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Found 3 results

  1. I am looking for a kind person with some experience in making some simple low poly tree models (.mu i think is the format i need them in). i need them for these textures. I don't have any experience with blender or part tools and i have failed miserably and I'm now at the point of outsourcing for help. Of course, when i implement these into something I'm working on you will get full credit for the work. hope to hear back from someone soon Im no stranger to hitting the donate button if you need more incentive. thanks!
  2. The trees on my KSP save are glitched and I am not sure why. I have images provided below and a mods list. Operation System: Windows KSP: 1.2.2, 64 bit. Mods: Heavily Modded DMP - Mods List.ckan?dl=0 Images:
  3. If modders need some new ideas to work on... Here it is something that will take KSP to new realism..... See the picture below:- Just think if mooders can make some addons to add trees to the surface. I have one idea to make Kerbak Konstructs statics(trees) and add it to the shores. Just think about it....... It'll be fun......................