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Found 2 results

  1. Looking at the sticky threads here regarding Windows support, the advice is now considerably out of date with KSP 1.2.2 running on Unity 5. Especially: Data Execution Prevention does not break KSP. If it did before, it doesn't now. Turning this off is a bad idea. User Account Control does not break KSP. The installation folder just needs Modify permissions granted to BUILTIN\Users. icacls "%programfiles%\[ksp-folder]" /grant Users:(OI)(CI)M does the job if needed. Steam users don't need to do anything. The Program Files folder does not break KSP. Just needs permissions adjusted as above. Windows 10 does not break KSP. (OK, no one from Squad says that but I keep hearing it from others.) My problem is bad computing advice is being suggested just to make KSP and some of its more esoteric add-ons work, which is unnecessary and just exposes players to computing abuses. And this bad advice is still stickied in this support forum despite it being false. Claw hasn't been active since early 2016 or I'd have sent him a personal message about this. Is there someone else who can verify what I'm saying and edit the Known Issues and Self Help thread accordingly?
  2. KSP Store or Steam?

    After watching all of Scott Manley's and Danny2462's KSP videos I'm getting KSP. I also joined this forum with my real name to show sincerity and keep any anger I might have in check. I have a bit of history ragging on developers for what I consider unsafe design on Windows. Consider that I run 64-bit Windows 10 Pro and I have both User Account Control and Software Restriction Policies enabled. Should I purchase the KSP Store edition or the Steam edition of KSP? I already run Steam games without much hassle, including Portal and Portal 2, Duke Nukem Forever and The Stanley Parable, but I'm not sure if the Steam edition would have problems with mods and game updates. My PC is surely capable of running Unity-based games, with a Core i7-4771 processor, 32 GB RAM and discrete graphics. I've read through the KSP Wiki already and know that 64-bit KSP for Windows is coming. I couldn't find any caveats related to UAC either here or on the Wiki, though, and usually there's some page or post describing problems with non-admin accounts, UAC, copy protection failing with SRP enabled, that sort of thing. --