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Found 7 results

  1. for KSP 1.8.x - 1.11.x (v1.1.0) About: Smart Docking Aid adds two new SAS modes to level 3 probe cores and level 3 pilots. Most KSP-players know the issue with aligning two docking ports correctly while docking two ships or station parts together. Smart Docking Aid's new mode aligns the player controlled ship's docking port to the target docking port. So you only have to translate your ship in front of the target docking port and move forward until it docks. There is no more weird camara movement necessary to see if you will dock properly or ram your target out of orbit. S
  2. So there was a question about winglets in the "questions that don't deserve their own thread" thread. Winglets are part of a larger class of "wingtip devices". As to why wingtip devices exist, well, it's complicated. The first thing to understand is the concept of 2D aerodynamics versus 3D aerodynamics. An infinitely long wing is 2D aerodynamics. It has no losses due to the wing ending in a wingtip. But real wings aren't infinitely long. They end. That's where 3D aerodynamics comes in. 3D aero is complicated. The center of the wing makes more lift than the edges of the wing, but
  3. Hephaistos V1.1 Hephaistos adds the ULA Vulcan rocket to KSP This mod is a stand-alone expansion to Bluedog Design Bureau, so this mod can be used without BDB ALBUM CONFIGURATIONS Features: S.M.A.R.T. Reuse Centaur V ACES Included in the Download: .craft files of all Vulcan configurations Simple Adjustable Fairings (Blowfish) Community Resource Pack (Roverdude) B9 Part Switch (Blowfish) Recommended mods: Realplume (Zor
  4. DOWNLOAD SPACEDOCK INSTALLATION 1.Remove the older versions of this mod. 2.Put all contents of "GameData" into your "KSP/GameData"folder. 3.Install KerbalJointReinforcement (Depends) by Rudolf Meier 4.Install DistantObjectEnhancement (Optional) by Rubber Ducky FAQ Q:Why are my Starlink satellites tossing around like noodles? A:This problem cannot be solved for the time being.And,install "KerbalJointReinforcement" can Solve the problem. Q:How to fit the original game size? A:Please delete "patches/StarLinkSatellite_KSPsize_Patch.cfg.RemoveMeToKSPSize" File suffi
  5. As the title says, what is something you have always wanted to do in KSP but have not yet done? For me? That is land a crew on Eve and return them back to Kerbin. I have been playing KSP since a day or two after KSP 0.21 was released onto Steam and have only landed one or two probes onto Eve. I want to land a crew there but for what ever reason, I just have not done so. I tried recently and met with confusing failure. Had a lander that was built with 4x symmetry and an inflatable heatshield that was able to fully cover the lander. Got into the atmosphere and for a while it all went well, then
  6. KSP | Back to Basics | 01 | Check Your Staging After over 5 Years away from Kerbin, watch as we work through career mode in Kerbal Space Program. Their have been a lot of changes to the game over the years, watch as with a little understanding and less skill we try to get out of the atmosphere, reach orbit and travel to new moons and planets. On the way their will be mistakes, so please comment and give your advice as we go. Enjoy the classic KSP clips at the start.... its amazing what you dig up when your looking through old computers
  7. The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present Threads of the Month Awards for October 2020! Welcome to our October 2020 instalment of TOTM, where we showcase interesting forum content. As always we hope you are all happy, healthy and having fun in the game and on the forum. And so, without further stalling for time, here are this month's winners: First up we have @Akino's StarLink Satellite Pack, a wonderful little mod that lets you have your very own Starlink constellation! @Aazard's mod HumanStuff gives your kerbals an inclusive, realistic look! W
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