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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, What I'm trying to find out if it's possible to do a brachistochrone curve/"straight" line trajectory. Essentially, you would burn towards, say, Duna until you were halfway there, and then flip around and burn to decelerate. I've already made an engine that can burn for that long, I would mainly like to know how I could do this in-game and how I could determine the halfway point of the path (roughly speaking). Thanks!
  2. Ages ago i saw a mod, allowing to see trajectory's prediction in flight scene. But it has been lost. Now - it back. Just displays trajectory predictions. Partless, ON/OFF and nothing more. (adds itself with the help of MM-patch to each unit with ModuleCommand). This mod is designed to help with a more accurate landing. If activated in the flight scene, it will draw the trajectory and predict the point of contact. short review full review from Kottabos Download from Spacedock DONATE Source installation: remove previous version and just extract an archive into Gamedata. requirements: ModuleManager
  3. Seeing as Principia is getting to the point where it is quite useable, it seems to be a good time to do this. The challenge is fairly straight forward. A space station has been placed in a magical square orbit around Mun. The objective is to pilot the cargo vessel, which is in low Kerbin orbit, and rendezvous with the station, using as little delta V as possible. You will need a 1.2.2 installation of KSP with a stock planetary setup, and Principia Catalan, then load this save file. Rules: No use of cheats or performance altering mods. Telemetry and visual enhancement mods are allowed. Since this is not a docking challenge, you only have to park within a 100 meter distance from the station, with a relative velocity less than 0.3 m/s. Submissions are scored based on how much delta V remains after rendezvous is complete. The Kerbals must not exit the station. Also crashing into the station to slow down is not allowed The time limit is 5 Kerbin years. This is just a technicality since I can't be certain the orbit of the station will be stable 1000 years from now. This is not a super serious challenge so extensive documentation is not really required. Just post an screenshot showing your overall approach, and one after you've completed the challenge showing how much delta V you have left. However, feel free to show your approach in greater detail if you complete the challenge with a small amount of delta V.
  4. My map view breaks as soon as I achieve escape velocity from Kerbin; the orbit line will disappear, I can no longer place maneouvre nodes, and the frame rate deteriorates. I've tried reversing the orbit line fade direction and reducing it to 50%, but it makes no difference. Is this a known bug?
  5. KSP + kOS + MATLAB

    I took some data from ksp using KOS and came up with a trajectory plot in MATLAB. here is the result: I'm flattening my trajectory at 150km for the moment because the script parameters for trajectory. this is my first plot to work these parameters, next weekend goal: optimize it!
  6. When you're flying a tall, wobbly rocket, the trajectory lines jitter about and it's very hard to plan precise course corrections for distant intercepts and flybys. I initially thought the jittering was just due to rounding errors causing uncertainty, but today I found out it's caused by wobbling of the spacecraft, which really ought to have no effect on its trajectory since the wobble does not affect the center of gravity. Apparently, the projected trajectory lines (orbits) are based on the current speed of the cockpit (or root part) while they ought to be based on the speed of the CG. Apart from the obious annoyance from this jittering, this error can also be exploited to gain free energy because when you activate time warp, the currently displayed trajectory line is fixated and the craft ends up actually flying that trajectory. I used that trick today to get an escape trajectory out of Minmus using only the reaction wheels. I had a contract to activate an engine on an escape trajectory out of Minmus, but the previous stage ran out of fuel when I was still in orbit with a 1400 km apoapsis. So I started to wobble the rocket using "A"/"D", the apoapsis went up and down between 1450 and 1350, I did my best to press the period key at the right time and got a 1420 km apoapsis. Back out of time warp, wobble again, time warp: 1435 km. I got it all the way up to escape trajectory step by step (above 2000 km!), so I could activate the next stage in the required conditions and finished the contract. The time warp trick does not work if the wobble is too intense (cannot activate time warp during acceleration), but once the intensity of the wobble has decreased somewhat, it does work. I filed bug report 9131.