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Found 7 results

  1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Tantares (For Kerbal SpaceProgram 1.11.X) Description Tantares is three mods! All of them standalone, and with zero dependencies: Tantares: Soviet crewed spacecraft, space station, and LEO spacecraft. TantaresLV: Soviet launch vehicles and upper stages. TantaresSP: Soviet interplanetary probes. The parts are made with the "LEGO" frame of mind - they fit together to make certain craft, but are flexible and generic enough to be used in many cre
  2. What tune is jangling around in your head & won't go away? Today, for me, it's "Southern Man" by Neil Young. I really like the song, but 2 or 3 times hearing it directly shunted into my brain is enough. 20+ times? That's too much, IMO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVRxdPWV3RM
  3. KSC Extended Expanding your KSC for all your space program needs. This is a collaboration between me and @Omega482 to give you the best possible KSC experience we can offer. This is a config based mod. You need to download the actual statics below this page! Ingame pic: More pics: Installation for KSC Extended to work: > Install Kerbal Konstruct (preferred latest version) > Install KSC Extended > Install OSS-NTR > Install Tundra's Space Center > Install Module Manager > Install KerbinSide Remastered ... Profit!
  4. This mod aims to add a number of different ISRO rockets and spacecraft to the game. Eventually the plan is to add SLV, GSLV MK1-3, RLV, along with a couple of probes (Ex. Chandrayaan, Mangalyaan etc). B9 Part Switch is required for a few parts. Downloads: Github SpaceDock Thanks to @Friznitfor this beautiful build guide! Kottabos Review Recommended Mods: -Real Plume for better looking plumes -JNSQ for much better balance, along with nicer looking planets, 2.5x rescale also a good option -Bluedog Design Bureau for beautif
  5. Journey to the stars is a recollection of tales told from different perspectives based on the KSC Archives. It follows the journey of Kerbalkind after the great discovery and their leaps towards the stars. I hope you like it! 0. Background information: various maps 1. Background information: personnel records 2. Bob’s memoirs – first entry: air, water and soil 3. Bob’s memoirs – second entry: the great discovery 4. C7 Aerospace final qualification report X100A CHAMP 5. The Gravioli Hunt 6. Runway? in Kerbia we don't need runway 7. The big boom 8. M
  6. "On Kerbin even the rocks can fly!" (In the revelations by Johnpatmos Kerman) With Jebediah being on his way to Jool, Tedford Kerman took the opportunity, grabbed an access rover, and drove out to Jeb's asteroid-to-aircraft conversion that is still parked close to the KSC. After careening wildly around the grasslands Tedford finally found the trick how to get this so-called aircraft into the air: put enough grease on the wheels so that you kind-of "fly" over the surface until you gather enough speed to take to the air. But even then he needed all his skill to keep the craft flying, never
  7. So, I had not read through the KSP announcements, so was surprised when my KSP booted up as 1.9. Wahoo! I was wondering with all the new textures if the environmental mods would work. Well, if you have ever wondered what Kerbin, Eve or Laythe look like without oceans, here is your chance. The water is still there, but it has been rendered invisible. It's like one of those National Geographic topographical maps. Pretty cool, actually. The mountain lake
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