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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone else experienced the following problem in the mission "Meet Me in Zero G": The "Undock NOW!" node will not activate for me. I can undock immediately after the dialog message instructions, with no result. after then waiting for a bit, the time since node activates, I get a 0.7 score multiplier, and the waypoint for KSC never activates. Removing the undocking node and replacing it with an identical one fixes it for me.
  2. In my Youtube series "Operation Minmus Landing" I sent the lander into low Minmus orbit the docked the return vehicle to it but it wouldn't even show the option to undock the the lander, does anyone know a solution to this (that doesn't involve destroying the docking ports)? here's a picture of the two joint spacecraft in minmus orbit with no option of undocking on either of the docking ports:
  3. My version of KSP is 1.1.0 I Built and SSTO to mun, inside the SSTO there is a Mun lander that has the MK1-2 command pod along with it's own lander can, the docking port of the lander is the normal sized docking port, and the SSTO's docking port is the huge Sr docking port, (Remember the two crafts where built docked together) when i undocked the two crafts and did my mission, the docking ports refuse to dock back again. and yes i did try to rotate the lander several times, i also did smash into the port, AND also i did try to back away a few times. nothing worked so, anyone has an idea on how to solve this?
  4. At the moment in my kerbal career save i am trying to expand my space station around minmus. I have tbe first 1/4 of my circler section parked 140m away from my station. When i when to go get my module tug it didn't want to undock. I clicked undock in the menu for the docking port and the menu only shows enable/disable crossfeed and something else that i can't remember as i am in bed right now. The tug is still attached to the station and i can transfer crew in and out of the tug as if it were still attached to the station. I know that i can dock two spacecraft because i sent a probe with mechjeb on it to the same station. Can any of you help me? Its my first time on the forums so hello KSP forum:)