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Found 6 results

  1. About Real Exoplanets Real Exoplanets (REX) is planet pack that adds several confirmed exoplanets into KSP. As the name implies, all of these exoplanets are real, and all of the planetary systems are located exactly where they are in real life. All of the planets have accurate characteristics and the visual appearance of all exoplanets are based off of our current understanding of planetary science (as well as some artistic license when necessary ). Real Exoplanets is compatible with both Real Solar System and the stock, default solar system. With RSS, REX is properly scaled by a factor o
  2. This mod aims to add new and shiny Starliner spacecraft into the game. It's gonna be fairly simple, and is designed to work well with the Bluedog Design Bureau Atlas V. Please check the roadmap before asking questions ---> https://trello.com/b/HN7sjVMG/boring-crew-services-roadmap [Note, all images are WIP] The mod will also include the International Docking Adapter, which will be compatible with the gorgeous Habtech2! FAQ Q: How big will it be? A: We decided on 2.75m, 2.5m is too small and 3.125m is too large so neither look quite right on Atlas V o
  3. Introductions: Hi all. My name is GEPEG_Unconscious. The posts I put here are records of adventures I have touring the Grannus system. Hope you all enjoy them. An overview of the Grannus System based on the Tracking Station numerous gravitational and visual observations About the system: Grannus is a red dwarf that orbits the outer reaches of the Ciro system in Galileo's Planet Pack. GEP was created by @OhioBob to give players who completed the titanic task of exploring all of the Ciro system another place to go. GEP can also be configured to be the primary sola
  4. Thread of the Month May 2020 This is a challenge designed for all players - whether new or experienced. The premise is simple: get a Kerbal into Kerbin orbit and back again safely, for less than5,000. Those that succeed will earn the humble 'Kerbin Crescent' medallion, and pass-out of Orbit Boot Camp. You'll get your name on the Honour Roll, and can use the Orbit Boot Camp badge in your signature. Particular hotshots can earn additional adornments to their medallion. Some are unique - so only one player can hold them at a time. Others can be collected to challenge yourself to obtain
  5. The Queen of the Pacific Theater Ask any Allied sailor or pilot in the Pacific which plane they'd most like to see overhead and they'll speak the glories of a most un-glamorous twin-engined flying boat called Cat, Canso, or Dumbo. The Consolidated PBY went by these names and more as it did everything except the shooting in the Pacific. It ran search and rescue, flew aerial reconnaissance, raided convoys, harassed enemy troop encampments, hunted submarines, and carried personnel long distances overwater. It was a workhorse which could handle any job you threw at it, and every downed pilot,
  6. Hello, it's been a long time Ever wonder how Jebediah became so iconic ? Here is the answer ! Jebediah A Kerbal Story is a 30minutes "Cinematic-Movie" available in English Voiced kerbalish Voiced with English subtitles and English voiced with French subtitles. Please feel free to give your thoughts. If you like it, please consider to subscribe because more Cinematic is scheduled both on Ksp 1 & Ksp 2. Thank you.
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