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Found 7 results

  1. Introduction: In 2010 the Constellation program was cancelled with the only things to show for it was a prototype of the Ares I launch vehicle and a semi developed crew capsule, the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle. The program had a quite a bit of lofty goals, having to develop new large launch vehicles using the knowlege gained from the Shuttle and Apollo programs as well as creating new crew exploration vehicles that could be used for LEO, the Moon and eventually Mars. It became an extremely costly effort leading to it's eventual demise. Thanks to KSP and a variety of totally rad mods from
  2. Features Spawn points: Helipad, Rover, Water (directly over the submerged giant triangle). Payload Integration Complex has a business module. Assign kerbals to it and it farms funds and pays for itself in 3 years with 1 kerbal or 1 year with max kerbals. Hangars can store craft and retrieve crew. Mass per craft and number of craft will vary. Do not place other vessels where stored vessel was. Bad things will happen when retrieving vessels. Medium Dish Station near the Helipad is a GroundStation, closed by default due to proximity to KSC. Standalone Utility Buildin
  3. An Introduction to Bendy Tech Bendy Tech is a new way to make pure stock mechanisms in KSP, combining reliability and simplicity in a simple-to-build way ... The elevator of @Kronus_Aerospace's upcoming 747SP replica utilizing Bendy Tech It's no secret that some builders such as myself, @Phantomic, and @HB Stratos continue building stock mechanics despite the presence of robotic parts from the DLC. Whether it's a desire to make your craft accessible to the largest number of people, desirable properties of stock mechanics, we prefer the challenge
  4. More formally known as the Prestigious Association of Kerbin Explorers Being as, and whereas, a number of us have gathered together and discussed the present matter, that a deplorable number of Kerbals, eager to explore the confines of Space, are yet insufficiently familiar with our own dear habitat. Kerbin. And in order to raise consciousness, and preservation, of our own natural environment, we have decided today, to form the Prestigious Association of Kerbin Explorers. Membership is Strictly Limited and by Invitation Only. I.e. open to all who qualify according to these, the rules,
  5. Greetings everyone, and welcome to another Community Space Station challenge by the name of the 'World Space Station'. A special mention to @KerbonautTKM for coming up with this idea. The goal of this challenge is like the previous community space stations, which is to build one large space station on one save file (link below). Feel free to build any module you want and as many as you want! DOWNLOAD THE GAME SAVE HERE So to start of, here are the rules: -No DLC -No Mods -No cheats -You have to use KSP version 1.8.1 -One module per mission -Leave a do
  6. A forum user requested a stopwatch timer, here is what I've done. Big Ben, named after the famous clock in London. This provides timers to both count down and count up. For both, you can either start at 00:00:00 or enter a starting time. The default settings provides for one timer, but there is a toggle on the window and on the Settings page to allow multiple timers. When doing multiple timers, you can enter a name for it. This is the timer with the Multiple option disabled: This is with Multiple enabled, showing three timers. The top one is not running,
  7. First 1/2 of vid is running on the starter motor for demonstration. Lots going on here. Lots of time spent and many craft revisions to get here. This 90 degree v8 has a flat-plane crankshaft, like what is used in the new Ford Mustang GT350s, Ferraris, and McLarens. I honestly chose flat-plane because it was easier for me to program the camshaft timing, since it's more like two 4 cylinder engines stuck together (it still took forever, and it's probably still not ideal). The camshaft runs at 1/2 of the crankshaft speed, like in a real car. Two things allow
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