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Found 1 result

  1. EMBLEM -EVAMagneticBoots&light EVA Mechjeb Iam start working on a cfg set(for KIS/KAS)to reach my needs and sharing it (with IgorZ/sarbian´s permission)here,so iam no modder nor 3Dmodelmaker,just,cfg modder First: DO NOT PESTER IgorZ for things iam have done wrong-he is the maintainer of kas/kis and enough to do with them ! nor Sarbian maintainer of mechjeb! Required mod depencies: KIS: KAS: or *KAS BETA 1.0 or higher(depence on which parts u DL): --------------------------UNDER COSTRU Parts Overview: EVA Mechjeb ³ DL: Required mod: KIS supports:Chatterer,Toolbar,CCK, future plans: upgradeable in techtree, blacklistening some MJmodules in EVA udate shaders(maybe will need TU) knowing issues:in 1.5 VAL gets a problem to grab her tools(stay COOL till a fix is realeased and give her vacation meanwhile),no module is blacklisted right now in the 0.2pre release version.This will change in 0.3(some modules need to be blacklistet in EVA like:Spaceplane-.Asending-,AircraftAutopilot) NO issue: *NO node execution now or ever ., just navball markers for nodes(rendeveuz,homan trans,a.s.o) Questions in this direction -*will be IGNORED **Aset'sEVA deployableGlobeLight status:works fine 0.1preALPHArelease init: add Ressource 100EC some .cfg tweaks for testing purposes!=) @Kottabos cool/funny video², thx 0.2 pre release changes: fixed plug first time dosnt work bug fixed kis mass volume (thx Kottabos)now 10pcs fit in 1KIS container(smallest) add a Solar, RTG and Electromagnetic Version add 4Variants to fit the new versions welded KAS connector port model in (needKAS) future plans:add the dGL mount into via mm patch DL: Required mods: KAS & KIS knowing issues: EVA deployableGlobeLight mountstatus:done DL: soon™ Required mod: KAS & KIS pics: soon™ knowing issues:none EVA wrist solarpanelstatus:done Required mod: KIS DL: soon™ knowing issues:none EVAtether & lockstatus:done DL: soon™ Required mod: KAS & KIS knowing issues:rope dont collide on kerbal nor ships EVAhandrail with lockstatus:done,last tests runnin DL: soon™ Required mod: KAS & KIS knowing issues: EVApropellant tank mountstatus:done DL: soon™ Required mod: KIS knowing issues: EVA magnetic boots(without boots!) -status:ABORT for NOW tests continue weight: 4.0kg ressources: 10500 EC need huge amount of EC, will change this later to a playable amount knowing issues:doesnt follow bone(static),saving revert issues,warp issues a.s.o DOWNLOAD: EVA glovemirror -status:nothing done(will need Texture Unlimited orTR/TRR) weight:nothing knowing issues:all DOWNLOAD:soon EVA wrist solarpanel (stock OX.rescaled) -status:done weight 1.0kg EC production 2.4/m DOWNLOAD: LOCK for hook on the electric screwdriver (Warning need the alpha kas BETA 1.0*or higher) status: testphase add Ressource 5 EC add attachment point for winch(right click the screwdriver in EVA when highlighted blue) DOWNLOAD:downunder next pic EVAsuit tether lock(same as on electricalScrewDriver,pic above,just on jetpack) (Warning need the alpha kas BETA 1.0*or higher) -status:testphase jetpack lock for winch.cfg : issues:offset when not eva parachute is screwdriver.cfg: **EVA deployableGlobeLight -status:work with little glitches investigate when more time add Ressource 100EC add KAS connector (no EC carge at this time) (think that fit good in here,will delete old thread in future) Download: Tether line pistol -status:just the idea DOWNLOAD: maybe in far future,needs blender or unity model,maybe never then sry(edit: will not happen now or in far future) I Recommend this mm.cfg change to add EC to the EVA Kerbal Suit(dont forget the female) All CREDITS for KAS/KIS models and system go to @KospY& @IgorZTHANKS Also Big THANKS and CREDIT to @sarbianmaintainer of mechjeb to use his modules in my part. **All CREDITS to @alexustas&THANKS and last but not least THANKS @blizzy78for the great puplic model gift(EVAmechjebcase) and the whole community that makes this game so great. **EVA deployableGlobeLight thread:´s-deployable-light-globekis-eva-part/ ² kottabos video: Happy Launchings BK