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Found 7 results

  1. What tune is jangling around in your head & won't go away? Today, for me, it's "Southern Man" by Neil Young. I really like the song, but 2 or 3 times hearing it directly shunted into my brain is enough. 20+ times? That's too much, IMO.
  2. Journey to the stars is a recollection of tales told from different perspectives based on the KSC Archives. It follows the journey of Kerbalkind after the great discovery and their leaps towards the stars. I hope you like it! 0. Background information: various maps 1. Background information: personnel records 2. Bob’s memoirs – first entry: air, water and soil 3. Bob’s memoirs – second entry: the great discovery 4. C7 Aerospace final qualification report X100A CHAMP 5. The Gravioli Hunt 6. Runway? in Kerbia we don't need runway 7. The big boom 8. More slabs of black stone 9. Secrets, secrets, secrets 10. The great unification 11. Neptunes great swim 12. Qualification Report: Arrow II 13. The mysterious space center 14. Wodan soars 15. Beyond the air we breathe 16. The Aries I 17. The bigger Arrow 18. Aries gets orbital 19. Aries 6 and two Scouts 20. Tut-Un Jeb-Ahn Device 21. Kerbal Training Program 22. First time is always the most memorable 23. A week in space 24. A cold suprise 25. A missed appointment 26. Birth of the Belle 27. Well, Hullo there 28. A home in Space 29. All your bases belong to us 30. The Explorer Program Mk 1 31. Salyut II 32. Moonwheels 33. From one freezer into another 34. Space Hotel Part I: the transfer 35. Fly me to the Moon 36. The Space eXperience 37. The regular shuttle 38. Charon delivers, Castor returns 39. The Colombia Disaster 40. The Start of the Reusable Space Program 41. The chariot of the gods 42. Repairs 43. Where we came from 44. Recovery success 45. The Delta Exploration Flights 46. Space X does it again! 47. To the Mun we must go 48. Project Demeter 49. Delta 08: Upgrades 50. The Eagle Gets Wings 51. Learning to fly 52. The Second Gateway 53. The Dress Rehearsal 54. The eagle has landed 55. A refill and a scary landing 56. The lost probe 57. The Charon Heavy 58. The Green Ball of Ice 59. The great find 60. The horrible truth about the Kraken 61. Space City 62. A charged spacetime actuator 63. Moonwheels Part 2 64. The long reach 65. The Explorer's Treasures 66. Charon Heavy Returns in flames 67. KSC Year 2 Official Lifter Family 68. The Delta Application Program 69. The Flight of the Falcon 70. Charon Heavy cleared for flight 71. A home on the Mun, and a new lifter 72. The independence of Space City 73. Munar Mishaps 74. The Discovery Program 75. Woomerang Science Labs Update 76. Outpost Angel 77. Regular Taxis 78. Explorer and Discoverer Program Update 79. Almost a colony 80. The Duna Challenge 81. The Beale 01 82. Charon's demise 83. The ride of Tut-Un-Jeb-Ahn 84. Explorer and Discovery Program Report 02 85. The Commercial Crew Program Mk2 86. More repairs 87. KSC Year 3 Official Lifter Family 88. Green Mun Fingers 89. A thaw in space 90. An alien drive 91. Explorer and Discovery Mission Update 3 92. The mission of Beale 01 93. Cobalt Base 94. Galahad 95. Opening Minmus for Business 96. The secrets of the ancients 97. Preparing for Duna 98. The rocky return of Beale 01 99. Explorer and Discovery Mission Update 4 100. The Unsealing of WH-178235-A 101. The Jump To Jool 102. Deliveries for Duna 103. Upgrades 104. Newsflash: Explorer 08 retasked 105. Popsicles and Duna Riders 106. The Shadowmage 107. The Flapjack 108. The Gravitic Engine 109. Flight of the Phoenix 110. The great machine 111. The United Fleet of Kerbin 112. Arrival at Duna 113. A mid-air repair 114. Polishing Cobalt 115. KSC, we have a problem 116. The long trek 117. In the face of warning 118. Raiders of the lost Arc 119. Hitching a ride 120. Explorer 04 arrives at Eeloo 121. The flight of the Bumblebee 122. Reinforcements to Jool 123. The Green Furnace 124. Traveling to the moons of Jool 125. Footsteps on Laythe 126. The Jool ecosystem 127. Through the wormhole 128. The Manley Manoeuvre 129. Space Coffins 130. Return from the red planet 131. Deployment of DD-11 Linux 132. The NX-02 FusTek race for Duna 133. Disaster Strikes 134. The debrief 135. The Battle of Duna Part I 136. The Battle of Duna Part II 137. Jooltopia Planetia Shipyards 138. The Return to Duna
  3. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Tantares (For Kerbal SpaceProgram 1.9.X) Description Tantares is two mods! - Tantares, and TantaresLV. Both mods add stockalike parts to create soviet rockets and spacecraft. TantaresLV adds rocket parts, whilst Tantares adds spacecraft parts. The parts are made with the "LEGO" frame of mind - they fit together to make certain craft, but are flexible and generic enough to be used in many creative ways, just like vanilla KSP parts. Content TantaresLV Content Tantares Compatibility Tantares and TantaresLV have no dependences, but have patches to add KIS and kOS compatibility. The parts in Tantares are balanced against the stock game parts. This might leave rockets feeling a bit overpowered in the vanilla KSP system. Playing in a rescaled solar system 2 to 3 times larger will make them feel much more true to real life. Download Links You can get Tantares on both GitHub, Spacedock, and CKAN. and and Recolours and Extras Special thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped out with this! Friznit's Tantares Wiki.
  4. KSC Extended Expanding your KSC for all your space program needs. This is a collaboration between me and @Omega482 to give you the best possible KSC experience we can offer. This is a config based mod. You need to download the actual statics below this page! Ingame pic: More pics: Installation for KSC Extended to work: > Install Kerbal Konstruct (preferred latest version) > Install KSC Extended > Install OSS-NTR > Install Tundra's Space Center > Install Module Manager > Install KerbinSide Remastered ... Profit! Planned features Anyone's guess Known issues Roads can be bumpy, we are working on a fix! It doesn't impact performance much. You can expect an FPS drop from around 5-10fps Required Mods Kerbal Konstruct (1.8.x) Tundra's Space Center (2.0 or later) Omega's Stockalike Structures - NTR (0.0.12 or later) KerbinSide Remastered Module Manager Recommended Mods KSC harbor (For all your shipwreck needs)(By @JadeOfMaar) Tundra Exploration (For your rocket landing needs) (Also making your TLC-40 worth it! ) Scatterer (For all your atmospheric shine needs) Stock Visual Enhancements (For all your cloudy business needs) BlueDog Design Bureau (To make your TLC-41 Atlas V, TLC-19 Titan II and TLC-46 Minotaur ready) Cormorant Aeronology (To make use of the runway and TLC-39A) reDIRECT (For your SLS needs on TLC-39B) Modular Launch Pads (To make your rockets ready for launch) NOT (yet) supported: Kerbinside KSC++ GPP JNSQ
  5. "On Kerbin even the rocks can fly!" (In the revelations by Johnpatmos Kerman) With Jebediah being on his way to Jool, Tedford Kerman took the opportunity, grabbed an access rover, and drove out to Jeb's asteroid-to-aircraft conversion that is still parked close to the KSC. After careening wildly around the grasslands Tedford finally found the trick how to get this so-called aircraft into the air: put enough grease on the wheels so that you kind-of "fly" over the surface until you gather enough speed to take to the air. But even then he needed all his skill to keep the craft flying, never actually in the direction he pointed it, but flying. At least it managed a good clip when he opened up the throttle and set the props to high-speed flight. Back on the ground he thought: "Hmmmm. I wonder if someone can do this better?" The challenge is to build an aircraft that uses an asteroid as it's main structural component. That's all. Well, it should be a "natural" asteroid, i.e. one you "found" in space, not something you added in the SPH. Rules "Aircraft" means that it should be capable of - reasonably - controlled flight, you should be able to fly it somewhere (e.g. the KSC), land it, and take off again. I don't care if it is a plane with wings, a quadcopter, a VTOL that flies on jet thrust, or whatever. It should be able of controlled (well, after a fashion) landings, just letting it fall at the end of some parachutes is not O.K. Feel free to use the Kerbals parachutes as wings if you want. Using parachutes to decelerate (or even land) during (re-)entry from orbit is O.K. Using parachutes to decelerate once you are safely(?) on the ground is also O.K. It should be "reusable", i.e. there should be no built-in limit on how often you can land and take off again. If it uses a limited resource like Lf, then it should at least have some point where you can attach a refueling truck with a Klaw or so without the structure falling apart. (That shouldn't be too hard.) "Asteroid as main structural component" means that it should be an asteroid that can fly, not a plane that can carry an asteroid. If it can still fly if you destroy the asteroid, then you did something wrong! No cheating after you started assembling the craft. I.e. after you attached the first component to the asteroid. This is no competition about who can find the best asteroid, or how to get a crazy collection of structural parts into orbit. So feel free to cheat an asteroid into existence in LKO and your craft into a rendezvous with it. But it should in general be possible to assemble the craft without cheating at all. You can also first land the asteroid on Kerbin and attach the components there. I plan to have two leaderboards: one for the highest speed in level flight, and one for the most easy-to-use construction. Note: As of 21st March 2020: In version 1.9.x there is a bug that affects the mass of small asteroids: #24855 on the bugtracker. Affected asteroids get a mass of 150 t assigned to them instead of the correct value. In the bug report on the bugtracker there is an explanation of a patch that fixes this issue. Speed Record Leaderboard Submission Rules: Be landed at Kerbin, take-off, do your high-speed run, and finally land again. Provide at least picture evidence of your speed run. If the number of submissions allows it, then I'll split this into separate leaderboards for stock (+DLC) and modded craft. Current Leaderboard: @AHHans with "Flying Rock Kit": 136.5 m/s Easy-to-use Construction Submission Rules: Stock (including DLC) only! I want a large audience that is able to use the craft. Publish the craft file somewhere, together with assembly instructions. Submission Deadline: 12th April 2020 (Easter Sunday) Later submissions may or may not be included. I plan to ask the people here on the Forums to vote for the most user-friendly craft. If you have a good idea on how to do this, then let me know. My submission, the "Flying Rock Kit":
  6. So, I had not read through the KSP announcements, so was surprised when my KSP booted up as 1.9. Wahoo! I was wondering with all the new textures if the environmental mods would work. Well, if you have ever wondered what Kerbin, Eve or Laythe look like without oceans, here is your chance. The water is still there, but it has been rendered invisible. It's like one of those National Geographic topographical maps. Pretty cool, actually. The mountain lake
  7. This mod aims to add a number of different ISRO rockets and spacecraft to the game. Eventually the plan is to add SLV, GSLV MK1-3, RLV, along with a couple of probes (Ex. Chandrayaan, Mangalyaan etc). B9 Part Switch is required for a few parts. Downloads: Github SpaceDock Thanks to @Friznitfor this beautiful build guide! Kottabos Review Recommended Mods: -Real Plume for better looking plumes -JNSQ for much better balance, along with nicer looking planets, 2.5x rescale also a good option -Bluedog Design Bureau for beautiful historical parts -Modular Launch Pads for a good set of launch clamps and towers Development parts - Development Discord Server This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.