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Found 1 result

  1. I always predict that ULA projects were a complete waste of money. But with so many senators and generals in their pocket, I always imagine that they could fight for a niche at least for 5 to 7 years more. Now these days is not even sure what would happen with ULA in the next 2 years. They were ok since 1990 with 800 millions each year from the Pentagon just to maintain infrastructure and then extra money for each launch. But spacex appeared from nothing and in few years make the ground tremble. Until that point all ok.. ULA still had their friends.. But with the ukraine-russian mishap, now US wants to ban russian engines, which are the ones that ULA uses because they never bother to design their own engines. Now spacex gain its certification to deliver US defense cargo to orbit and ULA did not submit any proposal for the next launch. Many politics are in rage against ULA with all the millions they give to the company and now they don't even bother to find a solution. Now ULA may lose the whole contract which will mean a huge % of their income. If we take all that plus the fact that the new vulcan rocket is still very behind falcon 9 capabilities, its near future is uncertain. Too bad for ULA fans. Source: