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Found 1 result

  1. With the new SLS in the latest update, I thought it would be boring to not mount the Orion like it should be right in the SLS. So I decided to make a pack that symbolizes the Orion also as a practice of my modeling skills (This is my first modeling project.) I figured that SDHI already has it perfect for the service module so I made this as an extension of it and NASA mission pack. Spacedock Mirror RSS Stuff: FennexFox is working on something related over here Installation: Unzip the file Copy GameData to root folder. Taurus Parts are on TaurusExtras Folder, just remove it if you don't have Taurus mod installed. The rest are just tweakscaled. SAVE BREAK WARNING! You need SDHI along with its dependencies Untested Version! Changelog: Aerojet Kerbodyne 1.0 Initial Release 1.1 Added FX on LAS, LV-900 and HG-10B Added Emissives on LV-900 and HG-10B Rebalance of some parts 2.0 Added and fixed FX for some other parts 2.1 Rebalanced costs Update for 0.24 3.0 Taurus Parts: Complete Remodel -Added Service Decoupler -Added Service Heatshield (Custom fit with Taurus Bottom) -Added Aerocap for Taurus -Added 2-sizes for Launch Abort System Mk1-2 Parts: -Added Service Decoupler (Custom fit with Mk1-2 Bottom) -Added Service Heatshield Tweakscaled Parts: -Added HG-10B-2 Liquid Fuel Engine -Added LV-900 Orbital Maneuvering Engine -Added AK10-118J Liquid Fuel Engine -Added Upper and Lower ICPS tank -Added Service Module to ICPS Adapters -Added ICPS Tank Adapter -Added ICPS Extender -Added LH-KM-2N RCS Thruster -Added Dual Linear RCS Port -Remodel of Previous RCS Thruster Taurus Parts 1.0 Initial Release 2.0 Added Service Module -Launch Abort System Jettison Cone -Launch Abort System Main Motor -Aerocap -Service Tank -HG10-B2 New Engine -S3 Adapter -Tri-Cover Fairing Parts of 3.0 Mostly: License: *Smokescreen in contained in package is made by Sarbian (and the rest of the developers that helped him, credit goes to them) as well as Virgin Kalactic, Firespitter, modulemanager and modulefixer.dll files, those aren't mine. I only take credit on my parts. Thanks: Testers: DasBananenbrot Sippyfrog MaverickSawyer likke_A_boss wasmic Tons of Help: stupid_chris - he made the rebalance! Nathankell Cpt. Kipard A couple other modders Supporters on the development too.