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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I have placed a lot of relay networks around the Kerbin system but I would like to move them all above my current missions in the tracking station instead of the sporadic placement of them in between my other missions (e.g. my space station). Is that possible?
  2. So I got my first real asteroid mission; put a class A asteroid in orbit of minmus. I have about 100 asteroids currently being tracked, both from the tracking station and from a Sentinel so i thought i could just pick a nearby one and go after it. The problem is that I dont know how to tell what 'class' they are from the tracking station. I have done some googling to try and find an answer but no-one else seems to have the same problem, which makes me think I'm just being an idiot. If some kind soul could point me in the right direction it would be most appreciated.
  3. I don't know you but each time I have to launch into a specific orbit inclination for contract mission, going to Minmus .... I am facing the problem of when will the ascending or descending node will past over the KSC to permit a clean direct orbit inclination without modification once in orbit. I asking you if there is a way to do that in the stock game or if a mod allow you to know that and if it is not ,if it is possible .
  4. Hey all, After getting back into KSP recently and going nuts launching ships left and right in career mode I soon found myself desperate for a way to quickly pick out the ships in the Tracking Station that needed my attention next. I saw a couple of other users requesting this feature over the years and some disappointment when the latest update didn't have it. So I decided to try my hand at an add on. Here it is. It's a little thing, but it saves me some sanity, of which I have little to spare. I hope some of you will find it useful! ManeuverQueue ManeuverQueue is an add on
  5. Hy guys ! First off I would like to give a big shout-out to all you fine people on this forum. I started playing KSP about 4 hours a day, after work, for about a month now. It has been a amazing experience enhanced only by you guys since any problem I bumped into has always been solved reading something somewhere on this forum. Until now... maybe I don't type in the right words in search or I don't know but it's the first time I have a problem and did not find a solution here so... to enhance the Kerbal database of knowledge, I made this post! To get right into it, I have flown manned mis
  6. At first I thought it was my imagination, but it has now happened twice. I have a long-duration unmanned space probe on an interplanetary trajectory (inwards, towards EVE) that simply disappeared! It doesn't appear anymore on the Interplenatary Map view, nor as an object listed in the Tracking Station (which is now fully upgraded in my career). The vehicle was a "Sentinal Class" space probe that I launched to fulfill one of my career mode missions - in this case to track/map asteriods. It was a pretty basic interplanetary probe, though equipped with one of those large "Sentinal" camer
  7. I have a whole big thing I wrote but lost to a cookie bug, so I'll summarize: Suggestion #1: Please rework the contract weighting algorithm to be a matrix of contract types on one axis, and contract locations on the other with the weighting in the cells (not simply contract types as I believe it is now). It would make the game a lot more enjoyably playable if I could keep cancelling "build a station orbiting the Sun" contracts and have fewer of them show up, but still get the same number of "build a station orbiting the Mun" contracts (I also like shuttling passengers back and forth to Kerbi
  8. So, if you're wondering how those tracking stations look like. I'm going to assume they're all the same. This is Harvester Massif. It surely is massive! Look carefully. (Here's the enlargement on imgur). That white speck, just below the right-most leg... That's Jeb. The dish rotates as well. Pretty cool, and worth a visit!
  9. Good day! I continue in my efforts to achieve an asteroid mission. Now I launch a probe to attach with the asteroid. The probe is on kerbin's orbit waiting for the right time to leave the orbital influence of the planet. I accelerate time Inside the Tracking Station to let pass some days, when the asteroid is in the right position, I set the time acceleration to 1x. Then I cannot go out of the Tracking Station neither fly the probe or any other spacecraft.
  10. I really like using the categories in the tracking station to find rovers, landers, bases, debris and so on. What I miss in this list is a tag for historical sites. I don't want to terminate my first Mun lander, but I also don't want it in 'landers' or 'bases' (because it is no longer active). At the moment I rename all vessels that have served their purpose to 'history-vesselname', but a separate category would be nice. Thanks for this excellent game.
  11. Hey guys! Do you know that awesome thing you did, where a timer to the next maneuver node flashes on the tracking station, switching from MET to MNV? Could the same be made for encounters? If a probe has both an encounter and a maneuver in its path, only the nearest one is shown, so every probe shows as either "MET", "MET/MNV" or "MET/ENC", rather than cycling through all of them.
  12. Hello everyone, Whitecat here with a question about drawing and rendering lines in the tracking station. Basically for my Orbital Decay modification I am beginning to implement n-body simulation, the actual simulation and orbit movements are fine, however such movements are 'forbidden' by the tracking station conics system. e.g, An orbit must ellipsoidal under all circumstances forever... Similarly during timewarp the whole affair gets horrifically messy and would make any sort of space rendezvous beyond 1/2 Hill Sphere radii impossible. However I have a found a solution to this
  13. What about including an interplanetary travel calculator in the tracking station so as to be able to plan such travels, without any external help? Personally I am using a web site to plan my interplanetary travels and I think it would be great to do this directly in the game, from the Kerbal Space Center.
  14. Windows 10, 8Gb ram, Steam latest 64bit version of KSP. R9 280X, Intel 4690k. Is anyone having issues with the Space Center Tracking? Sometimes I go into the tracking station and there is nothing there, but I shut the game, restart, and everything comes back? Then, I get into a ship, and want to select another ship as target, and again, nothing is selectable. Doing a rendezvous isn't possible, as I can't select any other target ship. Space Station One is NOT a vessel I have created. This happened in unmodded
  15. It seems like the latest version of 1.1.2, and the latest version of MechJeb just can't seem to get along. I lobbed up two spacecraft, got them to orbit all nice and dandy, but when I select spacecraft 'B' for the rendevous command in MechJeb, it does not register at ll in Mechjeb, even though Spaceship 'B' is selected (I can unselect, and then select again, to no avail). Brand new games or saved games both act the same way. Also, if I try to do any other commands in MechJeb that requires a selected target (ship), nothing works. Sigh, 1.1.2 seems to have borked my KSP playtime for
  16. Hello, I would really, really love a feature to sort flights/vessels in the tracking station. In the VAB/SPH you have loads of groups and even a customizable folder (favourits) to drop your parts in. For the Tracking station a simple Folder system would be awesome, even just one hierarchy would be awesome. At least the ability to sort flights by name. I'm aware of the fact that you can hide or show vessels by type (lander, base, station etc.) but I'm now approaching 50 active missions and I find myself wasting a lot of time searching for specific flights or the most recent one that i
  17. Not sure if this has been suggested yet (did a quick search didn't see it), but i would be handy to have the ability to warp to the next maneuver node (of the selected ship) from within the tracking station, thus taking advantage of faster time warp (ie not limited by terrain height). I'm sure there are mods that can do this already, but seems like it should be in stock.
  18. EDIT: This is actually already possible. Though it is a bit hidden. I would very much appreciate if I could change the type of a vessel (debris, probe, ship, station, etc.) from the tacking station, instead of just from a vessels control module. The problem I encountered is that I sometimes get uncontrollable debris (decouplers and stuff) labeled as a probe (for some reason). I cannot re-label them as they don't have control modules, meaning that they will crowd up my map screen, unless I disable visibility of ALL probes. And I thought to myself: What's wrong with allowing renaming an
  19. Please consider adjusting the click in the tracking station so that it is legible in time warp. As it is currently implemented the text bounces and is illegible. Thank you
  20. I'm pretty sure I've looked this up before, but when I do now I don't get far. When the tracking station (and only the tracking station) will not let you select a craft, debris, station,base whatever, but you can still use map mode to take control of things, then the save game is corrupt? Or is there some specific issue I've forgotten? Thanks
  21. Hi there, I'm looking for a tool to allow me to rename, reorder, reclassify or otherwise organise flights directly from the tracking station, I'm sure one must exist but haven't had much luck when searching on the forums (keep getting a search error). Can anyone recommend a mod or plugin that does this? I play a stock install so would prefer something that can be removed with breaking saves but open to all suggestions It would be nice to filter by sphere of influence if possible Thanks in advance Stuart
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