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Found 3 results

  1. Seeing as there is no main lego thread, this should be it. Post anything here relating to Lego, such as opinions on Lego Sets, custom Lego creations, Etc.
  2. Part 0: Introduction and goals Welcome to the fourth iteration of kerbalism grand tours by king of nowhere. The first mission was the first kerbalism grand tour, though it still used some facilitated isru mechanics. it featured an extremely cool mothership, though in retrospect - knowing what I now know - I can see a dozen of mistakes and poor decisions in its construction. The second mission did another grand tour at hard level without isru. It had a fully disposable - and much less ambitious - mothership, which is not as cool. The third mission used the outer planet mods to increase the number and distance of the targets. It lasted 330 in-game years, using nuclear reactors to perform isru with the full kerbalism rules. Now I need something more. After completing a challenge, I want to push farther and outdo the previous mission. What more can I do than a grand tour with OPM? A grand tour of the real solar system (rss), of course. I've always known I'd have to end up there. It's the ultimate goal. The real solar system is a lot bigger than the stock system. This roughly triples the deltaV cost to do anything, as outlined in the deltaV map What does it say about this game that a google search for deltaV map returns hundreds of kerbal maps and only one for the real solar system? Made for the rss mod, not for the actual solar system, at that It also triples travel time, which means more malfunctions, and more resources needed for life support. I've been reluctant to convert to rss because it's generally assumed to go together with realism overhaul. Which gives you more efficient engines and fuel tanks to bring them in line with their real counterparts, but also adds extra nuisances like ullage gases, limited ignitions - how do they mix with kerbalism already limited ignitions? - nerfed reaction wheels, and a lot more stuff that I'm unsure how to cope with. Like, I don't know if I can replenish my ullage gas stockpile by isru, and having to add rcs would require rcs thrusters - with the 6-copies redundancy policy, how many parts would I need to add? What of lag? To keep things simple, I decide to forego realism overhaul and use stock parts. So, the third grand tour, with A'Tuin, was already very complicated. Now I'm trying to do the same, with the same resources, but tripling the deltaV requirements. The one saving grace I have is that it's a lot easier to find water in rss than it was in opm. In the previous mission I had a narrow list of available sites for refueling, this time I can do it almost everywhere. In particular, using the moonlets of mars as refueling station will make exploration of the inner system possible at all. I must foreward eventual readers (wait, is there even someone who actually reads all my excessively lenghty reports?). This is my fourth mission of this kind, and I lean heavily into what I learned in the previous missions. I keep those reports as a kind of diary to myself, first and foremost - but I try to make them accessible to other readers too. It's getting harder as I keep getting more familiar with the mods and taking things for granted. Should I talk in detail about the complicated mechanics of kerbalism isru? How much shall I discuss kerbalism mechanics like part failures and stress? I fear that, even if I do try to explain stuff, a lot of this will come off obscure to someone not familiar with my previous missions - that is, the half dozen people who may have read my reports in full. I also can't explain everything fully again, becase then the narration would become repetitive and boring to someone who already knows those missions. And as I said, I write those reports mostly for myself, I do reread them on occasions, and I don't want to reread stuff I already know all the time. So, a lot of extra details that are explored in my previous reports are not repeated here. I'll still try to make it as readable to someone new as I can
  3. The KSP forum moderator's team presents the Threads of the Month August 2022 Edition Today is the first day of August, which means a couple of things. It means July is finished. It also means it’s time to highlight the threads you felt were worthy enough to bring attention to the rest of the members of our forum community! Many good things have happened in July, and I look forward to seeing what August brings. Just like you, I’m always amazed at the quality of work done by the members of our modding community and the rich gaming experience and uniqueness their work brings to the game. I’m astonished at the screenshots fanfic writers include in their imaginations of what life for our favorite Kerbalnauts is in their universe. Then there are those forum games. It is easy to waste a lot of time playing them and be just as productive as one can playing Candy Crush – without pestering half your phone’s contact list! I have no problem sharing with you that there are times I have spent my entire scheduled office hours just combing through the content made available by you, our Kerbal Space Program forum community. Now that a new month has begun, I'm asking a favor - if you see an interesting thread - NOMINATE IT! The instructions for nominating a thread are at the bottom of this post. For those out there who like the nerdy parts of the TOTM: To continue what I started in May 2021, I began keeping some forum statistics as a response to those claiming the forum was dying. In July, there were 343 new forum accounts (an increase of 39, or 12.8% from June). Out of the new forum members that joined last month, there were 35 who are active and participating in the forum. This conversion means 10.2% of the new users who registered their accounts are now contributing members of our community! (This is an increase over last month; only 6.58% of the new members became active and contributing members). If you're interested in seeing the new members of our forum, you can click here ! Now, without further delay, I present to you the threads of the month for August: General Community threads of the month: This category features a thread that adds to the community and doesn't fit the game support/game mod categories. I am surprised the topic of this thread hasn't already been done – but it hasn't! There's something about a box of Legos that kids of all ages can't resist. And it's no surprise that many of you enjoyed this thread, too! In this thread by @Kerb24, we see a showcase of Lego creations of all kinds! Do you enjoy building things with Legos? Do you have a favorite collection, creation, or have seen something on the Internet you want to share with the community that relates to all things Lego (none of those imposter block toys, please! ), then this is the thread for you! As you can tell from what's already shared, your creations do not have to be space related or even one of the prepackaged kits you can purchase in your favorite store. The only limit is the amount of Legos you have and your imagination. If you're up to a challenge, why not create your favorite KSP craft in Lego and share it here? Game Support/Game Mod of the Month: This category features either help with the game (stock or modded) or mods that add quality-of-life gameplay improvements to Kerbal Space Program. Since the early days of the Kerbal Space Program, there's always been a desire for more planets. Had it not been for the original team that developed Kopernicus, there'd be many far-off strange new worlds our brave Kerbalnauts would never have gone. When @Thomas P. and @Sigma88 left, many of us wondered what would happen to the mod. Since then, there have been others who have risen to take the challenge. And now, another team of modders continues the work. When @prestja left the most recent group, many were wondering what would happen to one of our favorite and necessary mods. Thanks to @R-T-B and his post, we now know. His introduction to the post says: If you're interested in making your planets, you will need this mod. If you've noticed some neat planet packs you want to add to your game, chances are you will need to add this mod as a dependency. Why not visit the thread: On a more personal note, I'd like to thank @R-T-B and the rest of the team for their tireless efforts to continue to keep this mod running for our community. Forum Member Created Challenges and Missions: This category contains missions and challenges created by you, the members of our gaming community. Many excellent missions and challenges threads are created that expand our fun with the game and press our skills, creativity, and sometimes, luck beyond what we get accustomed to. Let's face it, we all have our go-to design basics and even our go-to vehicles we like to use. So sometimes, a good challenge can cause us to think of another way to achieve our goals. There were no threads nominated for this category this month. Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired works: This category features a thread (or threads) that, while not directly Kerbal Space Program related, may be a creative work, fan-fiction, or other presentation related to the game. Mission reports are a great way to see how others play Kerbal Space Program. For me, there are so many great authors I have followed for a while. It’s always great to get the notification there’s a new post ready to read in my feed! And one thing I enjoy most about having the task of doing the Threads of the Month each month is the chance to read your nominations for this category. This month’s thread for this category was written by @king of nowhere. This mission report aims to do the Grand Tour Challenge – but using the Real Solar System (RSS) mod. The introduction to the mission report’s concept reads: The thread’s still active and is a good read. At the time of this thread of the month posting, Imgur is doing something wonky with the images (they do not automatically load). But since this is something that is beyond the control of @king of nowhere, we really cannot hold it against them for an otherwise great mission report. If you're looking for some ideas for your next marathon session of Kerbal Space Program, or you really want to see some ideas for new craft, or just want to see how someone else plays the game, then this mission report is something you might want to give a try. Video-based Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired Creative Works: This category features a video or other form of cinematography of a Kerbal mission report using in-game video recorded gameplay. There were no threads nominated for this category this month. Honorable Mentions: Sometimes it’s a challenge to choose which threads are going to receive the honor of being selected as the Thread of the Month for our five categories. We get so many good nominations each month to choose from, but we limit it to one for each type. Threads nominated but not selected as a thread of the month become honorable mentions. The honorable mentions for this month are: [WIP] [1.12.3] MOARdV's Avionics Systems - MAS Interactive IVA! (v1.3.3, 7 May 2022) by @MOARdV Graduating Aerospace Engineer - Where should I send my resume? by @cubinator Programming Starship (Work in Progress) by @Ferranis The honorable mentions for this month may not have made the Thread of The Month, but if you think they might be worthy of another opportunity, please renominate it! Congratulations to all the winners of the Thread of the Month! We want to thank our forum members, @AlamoVampire, @modus, @Misguided Kerbal, and the members of the moderation team and staff who nominated this month’s contenders. Thank you so much for helping us identify noteworthy threads and bringing their awareness to our forum community. We’d appreciate your continued help in the future. I appreciate the continued trust that @Ghostii_Space, our community manager, and @Vanamonde, our lead moderator, placed in me to serve the forum community as both a moderator and presenting the threads of the month. The Odds and Ends: TO NOMINATE A THREAD FOR CONSIDERATION: If you find a thread you feel should be considered for next month’s thread of the month, then use the “report comment” feature (the three dots on the upper right corner of the comment box) to report the comment. Please put in the text field of the report post “Nomination for thread of the month,” and we will do the rest! You can always nominate more than one thread, too. In case you missed last month’s threads of the month, you can click here.
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