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Found 3 results

  1. I know it MAY sound weird, but they are a perfect match. They are the only two badass kerbals, they are both pilots, and are both courageous. it just makes sense to me...
  2. As we all know Valentina is a bad*ss kerbal who often competes with Jebediah on who is going to fly different spacecraft. Lately tough Val has been getting pretty tired, So, to fix this problem she decided to take a huge vacation to all of the important landmarks. She had Allen Kerman tag along to take some pictures. Here they are: Val Napping at The Launchpad Val Napping on top of the VAB Val Napping at the Kerbal Face on Duna Val Napping near Val-Henge Val wants to see other kerbals other places too, so she wanted me to post these. So, to please her if you've got any pictures post them!
  3. Valentina Kerman was bored whilst Jeb, Bill and Bob were away exploring Tylo and the rest of the Jool system. After enlisting the help of Gus Kerman, she secretly constructed an aircraft behind Mort and Gene's back, which she named Speedy. If the boys were having fun, so should she! Well, here's my next video. First one since It's So Classic. I think I owe you guys one by now. It was actually supposed to be "Don't Stop Me Now" with lots of missions in it but I had so much film from this one plane flight that I put this together. I really hope you guys enjoy it and if you did, stay tuned for more! I'll post a craft file for the plane if you guys want it. It's actually really fun to fly! Thanks guys, and I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading this far too.