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Found 79 results

  1. Simplifies vessel design by adding a visual "laser" grid and an automatic alignment tool to SPH and VAB License: GPLv3 Source code: GitHub Description Citation: "You should make your drawings with a ruler and a pencil, not with your leg and a marker pen." -- A maths teacher Have you ever been annoyed by ending up with misaligned engines or clubfooted landing gear after spending half-an-hour trying just to guess where to rotate to get them right? This mod adds a grid to SPH and VAB and "laser" guides for an active part to let you clearly see where the things are wrong and align them in one click. Download from SpaceDock Here's a video on why do you need it and how to use it Installation Extract contents of the released archive into your KSP/GameData folder. Usage While in SPH or VAB press the button to enable the grid. Once there's a root part you'll see the grid with origin bound to the part. If you try to add or edit another one you'll see the red "laser" guides representing all the three axes for it and all of its symmetry counterparts. Now you have all the planes and axes visualized and it's the matter of several clicks to align the things. The guides have distinct colors for each direction. You can easily remember them in the following way: Red for Rechts (Right) Violet for Vorwarts (Forward) Pink for Up (almost the same as the thrust vector) Once you have rotated a part to approximately face the desired side, use the following hotkeys for autoalign the desired part's axis to be parallel to the closest grid line (regardless of direction): Period ( [.] ) - toggles the grid on and off L - aligns the part by a guide at the mouse pointer to the closest grid line J - aligns the part's up (pink guide) to the closest grid line N - aligns the part's forward (violet guide) to the closest grid line M - aligns the part's right (red guide) to the closest grid line G - select a part under mouse pointer as the grid's origin K - toggles guides for symmetry (deKlutter). May be useful when working with many radially symmetrical parts creating a bunch of guides which makes them complex to use. This button let's you see the ones for the original part only. When using the separate keys for alignment (J, N, M), if you are in the part's editing mode (rotation or offset) it is sufficient to just press a key. Otherwise you'll need to move the mouse pointer over the desired part and then press. You can change the keys by editing HangarGrid.cfg in the mod's folder. Valid values are listed inside the file. Know issues Autoalignment of a part desynchronizes it's rotation and position to the current rotation gizmo. So if you press an alignment key while in rotation mode, it is recommended to re-enable the mode by pressing "1" - "3", for example. Otherwise once you touch the gizmo again the part jumps to the gizmo's present position and rotation. Planned features * A GUI for grid customization that let's you change the look and declutter the view abit.
  2. (I thought I used to know a way to do this involving Alt-Right-click or Control-Right-Click... but it's very elusive.) I've placed 4 tanks around the big one in 4-way symmetry. Now I want two solar panels on two of those tanks in 2-way symmetry. And then I'll put e.g. 2 fuel cells, in 2-way symmetry on the other two tanks. I've resorted to 1-way symmetry to place each solar panel separately but then the symmetry isn't perfect. This is just an example. I'm looking for a general technique. I'm pretty sure this is possible in stock. (I'm not too interested in mods for this.) Anybody know the trick?
  3. StanleyKubrick

    Vab Launch Crash

    Hey guys when i launch a spacecraft i got crash. Kerbal Space Program [version: Unity 2017.1.3p1 (02d73f71d3bd)] KSP_x64.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP_x64.exe at 0033:6efefbf6. Error occurred at 2018-07-08_004608. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe, run by furkan. 68% memory in use. 8112 MB physical memory [2526 MB free]. 18352 MB paging file [8791 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134210256 MB free]. Read from location 00001118 caused an access violation. Context: RDI: 0x00000002 RSI: 0x00000000 RAX: 0x00000000 RBX: 0x6a0ec310 RCX: 0x00000022 RDX: 0x6da3f6e0 RIP: 0x6efefbf6 RBP: 0x6da3f679 SegCs: 0x00000033 EFlags: 0x00010246 RSP: 0x6da3f600 SegSs: 0x0000002b R8: 0x6da3f648 R9: 0x00000013 R10: 0x00000000 R11: 0x6fd00020 R12: 0xd5e1c800 R13: 0x00000001 R14: 0x6a0ec310 R15: 0x00000000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 88 18 11 00 00 83 f9 08 74 0a 83 f9 0b 74 05 Module 1 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\xinput1_3.dll Image Base: 0x00400000 Image Size: 0x0001e000 File Size: 107368 File Time: 2007-04-04_185422 Version: Company: Microsoft Corporation Product: Microsoft® DirectX for Windows® FileDesc: Microsoft Common Controller API FileVer: 9.18.944.0 ProdVer: 9.18.944.0 Module 2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\steam_api64.dll Image Base: 0x5d4d0000 Image Size: 0x0003e000 File Size: 235600 File Time: 2018-03-07_045214 Version: Company: Valve Corporation Product: Steam Client API FileDesc: Steam Client API FileVer: ProdVer: Module 3 C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvmii.inf_amd64_bba38e12711c1078\nvoglv64.dll Image Base: 0x5d510000 Image Size: 0x02685000 File Size: 40140888 File Time: 2018-06-25_202558 Version: Company: NVIDIA Corporation Product: NVIDIA Compatible OpenGL ICD FileDesc: NVIDIA Compatible OpenGL ICD FileVer: ProdVer: == [end of error.log] ==
  4. Goal: a bit helping to select proper experiment for mission. This simple plugin adds additional info about science experiment to its information panel (RightMouseClick). Now You can find info about situation when experiment will work and its relations from biomes while constructing your vessel in VAB. Also it adds usage requirements and can trace multiple experiments definitions in one part. Works in VAB-SPH only. Observed partmodules can be configured using CFG. So, it can trace parts containing stock science module "ModuleScienceExperiment", additional infos will be collected from its EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION node. Example cfg with nodes for stock science parts, OLDD, StationScience and DMagic's science parts are enclosed. Seems like it can trace any handmaded sciencemodules with its own names from different mods, but only if it were inherited from stock ModuleScienceExperiment. source DOWNLOAD
  5. So I've got this pretty annoying issue when trying to launch craft from the VAB where I open the pause menu to launch the craft (after loading it from subassemblies) the cursor highlights the parts section while the pause menu is open, this then means that I cannot get out of the pause menu. The only way out from that point is to close the whole game down and reload the save to try again, eventually it works normally but it usually takes 3-4 tries of reloading the save and trying to launch. I'm on PS4- career mode, approximately year 10 The subassembly I am loading is a complete rover that has been built in the SAB, I'm trying to load it on the launch pad and drive it to a base pod on the runway to test being able to load/unload the rover. I'll get a screenshot/ video once I'm home from work but hopefully somebody has encountered this and can provide some advice. If not hopefully the DEV team will see this.
  6. For example, I set orange-grey textures for 1.8 tanks in in the VAB-list, and I want them to stay that way after reloading the game
  7. The offset tools in the VAB are... lets say, unintuitive. I cannot get any sort of fine control. Is there an updated PS4 console controls list somewhere???
  8. When in VAB, I have had mis-clicks that resulted in picking up and moving a part unintentionally, and I cannot cancel the move or undo the move, resulting in having to start over. If I have accidentally picked up a part for move that I don't want to disturb, what should I do? In the past, I believe CTRL-Z resulted in the part re-appearing in the original location, with a copy still on my mouse cursor, which I then throw away by clicking in the left-side parts panel. However, recently I noticed that CTRL-Z has no effect. I use KSP 1.2.2 on Win10, with SMURFF, MJ, ETO.
  9. When I go to the SPH or VAB to work on spacecraft, something very annoying is happening. Even though I am selecting different parts tabs, e.g. Science, Utilities, Fuel, etc., the window stays stubbornly on the Pods tab, and will not change. This means I can't build anything, unless I wanted to stack Mk1 cockpits for eternity. Save File (To download it just hit "download all" in the top right) I am running 1.3.1, with B9 Aerospace, KER, MechJeb 2, Hyperedit, Docking Port Alignment, JSI, Kerbaltek, Deployable Engines, Kerbal Reusability Expansion, and Smoke Screen installed. (yeah that's a lot I know).
  10. VAB master fuel slider A master tweaker in the VAB and (more importantly) the SPH so you can quickly defuel the entire craft evenly at once, (or using the priority?) so you can calc the dV and see the CoM move. VAB CoD indicator Center of Drag Electrical Consumption Overlay Just like the heat overlay, but it shows which parts are consuming power and how much. So you can see that you left the ISRU unit on, or that those wheels have power even though they are in the cargo bay. Fuel Status Overlay Just like the heat overlay, Highlight all the tanks from green to red based on how full they are. (you really can't see anything w/ the current gazillion sliders). (You could page through all the overlays just by hitting F11 over and over) Alternate Action Groups I need more action groups.Using shift, control or alt with the number seems intuitive, but I realize we use those keys for throttle, maybe we could use numlock or scroll lock or something. oh, and more noises: Now that RCS hisses, we need wheel motors whirring, docking clamps clamping, and bumps, scrapes, and scratching when we don't dock , and how about an "ooomph" when a Kerbal falls down. EDIT: Oh, and the cube (that marks the CoM) in the center of the asteroids needs to be replaced with the CoM marker from the VAB. (This game actually has a thing that the player understand means "Center of Mass" but for some reason you're not using it.) Thanks guys great game!
  11. When I go to select a category in RO, it works fine. But when I do it again, it stays on the category I selected before.
  12. I stupidly took a rescue contract with looking where it was. The guy is in solar orbit almost in the corona! Its going to take a 3500 m/s burn just to get my Pe to match, then a 6km/s burn to circularize, then rendezvous then a another 10km/s + to get to Kirbin and another km/s to LKO. My first attempts came out to 6 km/s and 10 km/s, I was wondering if adding SRBs to the mix might help. Any ideas?
  13. Brainlord Mesomorph

    Relative Rigidity of parts?

    Sometimes when I need to figure out which of two parts will be more structurally sound, I'll build a test rig w/ the competing parts attached to weights, and see which one bends more. In these experiments i found out that batteries are about the weakest things there are (odd b/c most of the bttys I've seen are pretty solid). Anyway, is there a better way to do this? Should I make a lengthy study of this and publish the results? Has someone already gone an pulled all this out of the game engine and put it in a spreadsheet? (i hope)
  14. I've found an interesting (and very annoying) bug that affects "tweakable" sliders on various parts in the VAB and SPH. (Imgur link explains what I'm trying to express much better) After attaching a part using either radial or vessel symmetry, I'll occasionally attempt to change a tweakable, be it the thrust limiter, authority limiter, or otherwise; and then I see its twin is unchanged. Exiting and entering a save file doesn't fix the issue but a full KSP program restart does fix it (temporarily). Imgur Link: Any help would be greatly appreciated -Aspen Space
  15. Dear all, I have been playing career in 1.2 for a while. I just went to load a ship and found there were none in the VAB list! There should be somethnig like 30ships listed there. The ships are in the saved games folder, so what has happend, and how do I get them back? Help! The Space plane hanger and subassemblies are not affected just the VAB Restarting the game has not fixed it.
  16. When I make engine clusters for the sake of a higher TWR, I usually don't use the built-in adapters. Usually, I will take a radially-attachable nosecone and put it on 3-4x symmetry, then put the engines on the bottom. I then use the displacement tool to push them together in the center to look like and engine cluster. I do this for three reasons: 1) I think the partially visible nosecone looks better than the adapters 2) the nosecones don't make it less aerodynamic (as far as I know) and 3) I can't figure out a way to attach anything below the adapters (like if it were an upper stage and I need a decoupler below, I would have to now have several stacks of fuel tanks because of the inability to put a decoupler in the middle), and the above mentioned method leaves the node on the bottom of the fuel tank stack open. I usually place a girder or two on this node until they just stick out below my engines, then put a decoupler on the end of that. This way I can have a central stack below this for a lower stage. The issue with this is that it is unshrouded and the two sections of rocket are joined by a thin girder. Does anyone have a more effective way of doing this that still looks okay, or is this the best possible solution? Thanks for any input.
  17. Hello guys, i am new to this and i am doing a project and i am using this amzing game, but i would like to launch a communication satllite that has solar panels obviously and 2 antenna reflectors and then deploy them, i dont know how to build one, if someone is kind enough to provide me with a VAB stock file or teach me how to do it and deploy it. Thanks Quote Edit
  18. Can't use the shortcuts x and shift + x to cycle symmetry count this used to work only until recently when I deinstalled the trajectories mod because it gave me terribele framerates FAR and the trajectories mod didn't seem to like each other I tried to install it again but it still doesn't work I also tried to use different versions of KSP, deinstalled all my mods and much more but nothing worked I play in 1.3 and use CKAN
  19. Hey guys, totally new here so I hope I'm doing this right, but... In the VAB, I find many times I need to change the focus of the COG indicator in order to place certain parts like a reaction wheel, or mono propellant boosters on different parts of my ship. I was wondering if you guys could develop a way to change the focus from just the main part of the ship to other parts of the ship. For example, I have a payload of a lander that is attached to my main ship until it is decoupled, and then reattached to the main ship via docking. I would like to be able to focus on the lander in the VAB without having to change the entire setup in order to find my COG on my lander. Thanks.
  20. I have plenty of mods installed on 1.1.3, and no idea which one is causing this. Please help. Crash logs for both crashes (I did try to enter the VAB a second time after the first crash) Modlist according to CKAN: Please help.
  21. Hi devs! Thanks once again for the wondrous never-ending time-sink that is KSP. =;o} I build a lot of VERY asparagated ships. My current one has 26 stages, and the bottom stage has all 25 pairs of engines, plus the one in the central core, *PLUS* the additional radial-mounted engines on many of those stages, all firing at launch (This is because I'm trying to achieve orbit from a launch at the KSC with the gravity hacked to 10G... Good game, good game. =:o} ) This means that stage 26 shows up in the staging UI as a stack of 30 or 40 engine icons, each of which represents a single pair of engines. If I want to scroll up and check whether any pairs of engines have been accidentally added to the wrong stage, I first have to scroll through all of those icons, which - with so many parts of the ship making the game very laggy (especially after an hour of playing), is a *slow process*! (I'm on a modest 4GB machine, not able to upgrade any time soon.) I'd like to be able to right click on the orange icon with the stage number, and click "collapse stage", so that stages I don't need to see in detail get shrunk to a reduced, sub-grouped description with a single icon for each *type* of part present, and a number alongside showing how many are there. I.e., instead of: [ENGINE ICON] [ENGINE ICON] [ENGINE ICON] [ENGINE ICON] [LAUNCH STABILISER ICON] [LAUNCH STABILISER ICON] [ENGINE ICON] [LAUNCH STABILISER ICON] [ENGINE ICON] just show me: [ENGINE ICON] " x 6" [LAUNCH STABILISER ICON] " x 3" This should make checking the staging of large, complex ships much quicker and easier. It would also make moving parts from (say) stage 5 down to stage 26 much easier, since the intervening stages won't take up quite so much screen space (though obviously any stage with just a pair of speratrors/decouplers in is going to take up just as much space as before, the ones with several pairs of sepatrons in will shrink a bit.) At present, I have to scroll the source stage right to the top of my screen; grab the engine to be moved; drag it to whichever stage is at the bottom of the screen (there seems to be no auto-scrolling... or if there is, it fails!); then scroll *that* stage up to the top; locate the icon for the engine I'm trying to move; then drag it down... and repeat as many times as necessary! =:o\ Of course, we would also need to be able to re-expand selected stages (same method: Right-click and select "expand") once the time comes to drill down into what a particular stage has in it. An alternative (and possibly simpler to implement) option would be to collapse the selected stage to just the orange stage-icon, nothing else (i.e. forget about me "reduced description" idea. Then all stages (however simple) could be reduced in screen height, which would again help a lot with moving parts up and down a long staging list... Although I'd then have to expand particular stages one by one to hunt for the stray engines, so on balance I prefer my first version of the idea. Thanks for your attention.
  22. Hello everyone, I'm having some issues while playing ksp, when my ship (stock or costum) is in orbit arroud any planet or the sun my screen gets black. I can still control the vessel and the navball and other instruments are still functional, however I can't see my ship nor the planets, sun, etc. I've recently noticed that when I engage the vessel engine or RCS thruster, the gameplay gets normal again. Does anyone has faced this problem before? I took some pictures of the problem, maybe it will help. orbit 2.jpg?dl=0 orbit.jpg?dl=0
  23. build id = 01804 2017.05.25 OS: Windows 10 64 bit at 17:52:25 CEST Is Using It From Steam Branch: master language = en-us I am helping my friend. He has done a clean install twice and it still is posing him with the same problem that I have never seen. When he creates a shuttle it will not let him Save it. Also on top of that, it will not let him load ones from when he was able to save, **VAB only SPH is working fine** Out_Put Log.txt He has found this like of code, I am unsure if it will help, Any thoughts? **UPDATE** 7/14/17 Ferry_Orpiter_mk2.craft (He has removed all .Craft files and re-added them, one by one till it broke again. he has discovered this file seems to break his ability to Save and Load Ships while in the VAB. Anyone know as to what could cause that?)
  24. Greetings, I had a mod a few months ago that showed the mod originator when you hover the cursor over the part menu in the VAB/SPH. For instance, you could hover over a stock part and the word "Squad" would appear, or over a KW part it would say "KW Rocketry". I had to reinstall at some point and now I can't remember what the name of the mod was. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! Jamie
  25. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I wonder if someone could please help me with a graphic/visual bug I have when inside the VAB or SPH hangers? Ive searched the internet high and low but cant find a solution as it seems to be very uncommon. The problem/bug is that the terrain (the ground) on the "outside scenery" of the hangers is missing and I see only sky (with the exception of the runway and launchpad floating out in emptiness). I can send a screenshot if you want but not sure how. I recently upgraded to KSP v1.3 on steam and after much hard work finally managed to get all the mods I find necessary to work. Here is a list of everything in my GameData folder; - BoulderCo - Chatterer - CommunityCategoryKit - CommunityResourcePack - DistantObject - EasyVesselSwitch - EvironmentalVisualEnhancements - KAS - KerbalEngineer - KIS - Kopernicus - LightsOut (Installed this only to see if it would replace the missing terrain texture - but it didn't, so probably not a culprit) - MagicSmokeIndustries (infernal robotics) - ModularFlightIntegrator - PlanetaryBaseInc - Scatterer - Squad - StockVisualEnhancements -TextureReplacer (for diverse kerbal heads only) - TriggerTech (alarm clock) - TweakScale - ModuleManager 2.8.1.dll + a few modulemanger config files I also use CKAN to install mods (except for scatterer). I'm running KSP on a Win10 Asus laptop with core i5 processor and GeForce GTX 950m graphics card (Ive made a custom graphics settings profile for KSP in Nvidia control panel after trouble with antialiasing, vsync and vertical screen tearing). Not sure but the issue seemed to occur after I installed scatterer (the most recently installed mod - aside from LightsOut), which is apparently not available for v1.3 on the official mod websites (at least the version they have didnt work for me) but I manage to find a version that stated it was 1.3 compatible and it seems to work fine so far. The rest of the mods were installed with CKAN which states that they are 1.3 compatible. It also "might" have happened after I installed textureReplacer to get Diverse Kerbal Heads but, from what Ive seen, there is nothing in textureReplacer that effects terrain textures (at least Ive installed nothing). There is EnvMap folder but its empty. I also recenty moved my KSP game folder from where Steam installed it (D:/ProgramFiles (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common) to D:/KSP after I was having trouble with win10 file permissions when trying to delete mods (acces denied). I had to use safemode to move the game folder. This (and textureReplacer) was before I installed scatterer and noticed the bug. Aside from this small but annoying VAB/SPH graphics bug, everything seems to be working 100%, but I would really, really like to get rid of it as it kinda gets on my nerves. If someone could please help me I would be very grateful.