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Found 2 results

  1. The Tournament It's that time of year once again, which means time for a new BAD-T. Like the last three BAD-T tournaments, this will consist of 2v2 dogfights featuring WWII-era aircraft battling around and above sites scattered all over Kerbin. Contestants will submit a craft, which will then be pitted against other submitted craft in a standard tournament ladder format, with fights recorded and posted to YouTube. Defeat means a craft is out of the running, success means it moves up to the next bracket. Depending on the number of entries, a second-tier ladder may also be run, featuring craft that lost during the first round of fights. To enter, simply create a WWII themed aircraft. Replicas of real-world craft are permitted, but not required. Craft design, AI configuration and armament are entirely up to you. As long as it follows the rules and looks like it could have been a real WWII-era fighter, it's a valid entry. The following mods are required: FAR Liepmann with ExtremeTrader's KSP 1.4.5 patch. Aviator Arsenal with the KSP 1.4.5 patch. BDAc, with DMG_MULTIPLIER = 750 in the GameData/BDArmory/Settings.cfg. BAD-T Props pack ,which requires the FireSpitter .dll Additionally, the following mods are permitted, but optional: B9 Proc wings Procedural parts Take Command (for planes using constructed open cockpits) Adjustable landing Gear Tournament Brackets Aircraft Classes: Entries will fall into one of two categories, Fighters and Heavy Fighters. Fighters are single engine monoplanes. They have one engine. They must have a dry mass of at least 2.5 tons*. They can use up to 100 points worth of engine and armament. Heavy fighters are heavy twin engine monoplanes. They have 2 engines. They must have a dry mass of at least 5 tons*. They can use up to 150 points worth of engines and armament. *Dry mass is the empty weight of the craft, wet mass is the loaded weight of the craft with fuel and ammunition. Resources like Oxidizer and Ore which aren't used as fuel or ammo can be used as ballast and count towards dry mass. Points: Weapons cost their diameter in mm. *This includes decimals – 12.7mm MGs cost 12.7 points each, etc. Engine cost is indicated by the number in their part name. *'B27-D Brutus' costs 27 points, 'B32-D Gazelle' costs 32, etc. Ammo is free, carry as much or as little as desired. Rules: - Craft must have no more than 60 parts. -Only Aviator Arsenal weapons permitted, with the exception of the Ball Turret. -No more than six of any one type of weapon. Multiple different weapons is allowed. -Only BADT engines allowed (Widshed, Brutus, Gazelle, Wizard, Buzzer, Foxhound, & Falcon). -No aerospace grade parts (radiators/heatshields/airbrakes/etc) allowed; (Ore/RCS tanks allowed as ballast, but not as structural components). -No reaction wheels. Cockpit reaction wheels must be disabled. -Craft must have at least 1 Kerbal, either in a cockpit, or a constructed open cockpit using a command seat. -No BDAc armor panels. Intrinsic part armor thickness is to remain at 10. -Constructed cockpits must be safe, something that a sane (you, not Jeb) pilot would want to sit in. -Part clipping is allowed, within reason. No clipping resource containing parts into other resource containing parts please. Clipping ballast parts into ballast parts is permitted. -If using P wings, keep wing thickness for main wing pieces at least 0.120. -Craft must include a visible Communications Antenna – this is AA's combination AI pilot and weapon manager. -AI min altitude must be at least 300m. -Craft should have at least 15 minutes of fuel. -If both craft on a team run out of ammo, they forfeit the match, as they can no longer shoot down the opposing team. -All entrants will be required to shoot down a Test Dummy craft to certify flight-worthiness in FAR – this is basically to ensure your craft can take off and do maneuvers without a RUD. -No text editing of craft files. -The Eidahill Clause: While cheesy Min-Maxed designs that take advantage of loopholes or game exploits may be technically legal, I ask that contestants respect the spirit of the competition, not just Rules As Written, when designing their airplane. Submissions: Craft must be submitted by the deadline, 11:59 PM, Friday, October 26th. One entry per person. If something goes wrong during submission, or you realize your craft is not rules compliant and needs some changes, contact me via PM. Otherwise, all submissions are final. To submit, upload your craft to KerbalX or similar, and sent me the download link via PM. Sharing links to your crafts in the thread is fine, but only craft I've been sent via PM will count as entries. F.A.Q. Can I submit more than one craft? -No. Entering more than one craft runs the possibility of your entries fighting another of your entries, and the purpose if this tournament is to see how your craft do against other people's designs, not your own. However, if there are not enough entries to fill a roster, secondary entries may be accepted at my discretion. I submitted my craft already, but it (accidentally) breaks the rules, what happens now? -If your craft is an illegal design, I will PM you, and give you the chance to correct the design and re-submit. I've updated my craft after submitting it, can I resubmit? -No, simply to keep the logistics of managing entries simple, one submission per person. You can edit your submission's KerbalX upload or similar as long as it retains the same name before the deadline, but no submitting multiple craft. Can I submit a biplane? -No. Biplanes were mostly obsolete by 1940, and the spirit of the tournament is modern WWII era designs. Can I submit a jet? No. While WWII saw the emergence of first generation jet powered aircraft, for balance reasons all craft should be propeller powered. I'm bad at building craft in FAR, should I still submit something? -Yes. Sure, there will be some entries that are hyper-competitive, but for the most part, this tournament is aimed at having fun, watching submitted craft fight bravely and die gloriously. For the most part FAR is fairly simple to use, but don't be afraid to ask for advice. The rules said something about constructed cockpits? - Take an External Command Seat and use parts to build an open cockpit around the Kerbal (proc parts are good for this). Just make sure it's a cockpit someone other than Jebediah would be comfortable sitting in. Tips & Tricks -Manually fly your craft at least one before handing it off to the AI. This lets you make sure it flies as you expect, and is capable of hard turns/coming out of a dive with out ripping a wing off. -Determine what the minimum altitude your aircraft needs to pull out of a dive from is, and set the AI accordingly. Last thing you want is for the AI to lithobrake your plane during a battle. -Test your craft against the Dummy. The dummy is an aggressively sub-optimal design; if your craft cannot shoot down the Dummy, it is unlikely to perform well against tuned competition aircraft. -Check your wing strength/mass settings. Right click on a wing part to see a slider to adjust the wing's mass and strength. Be careful not to increase or decrease it too much, though. Too little strength and the wing will snap off during maneuvers, too much mass and the plane becomes unnecessarily heavy. -Ammunition is heavy, so consider how much you need. Having a single box of ammo per cannon is generally enough, while machineguns can usually get away with one box per 2 guns. That said, remember that running out of ammo essentially counts as being shot down by the opposing side. -The AI is not by any means a proficient marksman. It may be a good idea to lower max gun range down to something in the 800-1250m range. True, the AI might hit something at 2.5km out, but chances are all it will be doing is wasting all of your ammo at that range. -FAR changes how the CoL indicator in the SPH works; it now shows the center of aerodynamic pressure of the aircraft, rather than the sum output of all lift generating parts. Instead of trying to line up the CoL and CoM indicators, try to align the main wing with the CoM. -Pressing F2 in the editor brings up aim vectors for all guns on a craft, useful for gun calibration if you i.e. want weapons to converge at a certain distance.
  2. A guy called Jolly Rogers is doing a Youtube tournament of world war 2 styled planes. The tournament starts 2 weeks from now, you can see the tournament rules here: I've been building some fighters and testing them, and actually came out with some pretty fun dogfighting footage. Maybe someone is up for a bit of pre-season warmup? I'm always itching for a fight Here's one of my planes: Here's some footage of my prototypes in combat testing: (Can't view on mobile devices because damn Japs copyrighted their WW2 battle songs)