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Found 5 results

  1. I'm running the latest build (1.3) on Windows and I'm not seeing a single contract for taking tourists on suborbital flights. I read that once you've gotten into orbit they won't show up so the farthest I've achieved so far has been suborbital (to space but nothing sustained). Was this bad info or am I missing something? I have completed and denied several contracts to get some tourists to show up, but that hasn't worked at all.
  2. I find it frustrating that I can not de-board tourists form my holiday trip shuttle, let them be recovered, refuel and restock the shuttle, board new tourists and fly again. Several threads suggest similar things: So I've made a tiny mod that temporarily promotes tourists to crew members and imposes several restrictions on when they can go EVA. Like level 0 tourists can do it only when landed on Kerbin and craft does not move, level 1 can do munwalks and so on. After they are recovered, they become tourists again. The restrictions are configured in settings.xml GameData/KourageousTourists/Kourage.cfg file. Tourists can not perform any experiments, but probably should be denied from other things like boarding a control seat. I'd like to discuss the most reasonable set of restrictions. Source code on GitHub: Update - tourists now can take selfies. Update - first pre-release with one working contract: Kourageous Tourists 0.1 Added one more contract and rebuilt for both KSP 1.2 and 1.3 Get it here --> Kourageous Tourists 0.2 Release Candidate 0.3 Another type of contract added. Some tourists want to visit anomalies and take photos. To the moment, limited to Kerbin and Mun. (This time compiled for 1.3 only) KourageousTourists-0.3 Changelog:
  3. Hi all, since 1.1 pre-release I am playing a new career game and I have (unluckily...) sent a bunch of tourists out to a Mun/Minmus sightseeing trip w/o any chute to re enter Kerbin atmosphere. My fault of course, then I suddenly realized I could not bring them home safely if not by strapping some chutes to the craft - an auxiliary chuted&clawed skycrane seems like the only feasible option in stock. If tourists could be allowed to go EVA just for switching vessel or to man a command chair that could bring at hand a few more "quality playtime" opportunities. They obviously should not be allowed to collect samples or reports and to gather and move samples from pod A to pod B. Just sayin'.
  4. So I would really enjoy tourist contracts that require you to go above and beyond. Since that is pretty broad I would like to provide examples. this one would go hand in hand with some volcanoes/ other cool stuff so: show 2 tourists interesting spots on duna. This would also give another use for rovers. make contracts like: 3 tourists would like to have a good view while on minmus, so put them in a lawn mower chair and drive them around. Also this would require tourists to sit in chairs make tourists that seek thrill: 2 tourists would like to experience 5-7g. Not more and not less.
  5. Currently there's no mod which can replace Kerbal models hence we're limited to retexturing or covering the bulky rounded spacesuits if we want some diversity. There are civilian kerbals models all around the spacecenter, would be nice if SQUAD opened the access to these models to the modding community. The access to these models would bring a new era to comics writers and movie makers and spark more storytelling and creativity. In reality we only need one or two models to start tailoring new outfit textures. One little thing I noticed: there are no civilian females currently... which might require some work from the person appointed to kerbal animation in SQUAD. More digital fanmade content will bring more publicity for the game, which in turn gives more income to the SQUAD. A trivial thing that's good financially. Side note: the current set of civilians would look good and fun in place of the generic models for tourists since they can't EVA anyway. Second thought: It might be that current civilian models have completely different skeletons and are not tied to player contollable animations. I still have high hopes.