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Found 6 results

  1. Conformal Decals header screenshot by @Zorg, also featuring Bluedog Design Bureau About Conformal Decals adds a set of decal stickers to KSP, as well as providing a framework for creating your own decals which conform to the surface of the parts they are attached to. Instead of static geometry, they project the decal onto the parts they are attached to using a custom projector shader. The system is modular to allow for creating your own decal parts and packs. How it works How to make your own decals This version is the initial release of the
  2. Kopernicus Continued Planetary System Modifier is a mod that provides for the graceful introduction of custom celestial bodies in Kerbal Space Program. For the time being, all support is to be directed towards R-T-B's thread here. Downloads Download Kopernicus here Credit Credit must be given to current collaborator @R-T-B as well as previous authors @Thomas P. , @Sigma88 and many others for their incredible work in building an elegant solution for bringing new worlds to KSP. Source Code Source code can be found on the GitHub repository License Kopernic
  3. I also have English as my secondary language i learned it because of watching youtube for years
  4. Logo Created by Myself and @Asksomoneelse. Plane created by @Maxorin This Challenge is a continuation and modification of this thread by @CrazyJebGuy (which in itself is a continuation of two other threads) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CHALLENGE AIMS TO BE A BIT MORE AESTHETICS ORIENTED THAN THE LAST (though performance is always more important) --- WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF EXTRA JUDGES TO ASSIST IN CLEARING THE BACKLOG. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Holiday#0321) IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! --- Trans-Kerbin Airways (TKA) is an emerging airline taking the place of the now-defunct
  5. Hello, My name is Benjamin Gottsch, and I am here to announce that I will be attempting something that I do not know if it has been attempted before. I am going to go the Mun in a spacecraft I have designed, fully Apollo style, without using time warp, and I plan on livestreaming the entire event on Twitch. This is an invitation for anyone who wishes to follow me as I make this journey. And this post is simply put, the schedule of events, and when they will happen. I plan on doing the stream on June 29th. This coming Monday, at 9:00 am Central Time. The following is an order of events th
  6. Happy Canada Day, everyone! With time still having no meaning, let's take a second- or hour, or minute- to reflect on Canada's contribution to spaceflight. There's the Canadarm, the Candarm2 (Electric Boogaloo), and Chris Hatfield's mustache. Canada was the third country to construct an artificial satellite! And did we mention that @Red Iron Crown is from Canada, eh? Moving swiftly on, our first thread is @AG-cs' Little House of nightmares. The ships are cool, but the planet textures creep me out! Speaking of planets, @prestja has updated a fork of Kopernicus so it's c
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