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Found 1 result

  1. Dfthu Presents A Stock 2.5M Delta-V Transfer Stage I Have Made A Versatile Nuclear Transfer Stage! With 10,144 Delta-V This Can Get You Anywhere In The Kerbol System(As long you don't put to much weight on it) I Really Hope You Enjoy This! Please Comment And Leave Suggestions Below. (Should I Also Release My Launcher Family? 1 Launcher Per Tank Size) Stats Download craft file here Part Count: 90 Weight (With Fairing): 59.164 Tons Empty Weight (Without Fairing): 15.885 Tons 120Kn Thrust (2 Nerva's) (If you remove the second NERVA you will gain 1,200M/s Delta-V) Height: 13.4M Width and Length: 3.1M 8000 Liquid Fuel 240 Mono Propellant 1600 Xenon