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Found 2 results

  1. Here at Victory Aerospace, the guy in charge of the money thought it would be a smart idea to waste it at the slot machine. Because of him we hardly have any money to build a space craft. We can't come up with a design for a cheap enough rocket so we asked other space programs to help us out. CHALLENGE: Launch a rocket that cost less than 7000 funds to a specific location RULES: All engines are allowed No cheats (infinite fuel or low/no gravity) Must use stock parts Making history and breaking grounds parts are allowed. RANKS: Basic contract: Fly a satellite into a low Kerbin orbit Appreciated contract: Fly a Kerbal in to a low Kerbin orbit and return him alive Basic Lunar contract: Fly a Kerbal into space, get an encounter with the Mun, and return him/her safely Advanced Luner contract: Land a Kerbal on Minmus and return him safely Victory appreciation contract: Impress me Good luck and have fun with the challenge!
  2. SpaceY's (Not SpaceX) Falcon 9 booster broke. Since they need it to get space crafts into orbit, they came to us. But Elon Kerman is a very impatient Kerbal and wants the spacecraft up there ASAP. Since our designers won't get off of "Human space program", we asked the internet to design and test a fast enough rocket. There isn't a specific time you have to compete the challenge by. Just try and do it as fast as possible. CONTRACTS: Basic Contract: Get something to space as soon as ASAP Basic Orbital Contractl: Get something into a low Kerbin orbit ASAP Advanced Orbit Contract: Get something into a Kerbin orbit above 400km above sea level ASAP Munar Contract: Get an orbit around the Mun ASAP Advanced Muner Contract: Land a Kerbal on the Mun and return him to Kerbin safely ASAP Minty Contract: Get an orbit around Minmus ASAP Advanced Minty Contract: Land a Kerbal on Minmus and return him safely ASAP Interplanetary Contract: Escape Velocity ASAP Dusty Contract: Get an orbit around Duna ASAP Advanced Dusty Contract: Land something on Duna safely ASAP Victory Appreciation Contract: Impress the Victory Aerospace Program by doing something outstanding in the fastest way possible (Basically Just Impress me) The only rule is no cheats. Good luck! -Victory Kerman