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Found 1 result

  1. A few points of note now I've been playing with the patched release for a while. 1. the GUI 'freezes', typically for half a second to a second. Doesn't seem to be related to the complexity of the craft being controlled, but does get worse as the save library of active missions get larger. note this is not the game freezing, just the GUI not updating. e.g. you are moving the cursor to the left, the pointer freezes, then jumps to its new location. Its not game breaking, but it does make fine control awkward when the inputs freeze then get processed after a short delay. 2. in docking mode "rotation" control, either under RCS or reaction wheels do not function, linear controls are fine, but rotation means dropping out of docking mode, and out of "fine" control" mode. this is more of an irritant than #1 3. again in docking, seems roughly a 50-50 chance of docking working or the docking ports bouncing apart with some force and sending one or both craft spinning. not been able to identify a pattern to what causes this - has caused the abandonment of a couple of missions after a craft has been refuelled once but then the exact same tanker is unable to refuel a second time. 4. have had issues with fuel transfer, its not decouplers or anything specific, just seems occasionally one or two tanks will decide they no longer support fuel transfer, while others on the same vehicle do. 5. Audio glitches with some of the engine sound files 'crackling' (jets and some of the rockets) 6. Difficulty level to inhibit Kerbals re-spawning doesn't appear to work, can disable it and they still re-spawn 7. setting the difficulty level is now more irritating than before, the old presets of "easy" medium" and "hard" combined with "custom" was better than the current "default" or "custom" There are other irritants, but they appear in the main game as well