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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, and welcome to my thread. The purpose of this thread is to chronicle my development of the best damned Vipers in KSP. I've seen a lot of VIper attempts over the years since KSP released...and while decent attempts, none of them ever looked quite right, So i set out to build the best, most screen-accurate ones i can muster. Be warned: I'll likely not ever be providing craft files, i'm doing this for fun, not proliferation. I am using quite a few mods, to get the desired results. I work on my own schedule. Now, with that out of the way... Here we have the first stable, mostly screen-accurate of my Mk II builds. the v.1 is an atmospheric-only flight demonstrator. It has dummy guns, the wings are a mashup(this will likely never change), and uses air-jets from a mod, for it's RCS system. I have a v.2 on the backburner, which i'll be outfitting with actual RCS thrusters, and engines that will work in space. When it's done, and can fly, i'll be sure to post it here. I put the v.2 on the backburner, because last week Richard Hatch (Apollo, from the original BSG) died. As something of a tribute, i'm building an original series Colonial Viper. I'll post that here as well. It's proving to be more of a pain than i had anticipated, but it's coming along nicely.. Now...for the pictures.
  2. This is a fully stock replica of the Viper Jet MkII, which was originally designed as a prop aircraft but was converted to a jet aircraft to save structure costs and difficulties. The Viper Jet is a homebuilt civilian jet aircraft. Built to within 2% of the exact dimensions of the real Viper, and includes an open cockpit for your eager pilots. Enjoy! It flies like a dream; the plane pulls a quite realistic ~5 G's, and has a highly maneuverable roll rate. Download