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Found 3 results

  1. Adding Pooling Vote

    Can't find any documentation on how to add a pooling vote to an existing dev thread. Anyone can copy paste me the code do to one for me ?
  2. Disclaimer - I searched links to common suggestions, and title searched the forum back 1 year and couldn't find anything to say that this one had been beaten to death previously. It probably has to be honest as I'm quite surprised nothing came up in a search. Note - This is not a thread to discuss fairings themselves, but specifically the fairing part, or what forms the "base plate" part. Please feel free to discuss, but try and steer away from "boo spaghetti" or "down with orange banding" if possible . Without further ado: FAIRING PARTS SUMMARY The small and medium fairing parts are too thick. I can deal with the thickness of the 3.75m plate as it at least looks like its in proportion, and I can forgive the 2.5m in certain applications such as inter-stages, but the 1.25m plate just feels too ungainly. Aesthetically I'm disappointed when I have to use it, particularly on fairing enclosed probes (see right hand fairing in picture). PROPOSAL I'd like to see the fairing parts themselves overhauled to a much more athletic profile. SM
  3. I'm having trouble deciding what to do next, so I'll let the many people who downloaded the mod(and maybe a few others decide)! BD Addon Mod Link If you have any other suggestions, post them below and I will judge on how many likes each one has.