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Found 1 result

  1. Noob question. Remember how nice and patient you guys are with noob questions? haha I have played To the Mun, Part 1 Training tutorial many times now. Not because I can't achieve a circular orbit, but because I cannot achieve the optional objective of landing on Mun. No matter how I plan my approach, I usually only have about a 1/4th of a tank of fuel by the time I have done all the necessary maneuvers to achieve circular orbit. My orbital velocity is around 500 m/s. A fourth of a tank of fuel is not even close to enough to slow down the ship to a complete stop that will allow me to free fall to the surface. I am trying to be as conservative with the fuel as possible, but it doesn't look like the training mission even gives you close to the amount of fuel that you need to land the craft. Please help in a noob friendly way. Thank you all!