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Found 2 results

  1. This was done with the WIP Raptor engines, but I downrated them 20% from what's in the current RO based on new chamber pressure estimates from SpaceX. Had a lot of fun (no really!) playing with KOS to set up a precision booster landing program. Thanks to CalebJ2 for sample code and for getting Trajectories support added to KOS. First Stage VTVL, Second Stage VTHL, 100 Tonnes to orbit. I have the unedited version if anyone wants it, but it's over an hour due to the long shallow re-entry.
  2. This project originally was intended to realize an SSTO modeled from the Mikoyan-Gurevitch MiG-21, and as it can be seen... The result is much more closer from the Sukhoi Su-9... Named after the Norse giant Surtr, this little guy is able to send three fanatics kerbonauts to Spaaaace : And, of course, Surtr can come back without any refueling. As an SSTO the performances are no more than average, do not expect more than a circular 150 km orbit. So the file comes as a TSTO, equipped with two droppable fuel tanks to reach an orbit of 200 km or more for a price of less than 5000 funds. This full stock craft can be found on KerbalX, and has been updated to 1.2. The traditional album of the first flight is available too. Just be cautious on final, the XC-21 really small lifting surface coupled to the delta wing will make it stall around 80 m/s while it's nearly emptied. Keep enough fuel to keep a good air speed, flare a bit and everything should run fine.