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Found 6 results

  1. Since it seems a new thread pops up every time a celebrity dies, I thought maybe a thread should be dedicated to their memory. Hopefully this thread will become the place to report news of celebrity deaths, instead of RIP threads scattered all over. This thread was triggered by the recent loss of two Canadians who, while not well known, played major roles in Canadiana. First up is Emily Griffiths, who died last week at age 96. A philanthropist, she was instrumental in convincing her husband Frank to buy the Vancouver Canucks NHL team and keep them in the city. https://globalnews.ca/v
  2. KSP Secondary Motion adds secondary physics motion to some stock antennas and solar panels, it also added some brand new parts to the game. This mod is still working in progress, the APIs are subject to change. Review by @Kottabos Stock Modification Stock Solar Pannel Stock Antenna Check high frame rate high-resolution mp4 version here New Parts Features: Wobbling antennas and solar panels Real-world used ground antennas CREW Duke Anti-IED system (BDArmory support, works as a jammer) TweakScal
  3. EMIKO STATION : THE MOVIE Hello, I'm Oraldo Revak ( xDark Monkeyz on Youtube) I'm a Ksp cinematic creator. I've already done a lot of KSP cinematic available on my Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdk9H5sJyeA046xm0ImxSoA?view_as=subscriber Recently, I've had the very good privilege to have @JustJim authorized me to adapt his Fan Fiction "Emiko Station" ( ) into a cinematic. I've been working since April on a 1h30 video, of the first 15th chapters. I'ver scheduled at least 5 video of more than 1 hours in order
  4. Remember the WIP B737 I posted progress of? It's finally completed! Truth be told, it was done a long time ago. I was just lazy to edit the video of it. Anyway, we'll skip the life story. You're here for the pictures. Cockpit instrument panels and overhead panel Forward and Aft Galley Forward and Aft Lavatories E&E Bay Passenger Half Rear Airstair Tail Compartment - Cable Drum APU Compartment Wheel Well Trailing-edge surfaces + more things. Look
  5. THREADS OF THE MONTH August 2020 It's that time of the month again! We gather to recognize the great works our community has created, either with their initial post or the subsequent discussion that arises. This month we take a look at an overly detailed airliner, a mod that adds some wiggle to your craft, a melancholy retrospective, the visualization of one of the forum's great works, and how to use ISRU for fun and profit. Who says noodle rockets are bad? Well, we all kind of do, but what if only a few parts of your rocket had a little jiggle and wiggle? Well, @Ic
  6. One thing I've always wanted in KSP was a reason to setup a sort of space trucking program. Not just hauling stuff out to other planets, but bringing things back...for a profit. The stock mining doesn't really provide this, it's just not profitable to transport fuel that's been mined/refined on another planets back to Kerbin, you'd have to transport a LOT and even then, the payoff is pretty slim. I wanted to have something that could be mined on Mum, or perhaps further afield, that was worth something. So in this career I installed MKS for the first time, and that opened up the option
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