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Found 1 result

  1. In another universe... Kerbin has a gravity of 19.62 m/s^2. Its inhabitants dream of space. Will you, space program manager, achieve that goal, or will your rockets crash even more spectacularly in the crushing gravity of 2g Kerbin? Important Note! Hack gravity resets on game launch, but the craft orbits remain the same. Enter another save, hack gravity, then enter the 2g career save. RULES AND GOALS: Hack gravity must ALWAYS be at 2.00. Primary goal is to finish STOCK tech tree. Apart from setting the hacked gravity, debug screen must be left alone. Mods rules No tech tree modifications no mods that decrease tech costs in any way no extra science instruments life support mods are OK no warp drive mods/parts no LFO engines with ISP > 400s no nuclear engines with ISP > 850s no engines with ISP > 4200s (excluding jet engines) Funds rewards can be increased by up to 50% to account for the pressing need for pad/runway upgrades. Science rewards can be increased by up to 30% to account for slow earlygame and travel problems. Reputation rewards cannot be increased. Decline penalty can be turned off or increased. Suggested Plasma blackout and g-force limits CommNet on Reentry heating on Otherwise, do whatever with your settings SCORING CHALLENGES These can all be done before or after completing the main goal. Submit proof and your score and medal(s) will be updated accordingly. 1000 points: Complete the challenge 300 points: Build an ssto 50 extra points for no RAPIERS 1250 points: Land on Tylo 100 points: Complete the challenge in under 25 launches 50 extra points for every uneeded launch (i.e. 100 points for 24 launches, 300 points for 20 launches) This does not count launches after finishing the tech tree 750 points: fly by all of Jool's moons in one launch 1000 points: accumulate 10000 science points at any one time 600 points: accumulate 6000 science (transmitted and/or recovered) in one mission, plus 150 for no science lab 850 points: accumulate 10000000 funds at any one time Do a grand flyby tour: 850 points, plus 100 for every landing Create a massive exploit with the messed up orbits and gravity: 500 points, special badge (WIP) Eve surface return: 4k points, special badge (WIP) ~~HALL OF FAME~~ @dvader: 2,250 points - Osmium Medal - 22/6/2020 Notable Achievement: First Winner, creative Eve mission. @ralanboyle: 2,500 points - Osmium Medal 25/6/2020 Notable Achievements: very good documentation of endeavor. First SSTO @bayesian_acolyte: 4,600 points - Osmium Medal 30/5/2020 Notable Achievements: 3 launches to complete, which is probably the fewest possible, first tylo landing. Current highscore For proof Image album or video/video album Badges: Lead: 1000-1300 points Wolfram: 1301-1550 points Osmium: >1550 points