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Found 3 results

  1. I am being offered a contract to ferry 3 tourists to 'Isamund's Wreckage' and have them 'tour the station' there for 18 days. The 'Isamund's Wreckage' is a Mk.I command pod, left over from a rescue mission. It has a capacity of 1. Is it possible to complete this mission by using a 'Claw' Advanced Grabbing Unit and locking a larger vessel to the Mk.I command pod, or would I need to play musical chairs in space for 54 hours? Also, I have never seen this type of contract before. Is it new in 1.3.1?
  2. After months of planning, the Kerbals decided that they needed something to do. Something that would shock the whole of Kerbin... They decided that they would send something to every planet in the Kerbol system. Levels: Basic Send a probe to orbit every planet in the Kerbol system. Advanced: Send crew to orbit every body in the Kerbol system. Expert: Land crew on every body (except Jool and Eve) in the Kerbol system. Bob level: Expert + collect as much science as possible. Val level: Expert + with a plane. Bill level: Expert + with as little fuel as possible. JEB LEVEL: Expert + EVE LANDING! (and no, HyperEdit isn't allowed.) Allowed mods: MechJeb Infernal Robotics DMagic Science Any life support DeepFreeze OPT Space Plane (but not the dark drives) KIS and KAS Modular Rocket Systems RLA Stockalike Hullcam Vessel Viewer Kerbal Engineer RasterPropMonitor FAR Tundra Exploration ToolBar Kerbal Krash System Dang It! Idiot Lights Docking Port Alignment Indicator Universal Storage Fuel Tanks Plus Deadly Re-entry Scatterer/E.V.E Banned Mods HyperEdit Vessel Mover UKS/MKS Stockalike Mining Expansion Any mod not mentioned (unless you ask) Good luck and have fun! Post screenshots and level attempted, and whether any crew were lost!
  3. Has anyone ever done a mission around the kerbin system using TAC, remote tech, Dangit and the parts available from Vens' stock revamp? I'm trying to think of spacecraft designs that would work and if anyone has already done so, could you be so kind as to share how you did it? Even missions to any other planet like Laythe, or Eeloo would be great. I'm also planning on using the parts from nuclear propulsion pulse rockets mod (Orion and Medusa) but haven't gotten around to using them yet. Here is a pic of my Interplanetary craft that I am currently using to push crew and cargo to their destinations, she just had her shakedown mission to Mun, performed a landing mission, and returned her crew back home safely: