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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to Triop's place, I hope you are going to enjoy all the crazy madness in this topic.
  2. Feel the need for speed, but don't know what to do with it? Ever wanted to just explore Kerbin, but just didn't have the time? NOW, YOU CAN The objective is simple: fly around Kerbin's equator in less than 80 minutes. Rules: You must start and finish at 0-9 KSC That's the runway you take off from (and land on). Your plane must be made using Stock parts ONLY - NO MODS Navigational/autopilot mods such as MJ and KER okay. MJ recommended, since you would get bored piloting a plane manually for about an hour. Just be sure you know what you're doing with the aircraft autopilot function. Just don't use any mods that come with additional craft parts. Must be able to carry at least one kerbal at a time Actually filling the seat is optional Additional seats is a plus. Must be equipped with some kind of probe core for remote control. Have at least 1,000 units worth of electric charge on board. Crew must have a means of getting in and out of the plane. Stay below 35 km ASL (above sea level) at all times So that means SSTOs not accepted. Detachable staging not allowed. If you start with it, you finish with it. Parachutes acceptable, since you can repack them. Of course, you'll need to be landed at the KSC for that to happen. Plane must start and finish in one piece, which means ABSOLUTELY NO: Detaching Exploding Crashing Or crash-landing. Rapid Unplanned Disassemblies Rocket engines okay, but advised against. If you want to use them in your plane, that's fine by me. Just don't forget to stay within the atmosphere. You cannot run out of fuel (and/or oxidizer) mid-flight. Multiple entries allowed, but only one can be counted for the leaderboard (for each mass division). Unless you say otherwise, I'm going to pick the one with the best time. If you have planes in different mass divisions, that's fine. I'll just take the best one for each division. As the name implies, you have 80 minutes to fly around Kerbin in your plane. To earn credit, this means... PICTURES! PICTURES!!! PICTURES!!!!!! Show your plane in action, along with your start and finish time. Everybody wants solid proof that you're the fastest Kerbin circumnavigatior ever. Within the atmosphere, of course. Cost-effectiveness is also a bonus, so show the plane in the SPH with its price. I am aware that some people want to build small and large planes, and some may argue that size would grant an unfair advantage. To account for this, I will assign divisions based on your plane's mass, so be sure to show it in your entries. When I get around to making the leaderboard, I will split it based on your plane's division. Lightning Division 0 to 40 metric tons Thunder Division 40 to 80 tons Heavy Rain Division 80 tons or more Here's my entry. Have fun with yours. LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT (CHALLENGE EXPIRED: 02/20/2020 at 2359 E.S.T.)
  3. Hello, it's been a long time, i'm very excited to present Mohole 3 ! The last act of the Mohole series than i've made from all the 2019 years. I hope you like it, and i waiting for your feedback, don't hesitate to share your thoughts, even if it's some bad critics, we always learn from each others ! I would to thanks all the people that involve themself to make this video possible ( voice actors, the guy who correct my bad english and the people who watch, like and comment. It's bring me alot of willpower. ) Thank you the modders of ksp, and the awseome and very friendly KSP communauty ! See you in 2020 for more !
  4. The goal of this challenge is for multiple players to collaboratively plan, build and fly a Jool-5 mission. The catch? We'll be attempting it Caveman style - meaning Tier 1 buildings, 30 part limit, 18t weight limit, primitive tech, no maneuver nodes, no patched conics, no resource transfer, no EVA and no mods (except visual & audio). Caveman challenge and Jool-5 challenge threads linked for guidance and inspiration. A lot of patience, practice and ingenuity will be required to pull off the tricky ground and orbital assembly necessary to construct a craft capable of the mission, to say nothing of actually flying the contraption to the moons of Jool and back. Anyone is welcome to make any contribution small or large to the effort. Fair warning: In order to succeed it will take considerable planning, orchestration and team work. If you're more of a lone wolf or lean towards instant gratification then this is not the challenge for you. On the other hand if you are in (or aspire to) project management or middle management then this may be right up your alley (really selling it here I know...) Download shared save game from here The shared save game is available as a public GitHub repository. To contribute fork the repo, then open a pull request. I haven't quite worked out how to serialize access during mother ship assembly, suggestions welcome. To help keep everything on track the mission will take part in 4 phases, details of each phase in the respective spoiler. [DONE] Phase 1: Mission Definition [DONE] Phase 2: Mission Planning [DONE] Phase 3: Mothership Assembly [DONE] Phase 4: Mission Execution Participant Badge: Photos: Orbital Assembly @ManEatingApe Craft design, orbital assembly and Vall mission @ManEatingApe Orbital assembly, docking TANGO with MIKE @IncongruousGoat KILO launch: @dvader 2xFOXTROT Launches Jool 5 Mission @Muetdhiver Bringing Jeb to orbit and transfer from Kerbin to Jool @dvader VICTOR KILO LIMA Setup @Muetdhiver Bop & Pol landing + Vall transfer @IncongruousGoat Tylo landing: @dvader LIMA - Laythe Landing and Rescue Screenshots Video @IncongruousGoat Jool->Kerbin transfer: @ManEatingApe Landing on Kerbin Statistics [GAME] Unique craft designs: 11 Launches: 24 Total cost: 264,523 Net profit: 3,636,056 Mission duration: 24 years, 317 days [REAL LIFE] Contributors: 7 Mission related posts: 367 Mission related DMs: 68 Duration: 4 months, 8 days [GITHUB] Commits: 65 Tags: 30 Pull requests: 27
  5. Estad atentos al hilo que pronto subiré nuevos tutoriales explicando mods que pueden ser interesantes para la gente, así retomamos el serial que lo tengo un poco abandonado. Por lo pronto, atacaremos con mods de piezas para los más nostálgicos y amantes de la historia espacial..... Como creo que ciertos aspectos básicos están más o menos superados, lo mejor será hacer una lista por categorías. Por lo pronto me centraré en cuatro categorías: NOVEDADES DE ACTUALIZACIONES. MODS DE COMPONENTES. Dos tutoriales explicando los diferentes tipos de motores que nos encontramos dentro de Kerbal, sus características, pros y contras, así como su utilización más adecuada.... Tutorial dedicado exclusivamente a los motores criogénicos, los cuales nos vienen dentro del mod "NEAR FUTURE TECNOLOGIES"..... Tutorial sobre los diferentes motores que nos podemos encontrar para montajes de AVIACIÓN: Aunque no es un mod propiamente dicho, aquí podemos ver cómo ensamblar un ROVER totalmente operativo.... MODS VISULAES. MODS DE GAMEPLAY. Tutorial sobre el mod "DOCKIG PORT ALIGMENT INDICATOR", una muy buena ayuda para realizar acoplamientos de forma rápida y segura.... Con este mod, podremos realizar nuestras planificaciones de transferencias orbitales entre planetas, es decir, podremos saber en qué momento los encuentros entre planetas son los más favorables, así como cuánta Delta V necesitaremos para la maniobra.... En los siguientes tutoriales, vamos a aprender como realizar el ENCENDIDO SUICIDA, que no es ni más ni menos que tomar tierra frenando la nave exclusivamente mediante los motores, que en resumen es lo que hace SpaceX para recuperar la primera fase del Falcon 9 y del Falcon Heavy.... Finalmente un ejemplo práctico dentro de una misión. En este capítulo, veamos cómo realizar un RESCATE ORBITAL de un náufrago.... Según los vaya subiendo los iré colocando debajo de cada título de capítulo para que sea más sencillo la localización. Si alguien tiene alguna petición, no dude en pedirla. Y si @NeoDarkF no tiene inconveniente puedo también añadir sus tutoriales de aspectos básicos del juego para los más novatos....