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Found 16 results

  1. Hopefully yes,but IDK so I'd like to know you guys' opinion.Sorry if my grammar is wrong.
  2. Upgrades GUI This plugin is a collections of interface tweaks aimed at making the part/module upgrades feature introduced in 1.2 more user-friendly. Note that the plugin doesn't add any upgrades. If you want to have them in your game you need to download other mods that implement the upgrade feature. VAB/SPH part tooltips show upgraded stats The part stats are now updated according to unlocked upgrades. The part cost is now updated according to unlocked upgrades. All module widgets now show the updated stats according to unlocked upgrades. The part upgrade
  3. I think it would be cool if it would be necessary to upgrade the space suits as the game progresses. eg. At the start, the space suits would not have their own tanks and would rely on staying close to the ship to keep a kerbal alive (Maybe have something like a pipe attached to the suit so that the kerbal can't just float away.) The second update would feature an oxygen tank, the next: RCS thrusters. They could be upgraded in the Research Facility. What do you think?
  4. Hi, has anyone experience with the UpgradeScript from the SaveUpgradePipeline? I want to replace one part in a save or craft file with another part of the same dimension and properties and therefore try to use the following script: using System; using SaveUpgradePipeline; using UnityEngine; namespace PlanetarySurfaceStructures { [UpgradeModule(LoadContext.SFS | LoadContext.Craft, sfsNodeUrl = "GAME/FLIGHTSTATE", craftNodeUrl = "PART")] public class StorageUpgrader : UpgradeScript { ///FLIGHTSTATE/VESSEL/PART" //visible name of the upgrader publi
  5. I am brainstorming a way to allow for the maxTemp & skinMaxTemp to be raised incrementally as you progress through a career. Quite a few planet packs use "hazardous oceans", and what these "oceans" do is simulate heat being radiated from the surface or ocean, eventually leading to an explosion or a puff of smoke where a kerbal once stood. What Im hoping to achieve is simple: Upgrade the Astronaut Complex to level 2 and it increases the maxTemp of a kerbal by 400. Upgrade the complex to level three and it will increase the maxTemp by another 400. Anything over 1600 is a bit overkill an
  6. I'm looking for some information on how to use the part upgrade feature. Mechjeb for example does it but I guess this is a feature of himself. But I red that it is possible in ksp now and I'd really like to know how. Okay to get propper help I should propper describe what I want to do: - I want to use the stock survey scanner and add scansat ability to it. To do so I don't want to just copy it and spread the copies over the techtree but I want to add upgrades to it to be unlocked. So basically move the "original" scanner to the place of the radar sensor of scansat, delete i
  7. Hello Not sure this is the right place to put this. Currently, I have an Intel Core i5-4440 and an AMD Radeon R9 200 Series. What should I upgrade to achieve a high FPS in-game? I have a lot of graphical mods installed like EVE and RealPlume etc, but I want to keep them. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, At some point in the past, i remember downloading a small mod, that, amongst other things, allowed you to tweak the building upgrade costs. In the stock career game, in my opinion the vast majority of the money is used on building upgrades whilst space vehicles are really , really cheap. I'd like to have cheap building upgrades but reduce funds rewards or increase part costs, so there is some incentive to re-use and build out infrastructure in a new career game. Anyone remember what this mod was called, i'd like to get it again..
  9. Hello all - Did some searching but couldn't find anything that answers my questions. If there is a thread I haven't seen, feel free to direct me to it. I have to imagine I'm not the first to ask... What's the best way to move to a new version? I have a pretty good game going in 1.2.1, but would like to move up to 1.2.2. Can I just move my game files over? What about mods? I'm on a Mac, if that makes any difference.
  10. So, you may have seen my post about 10 days ago in another part of the forum, regarding my amazing wife who just bought me a new PC from CyberPower. Well, it came via UPS today! Quick specs, Intel I7-6700 3.4ghz, 16gb ram, gtx1070 8gb ram. I'm looking for recommendations for this significant upgrade. Not just visual enhancements either(but bring em on), as an example: on my old machine I couldn't run RasterPropMonitor without dropping to less than 3 fps, so RPM will definitely be at the top of my list as I love IVA missions. I'm looking for any mod recommendations you may have. I'd especially
  11. After upgrading to 1.1 from GOG Galaxy Client, I click "Play", it opens KSP launcher and stops there, with the message "Checking for update". Can anyone help me with this?
  12. I have a career-mode game I started in 1.0.5. Tonight I upgraded to 1.1. When I go to look at the tech tree, I noticed duplicate items listed. Upon exiting the game, I looked in my saved game and noticed contents like this: Under the section SCENARIO { name = ResearchAndDevelopment scene = 7, 8, 5, 6 sci = 0.9976196 there was: Tech { id = flightControl state = Available cost = 45
  13. I have a career-mode game I started in 1.0.5. Tonight I upgraded to 1.1. I currently have several vessels on the Mun, one of which is a landed orbiter and another is a fuel truck. The fuel truck has a claw on the front. When I ram the fuel truck into the orbiter, the two vessels "dock" and can be managed as one. However, when I click on a fuel tank, hold down right shift, and then click on another compatible fuel tank, the in/out buttons do not show up. Repeated attempts to do this do not result in success. However, if I use [ or ] to switch to a nearby vessel and then switch back immediately,
  14. I've had problems for a long time now with any external control device I add to KSP, such as a gamepad or joystick. None of them seem to work, unless I install the Fly-By-Wire mod. It's a nice mod, but can the software of the mod be made stock? There are a few issues I would like cleared so using my joystick and gamepad is less buggy.
  15. 1.0.5. I'm allowed to collect surface samples without the Astronaut Complex. I do have the Lv. 2 RnD. Derp?
  16. Hello everyone, I have a rocket that can get me to duna and back and would like to ask everyone if you could help to improve it as it is a prototype. [imgUR]6YIvMqA[IMGUR] Thx in advance -Ribby Kerman
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