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Found 3 results

  1. Fix to the absolute rotation UI The graphic is backwards. There are two parts: The big colored rings (that local mode are in aligned relative to the part) and the graduated rings (that only show up in absolute mode) and (currently) when you move the part the big colored rings remain stationary and the graduated rings move. That's what's backwards. The graduated rings should be stationary and on the outside, and the big colored rings should be on the inside aligned with the part and move with the part. With the big colored rings stationary like that I can't even see the part I'
  2. are there any addons for an improved craft file browser? I mean the window that pops-up in the the VAB/SPH when you click "load craft", its a bit of a pain to scroll through it to find your ships when you've got a few year old save file with a couple hundred different ships , maybe an actual file/tab system for storing many versions/marks/generations of the same craft? Maybe I should just bark at the devs to implement as this are likely not the most complex thing to implement from a coding standpoint
  3. Does it seem to anyone else like a perfectly functional ship you design one night simply doesn’t work the next day? This week, I’ve been trying to design a low tech Duna lander, and I’m on my fifth version of various short squat two stage things that will make LKO. (I figure that means it has more than enough aerodynamics,dV and TWR the land on Duna with parachutes, and still make orbit again). But it seems like five times now I designed something that makes orbit 3 or 4 or 5 times, and decide “yes that will do” and I’m done for the night, and then the next day the damn thing won't
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