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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys. I have a problem with DDS into KSP. In Blender and Unity (in preview used DDS textures) it seems very nice (with KSP shaders), in Blender only one UV. So, I place in the model PNG textures, compile in PNG and replace them with DDS textures (how it seems), and the texture looks bad, but if I don't replace main texture, then it works as it should (but without specular). I checked sizes, and they matched. How to fix it? I really need DDS for a specular map in alpha.
  2. So, im trying to land on eve, but im having trouble, because i cant get my orbit to line up, because my periapsis is beneath eves orbit (see pic) pic [ATTACH=CONFIG]34887[/ATTACH] so i tried burning up, but that didnt bring up the periapsis, it only brought the orbit up half way between my apoapsis and my periapsis (see pic2) pic2 [ATTACH=CONFIG]34888[/ATTACH] which way do i burn to bring up the periapsis if im at the apoapsis (or near it)?
  3. iwhipple

    RCS trouble

    Hey all. my 0.15 lander design relied on my ability to attach RCS thrusters to an RCS tank. Now I can't in 0.16.... Is this a glitch on my end? or what can I do?