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Found 2 results

  1. I want to download every Umbra Space industries mod as well as extra-planetary launchpads, but I need help. My biggest problem is that when I download all of the USI mods separately there are a lot of double files, so there are a ton of duplicated parts. Also, there are many parts where I can find the actual parts files when I look in the folder, but don't show up in the game. Is there a master file I can download that has all of these things? Like I just download a single thing and everything I need is there? Please help!
  2. Hello, Kerbonauts! Today, I would like to present to you: The Forever Plane, a plane that can (theoretically) fly, you guessed it, forever! The reason is simple: I have the USI mods installed, and the plane's engine runs on Karbonite, and there are enough Karbonite intakes to power it! The one downside is: All the intakes and the engine take up A LOT of power, and since flying forever means flying at night, too, no solar panels. I need SIXTY-FOUR of the superpowered Near Future Electrical RTGs to provide enough power (at least according to AmpYear, which I trust). Still in the prototyping stages, so no .craft file yet, but it's coming soon. What are your thoughts on this idea/plane? (When Jeb was asked about it, he suggested getting rid of the emergency parachutes, because "Safety is for sissies". Bob suggested adding more emergency parachutes. I compromised by keeping the amount of emergency parachutes at four.) To test the plane, I decided to return Val from a space station (Kelgee II), because Jeb, my normal test pilot, REFUSES to deploy the emergency parachutes and save his life if something goes wrong.