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Found 4 results

  1. RSS Visual Enhancements (RVE) - 64k is a test project I'm working on that attempts to bring the highest possible level of detail to RealSolarSystem modded KSP. Utilizing rbray's awesome EVE-overhaul and Scatterer to give NathanKell's RealSolarSystem mod (Earth only) realistic clouds, atmospheres and surface textures based on NASA imagery. I've been on a 3 year hiatus from KSP, but wanted to have a crack at super high resolution RSS textures again now that more has been done in the way of visual enhancement tools (EVE cubemaps and Scatterer). This uses rbray's latest EVE overhauls, and as a result is frequently receiving his updates, this also means it is still very much a WorkInProgress and there are currently too many glitches in RSS to release fully yet, HOWEVER I'm providing the latest state of this EXPERIMENTAL and UNFINISHED project on Github for those who are willing to put up with the many visual glitches until official release. VERY HEAVY ON GPU LOAD READ BELOW DirectX 11 tested only Consider this a cinematic tool only in its current state: Currently only Earth orbit is being worked on and tested, no other planets or even in-atmosphere Earth has been tested or modified. Don't expect average FPS above 30 unless you're rocking an RTX series GPU Test Rig: i7-8700k/GTX 970/16gb ram Ram usage in game: 10-12GB Main Features: 64k Earth Terrain and Borders (down-scaled from 128k) 32k Clouds (with experimental opacity) KS3P Integration (Including Eye Adaptation for Earth's dark side) 64k City Light mask (cutout from terrain saving memory usage). Cloud light pollution Lightning in large storms Auroras Requirements: KerbalSpaceProgram v1.7.3 EVE v1.7.3 Scatterer v0.0540 RealSolarSystem (Latest Version - currently designed for KSP 1.6.1) Kopernicus v1.7.3-2 KSP running in DX11 Strongly Recommended/Supported KS3P (Eye adaptation on the Earth's dark side so you can see lightning/city lights/auroras) KS3P COMPATIBILITY INFO: Install latest official version Then install this patch Finally drag and drop RVE64k KS3P configs into KS3P install directory Distant Object Enhancements (Correct blackness of space when viewing Earth's light side) PlanetShine (Realistic lighting on craft from Earth) Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot (Allows custom part colouring with realtime relfections) FAQ's, Known Issues & Fixes: My Performance sucks! (You're attempting to run over 5billion pixels in textures, in realtime.. in KSP; anything less than a high end gaming rig will struggle) I don't have High Res textures while in the atmosphere? (This is a consequence of using an EVE cloud layer for ground terrain texture and can't be fixed currently) There is no day time ciy texture.. it's just grey? (Yep, it's a place holder texture until I can fix some issues with them) KS3P Isn't working properly with the RVE64k configs? (Make sure to install the patch in the order described above before the RVE64k configs) Huge lag spike when initially moving to a vessel in Scaled Space or switching from map view to vessel view (switch to map view, zoom out till lag stops, switch back to vessel view) Grey patches over land/City lights appear in big blobs/City lights everywhere near to camera (Open EVE GUI [R Alt + 0], switch to city configs section, hit apply) Terrain is all white (Open Scatterer GUI [Alt + F11], hit 'Map Eve Clouds') Launch Trailer Higher Quality Gif All screenshots below were taken with KS3P unity rendering (RVE64k configs included) mod and Textures Unlimited GitHub - v0.1 Alpha Release Please read the known issues and install instructions before complaining about stuff not working If you see bugs, I probably already know about them Licence: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  2. On a recent visit to the HQ of Untied Technolgies, I noticed this guide wedged under a table leg in the cafeteria... It seemed interesting: UTEM 271 Propellers and Spinny Things! KSP 1.8 Update I noticed the 1.8 update introduced a few changes to propellers and rotors but nothing too drastic: • The 1.8 upgrade introduced new mapping for rotor blade pitch • The function of Authority Limiter was changed and Deploy Angle was added for pitch control • In 1.7.3 the range of motion was -150 to +150 and the new range is -22.5 to +22.5 or exactly 15% of the prior values • The ECM (KAL-1000) just needs to be reprogrammed to use Deploy Angle instead of Authority Limiter and changing the values to be 15% of the previous values KSP 1.9 Update The rotors now have cyclic control. In the process they also inverted the thrust pitch vectors for clockwise rotation blades and props. So in the section of the manual where I talk about inverting the KAL-1000 mapping for CW and CCW rotation; that is no longer required. The blade pitch mapping works the same now for both.
  3. EPISODE 00: Dust in the Wind As always the episode title is a link providing mood music for the associated post. Anyway, on with the show. (ahem) Tune in next time for more of the slow spiral into damnation. ======================================== Table of Contents: 00 Prologue: Dust in the Wind (this post) 01: Set Sail and Conquer 02: Bark at the Moon 03: Ezekeil Saw de Wheel 04: You Can Dress 'Em Up (But You Can't Take 'Em Out) 05: I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday 06: Neuromancer 07: A Whole Lot of Nothing 08 Deep, Dark Hole 09: Ashes to Ashes 10: The Show Must Go On
  4. Hi i'm back with a new ksp cinematic, i tried something different, so i hope it will still be good. Tell me what you think of it
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