honorary mentions: @Klapaucius with "Sophocles", an SRB-only entry! While the 2 minute flight did not quite meet the letter of all the rules, the sheer kerbal awesomeness of this crazy flame-spewing contraption definitely deserves an honorary mention.
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