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Found 2 results

  1. This is just my new account, so I don't need any "welcome to the forums" comments So a few days ago, I was hanging out, thinking about how to solve the problem of larger SRBs. Then an Idea came to me: instead of large 2.5 meter ones, what about 1.875 (in the middle) SRBs? I then thought of a great look and idea to go for: What about the titan 3-E rocket SRBs: The titan 3-E had a central LR-87 engine (We have it as the Bobcat in making history). The two side SRBs are what would be added. It had a LR-91 second stage (cheetah). It also had a third stage (concealed by the fairing) with two RL-10s. The point I'm trying to make here is that It would go along well with current themed parts, along with other purposes. Now what did the titan 3E do that is memorable? Isn't this just a boring rocket that did boring things? No. This rocket launched two amazing firsts: Voyager 1&2 with too many records to count (Including one on the spacecraft!) and Viking 1&2, the first probes to land on mars! This is a pretty historic rocket, so It solves many problems at once. With these side boosters, you could recreate the first landings on mars and Voyager far better, and use it on everything from better looking space shuttles or just as "larger SRBs" -Kerano Kerman
  2. Viking Ship The Viking Ship started when Klond and I began to collaborate on a bridge project I was working on. During this time he showed me a project he was working on, it was a rowing motor (Row Machine) and it was looking like the Oars rowing on a Viking Ship so I threw the idea at him and we decided to follow through with it. The Motor is remarkable I thought and it looked like a lot of work so instead of Klond separating the Oars for a Large Hull design I had built I decided to build the Hull around the Motor. I apologize for the short Video but there really weren't much ideas I could think of, due to the Kerbals not having any Swords and Shields . This is our first Joint Project and on behalf of Klond also we hope you like the outcome of our Viking Ship. Also if you could please give Klond his Rep on his comment to this post, thank you! Operations: Takeoff at full throttle, full warp will get you to the coastline quickly. You can leave the engines at full when braking so when you enter the water the craft can already have full thrust to leave the beach quickly. Enter the water at or under 20 m/s so the Rowing System will not be damaged. Kill Engines, Load Kerbals, Release Modules, Select Ship, Full Throttle to get away from the Modules, Release Engines, Select Ship again, when doing this look at your resources and watch for your Electrical Only 5.00 this will be the Rowing System, Press and hold your E key and you are on your way at neck breaking speeds of 0.5+m/s on a windy day! Craft File: Viking Ship Parts: 656 Mass: 34.005t Height: 11.0m Width: 13.3m Length: 15.7m Action Groups 1- Juno Engines 2- Lights 3- Ladders 4- Flag