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Found 6 results

  1. i'm making this post so people can share their early experiments with Breaking grounds Here's a small Rocker Bogie rover that thing really sticks to the ground Configuration : motors disengaged, unmotorized. maximum angle set at -45° to + 45° on each of the hinges
  2. Hi all, I've updated this front post with the awesome gallery by wile1411 Hardware Project Links @Mulbin - Link @stibbons - Link @Luis - Link @MrOnak - Link @Krewmember - Link @cm2227 - Link @Antipaten - Link @7thGraal - Link @AmeliaEatyaheart - Link @zitronen - Link @KK4TEE - Link @Peter KG6LSE - Link @NeoMorph - Link @ChaseHQ - Link
  3. Hi everybody! (UPDATE on page 3, it's now sort of working) Hope I'm in the right section, I don't come very often to the forums, so just tell me if I got this wrong! So here's the idea: for a few months now I've been thinking about hooking a machine learning program to a rocket and pressing 'Launch' to see how bad things could go. I've looked it up, but it seems not much people have * actually* done it successfully. So HUGE disclaimer: I have no idea where this is going to go. Maybe I'll stop in 2 weeks, maybe I'll get super on board with the idea. But I think there'
  4. So I was messing around with kRPC and decided to try out its Java library by making a minecraft mod that lets you control your craft in KSP from within Minecraft. I then went to the Mun with it, because I'm insane. .Mod here if anyone is interested: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/kerbal-craft Source code: https://github.com/williambl/kerbalcraft The add-on used in KSP is kRPC, which can be found here:
  5. The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present Threads of the Month Awards, for June 2019! First up we have @sgt_flyer's thread where forum members are experimenting with parts from the new DLC Breaking Ground. Next we have @Jirokoh who is attempting to teach his AI 'Bertrand' to fly to orbit. We wish you the best in your endeavor and await the inevitable 'Is using AI cheating' thread. Congratulations @Kronus_Aerospace who has built a gorgeous F-104C Starfighter replica followed by some hilarious experiments with part offsets. @Willbl3pic has created a mod that
  6. This craft is a full stock 1:1 replica of the F-104C Starfighter. Intended to be simple replica to serve as my introduction into the world of fighter craft replica's. Instead it became one of my highest part count fighter craft and by far my most accurate replica in general. With 660 parts it's a hefty 40 tonnes, however due to how it was designed it still has decent enough aerodynamics that a bit of engine clipping has allowed it to achieve the required performance. It is able to reach mach 2.6, which is much faster than the F-104 actually ever flew at, although the F-104 possessed the power
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