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Found 4 results

  1. You're starting to send probes and pilot-free crewed ships to far-away planets, but either your antenna isn't strong enough or you're trapped in a blind spot. Are you sick of losing contact with probes mid-mission, especially when you need it at the very moment the connection's lost? Here's how I solve my problems: ULTIMATE RELAY ANTENNA Each Ultimate is designed for maximum coverage while maximizing delta-V and minimizing production costs at the same time. Each variant is equipped with: RTGs Solar panels Different types for different variants 1 x RA-100 relay 4 x RA-15 relay Originally, the final stage of the relay was ion-powered. However, due to the engines' extremely low thrust and the inadequate solar panel performance past Dres (RTGs weren't much help either), I had to modify the design while, at the same time, maximizing delta-V. I knew the solution lay in the NERV engines, but my attempts to use four NERVs (to increase thrust) all ended up with $300K launch pad disasters. After some experimenting, I managed to find a viable solution. Below are some photos of the variant I will be using from now until further notice - like if it fails to achieve Eeloo orbit or something like that. The final stage has 3,216 m/s of delta-V. Mk. IVb at the launch pad. It has SRBs to save fuel for the initial ascent of 250 km altitude Mk. IVb immediately after launch. Those SRBs really pack a punch And that is why all Ultimate Relay variants have protective shells during the initial ascension. At that speed, the aerodynamic forces (and heat as a result of friction from air resistance) should be enough to cause a catastrophic failure if it hits unprotected crucial areas. SRBs had just been spent, which happens right before the rocket hits an apoapsis of 250 km. Any lower than that and the SRBs will mess it up - since you can't shut them of. After the parking orbit is established, the rocket should have ~2,050 m/s of delta-V left before it activates the final stage. A Mk. IV (Mk. IVb has SRBs, but a Mk. IV doesn't) Ultimate 750 km above Moho's surface. Provided I timed my transfer burn correctly, I achieved a stable orbit around Moho with ~900 m/s to spare. The best part is that the Mk. IVb costs ~$165K while my other variants cost between $225K and $310K. Feel free to use it and leave a review on this thread. Craft file for the Ultimate Mk. IVb (mods: Mechjeb):!3KhlDILa!JaX7Ns1D9uY-oqHQHG-HnSpuU0zC5SNI31P3LnGl5Bc
  2. The Ultimate Challenge (Originally by Just Jim) I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes nothing. I was working on my career game yesterday for my fan-fiction project when I checked into mission control, and saw a contract offer that stunned me. It's a challenge so huge it's given me an opportunity to totally change my story plot and add a whole new section. I've searched everywhere in the challenge section, and I'm not finding this one. If it's out there, and I'm necro-ing an old challenge, then I apologize and ask this be taken down, OK? It's called the Ultimate Challenge, and the rules are simple: Visit all 14 bodies in the Kerbin solar system in one ship and return home to tell the tale. I looked at it... then looked again, closed my eyes, held my breath, and hit accept..... So here's the deal. According to the forum rules, I can't really issue this as an official challenge unless I do it, or at least make a really good attempt at it, first. Which is what I'm going to do. It's probably the hardest thing I can think of doing in the game... and a marvelous opportunity to exploit for my fan-fiction story. How can I say no??? Oh, and because I'm a sadist, I'm doing it stock. If I can do this, I'll make it an official challenge, and make a badge and all that. Unless someone else has already done it and wants to take over. Which makes me wonder, has anyone done this? Has anyone attempted it? Am I bringing up an old challenge I just can't find? Comments? Ideas??? Or perhaps just some insane laughter at the thought???' @5thHorseman Persistent file download for the contract DOWNLOAD @Just Jim and @Speeding Mullet for helping me to find a badge Since this challenge is literally the biggest challenge I've seen since Jool-5, you be marked with launches, mods, etc. Mods must be stock-like, visual, or info only. Kergarin completed with a single launch ISRU spaceplane. Sweet as Vanilla and BadS ( ) :Jetski completed with 2 launches (plus a failed 3rd launch). Mods? DustInTheWind completed with various info and part mods. Over 400 screenshots. First entry in a while. IncongruousGoat completes the challenge with only info and visual mods. Looks great!
  3. Hello. I hope that this challenge is up to par, but it will be very difficult. I expect it to be at least as tough as Jool-5. Even I haven't completed it!: Welcome to Eagle-Eye on Doomsday! Our scientists here at KSC have been observing solar patterns and we have come up with a shocking realization! Kerbol will soon rapidly expand, destroying all life on the solar system as we know it! Our only safe destination is Eeloo, which will become as habitable as Kerbin after Doomsday. You have to create a ship that will get out of the system within 100 years of launch (correct me if this is too little or too much). However, Jebediah has been worrying. He won't have anything to do once they are at Eeloo! He will have to wait years before they have the materials to build more ships to pilot, so he has requested that you have satellites video the events on every planet. This can be from either land or in orbit. This way, while he waits, he will be able to rewatch doomsday in glorious HD! Here are the requirements for the mission: General Requirements: Land all Kerbals on Eeloo by the 100-year mark. Have a designated mothership that will meet all of the above requirements. Enter all planet SOIs with the mothership to allow Kerbals one last chance to look at their home solar system. Have a ground station or small orbiter on/around every celestial body, containing a camera (Mystery Goo Container) Establish a base or habitation ship on Eeloo. This can be in the style of an actual base, or just a ship. Have a stable kerbnet connection with all probes from Eeloo. Mothership Requirements: Have Jeb on board. Have space for 32 kerbals. Camera Probe Requirements: Have an antenna on the probe. Have a mystery goo on the probe. Have solar panels and batteries. Have a connection with Eeloo at least 50% of the time. Here are the levels of completion: Easy Mode: You successfully landed and have done the time limit. You have completed all requirements, but sadly crashed or failed to get Jeb footage for 1-7 bodies (or just didn't want to). You have passed and you will be recorded below by the number you have missed. Medium Mode: You successfully got Jeb all the footage and met previous requirements. Congrats! Valentina's Request (Hard mode): Valentina feels that all that time near a screen isn't good for Jeb. After you have completed Medium, destroy all the satellites. However, these satellites have to have been deorbited before the 100-year mark as well and you cannot begin deorbiting until you have landed your ship. Good luck with Jeb, once he finds out, though. To be considered for badges and completion, please provide a detailed photo album with screenshots. Every photo but map photos must have your current resources remaining and the current mission elapsed time. Post it below. Also, include a photo of the map that includes your end result. (For hard mode, have one before you deorbit it and include the mission elapsed time. Also, have images of the crash reports for each). Doomsday Survivors: Badge: We wish you happy flying from here at Heron Rocketry.
  4. Okay. Here goes. I present to you The 'Belly of the Beast' Challenge! This challenge is for the best of KSP'ers, but all are welcome to try! You've been everywhere in the system? Landed, returned? Done the Jool 5, the grand tour? Pfft. That's cute. But you haven't done THIS! Here's what it entails: 'Easy' Mode: Enter Joolian Atmosphere from an orbit of your choice, descend to 150,000m, return to an orbit that does not enter the atmosphere. HyperEdit enabled to get into orbit in the first place Intermediate: Enter Joolian Atmosphere from a stable orbit of your choice, descend to 100,000m, return to an orbit that does not enter the atmosphere. HyperEdit enabled to get into orbit in the first place, but not as EPIC Watney mode: Enter Joolian Atmosphere from a stable orbit of your choice, descend to 50,000, return to an orbit that does not enter the atmosphere. HyperEdit disabled! KRAKEN mode: Enter Joolian Atmosphere from a stable orbit of your choice, descend to whatever you feel is badass enough or MORE (you insane magician), return to an orbit that does not enter the atmosphere. And impress me, if you feel daring. HyperEdit disabled! (Note: Hyperedit or any other software / file editing may be used to get into a stable orbit to begin the challenge from, but you MUST evidence you have not used cheats in a breach of these rules, through screenshots or a video, and you MUST remove any mods before beginning the challenge) So there you have it! I've challenged you to this feat. I do not doubt that it has been done before, but in THIS version? With re-entry heat, drag and other factors to count for (did I mention crushing gravity?), this is no challenge for the faint of heart. But this challenge is what I think should be the pinnacle of excellence. Record it, screenshot it, just let me know your stories! Whether you fail or you succeed, I want to hear what YOU did. Even if you failed, to take on this task writes you into the legendary history books and earns your name the strength and honour anyone daring enough to attempt this challenge deserves! And even if you don't wish to take part, share this challenge around, or just comment on what you think! I want to see some Youtubers taking on this challenge like the weekly Reddit challenges, so lets let them all know! If people start to do this challenge, I'll make a badge for each challenge mode for you to put on your signature, and your name will be written into the list below! If this challenge has been done before than please tell me, but I have seen NO attempts at anything like this in 1.0+. Please try to use the latest version of the game, the idea is that the latest changes give it the challenge factor. And to all those who dare to venture into the belly of the beast... Good luck... You'll need it. Hall of Fame: -YOUR NAME HERE! Honourable mentions: