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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, this is the report of my attempt to complete a Grand tour, maybe is no more so sensational as before but will be a great achievement... Let's start! This is THE rocket: Stats: 80 m tall 2295.322 t on launch pad 347 parts Manned by Bill and 1 Screwdriver First stage Thrust 37.40 MN 1,004,669+ 1 for Bill pay And now, under the fairing we have this: The SpaceShip is splitted in two parts: after kerbin orbit insertion the upper will tug the Eve lander and the Multi pourpose lander to Eve, while the lower to Duna for tug the lander among outers bodies. On the trusses at the bottom we have the Duna lander (on the left), the Laythe lander (on the right) and the Tylo lander (hidden behind the ship), they will go directly from LKO to their destinations. Stay tuned for more! The modlist: