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Found 41 results

  1. The Great Kerbin War [Waiting for my visual mods to update to 1.9.1 because I made all my craft there.] By Arco123, and all the other people. Why I Made This: So, you found this little topic and are wondering "What is this?" Well, I have some answers. This is my own little series or cinematic for a Kerbal war. This took some ideas or things from Hatbat's own series and I'm kinda tired of waiting so I made my own. (I still love it. It's just he hasn't uploaded in a very long time and I love KSP.) Plans: This is gonna be a kinda big thing. The first movie is gonna be around 1 hour long. That is going to cover most of the prologue and how the war is going to start. The second movie is going to be the war. Hopefully another hour long. This is all generated by the players/factions in the game. I only set up the prologue, rules and some of the things in place for you guys. The last movie is going to be a summary/end of the last movie. Hour long and stuff. Currently, I'm working on some parts of the rules and forms, fixing up the docs to make it as a control/form/map room doc, Making a backup, Cleaning up info (Timeline and factions) plus making their own sections, building basic craft for people to buy/use, making logos and balancing/setting things up. How Much Are You Done With Plans?: This is how much I'm done with things. If it's not there then I've completed it. This is in percentage... Map/Base/SolarSystem Info/Who owns what. 50% Done. (Just have to add it.) Mod Info/What I use/MODS! 0% Done. Faction info 33% Done. Rules: The Great Kerbin War [Definitely more complex than Hatbat’s. No, you don’t have to follow them hardcore. These are just to cut down on the time to make videos and really just follow the forums rules… If you are just viewing or not putting ships in here then only follow 1, 2 and the forums rules. If you have any questions at all please ask!] 1. Follow the forums rules for this kind of stuff. This means no role-play or politics otherwise you may or will face punishments from the great and almighty mods. (I may add a small section for this kind of stuff. So, you can add to the story in some way as a character. We need something else than my small brain working on all of the characters. I’ll dilute things and I need some variation. MUST BE OKAY WITH THE MODS!!!) 2. Post! Please post on things I can improve on! If you want the best thing possible add as much as you can! I really have no clue how to build good anything and I would love land, air, space, ocean craft! Post your tips for cinematics, name of a Kerbal you really like, heck you can post a single Craft and give it to a faction! You don’t have to be a faction to add a Craft. Just follow the Craft rules and you may see it in there! I don’t want this to be a 2-d world! I want to spend actual time on the prologue as it sets the tone and what the consumer will expect it to be. Even the smallest faction can be here. A metal faction that mines mostly metal will be important as @HatBat seems to gloss over this. (He does state it wants to keep the focus on the main part instead of all of it.) All of this is important to make a world. Metal can be made into parts and spaceships. It isn’t just fuel or weapons. We need the resources to make those. We need to think of it as Earth. There are many factions. We need to add everything possible to achieve that real feeling. We need information on the tiniest of things to make this possible. Heck, I might just write a book. I know all of you are extremely dedicated to this game. If you could spend even a day or two commenting and giving ideas/criticism to this we could make this something incredible. 3. If adding a faction please only one post for that faction. I may allow bumps if it has some major changes in it. This does not include any small suggestions posts. You can change this by adding “I’ve read the rules and accept the terms.” [Only the words needed. Only needed to catch attention.] at the end of your post. Otherwise, this does not apply to you. Panzer1b you’re fine. Don’t worry bout it. 4. [IMPORTANT] If you want to add an official faction. Fill this form. (Below this.) This is needed to make your faction into this. All the info needed is below this. Please follow the order and everything in it. This will make you very easy to work with. Don’t push super unviable things in here. Oldest faction on Kerbin/We come from another solar system stuff will be ignored unless I find something that I like about it. If you think you have a faction name I want to fill out post it. I’ll fill the faction myself and if you’re adding Craft you don’t have to be a faction. You just have to follow adding craft rules and who’s gonna own it. You can also make multiple factions if you want. To tie in with stuff or to meet something. Read below this as well: (The form is below the info section) 4A. Craft: The craft can be designed on how the creator wants it to be. As long as to follows the Craft Rules/Adding them Rules. If any Craft are going to be added add a picture of the top, sides, front, back, bottom and an angled view of it. Craft need to have a title, a category, Info and overall what it is in this format: [All of them can be in the image] If you put the text in the image try to follow the order and put the info below the images instead of in them. The angled view image will appear first along with the others in spoiler boxes in order to cut the page spam. All of the images must be well lit and any combat images may be the main image(s). They must be 1.8 compatible and be able to be used as intended. Don’t make use of bugs to superpower your craft but bugs are allowed to be used in capital ships. Those kinds of ships must be allowed by me as they represent something in the series. Also, put the mod list in the Specs but keep it kind of low. BD Armory, Stock, Procedural wings, and all that stuff are fine. Keep the mod part list under 5 mods or keep it to well-known mods that work on CKAN. Keep part count’s low. The same Craft of the same complexity will be used. So, use Tweakscale to the best of your ability but keep the cinematicness the same. This doesn’t mean that you have to remove parts if you already built something. I allow leeway in part count but just keep in mind that craft of the same size will be in it. Just build whatever you want but keep that in mind. I love to see good builds and I don’t want to restrict you but keep in mind that other craft are gonna be there. So summary. You can go way above the limit but just note that other craft like yours will be in here. So only 50-100 above. Thanks! Title: Can be above below or in the image. Bigger than the rest of the text. Category: This is kind of important. Look at what counts as what? For more information on this topic. It’s official what it needs to be first and then like what you think it is. Gun carrier, Heavy tank, and refueler. That kind of stuff. If these do not apply to you since your Craft has no weapons put what you think is in the title. Like: SFighter, Gunship. The second one doesn’t have to be in there if your Craft can combat but if your Craft is non-combat please put something in there. Combat: SFighter, Gunship < Doesn’t need to be in there but I like it. Non-combat: Fuel Truck < Has to be in there now. What counts as what? Below this will tell you what your Craft is classified as. If on another planet (Other than Kerbin) add S to the front. (Not to the space category. So like: SLLightTank.) Planes that can SSTO can put a S to the front or whatever environment it can cross into. Space, Air, Land and Ocean. Space: 0-300 SFighter: Info: Light, small weaponry. Not much. But able to be used for cool events and battles. Usually fodder. Specs: 0-100 parts, Must be okay in firepower and not use bugs. It should be high in TWR by itself and have a small launcher. Delta-v must be not less than 500 and maneuver pretty well. Can ram as well. Cost: Small, almost nothing. Medium-sized companies can afford 100 of these. 0-500 SCruiser: Info: Not very light but not heavy. It should be able to carry fighters and be well-armed. Should be the flagship in most skirmishes and look cool when firing. Should mean something but not as much as capital ships. Specs: 200-300 parts. Delta-v must be above 1000 with all weapons attached. Able to use Kraken drive to move but not as weapons. A launcher to go with it and many weapons. Cost: Good chunk. Medium-sized companies should be able to afford 10 of these. 0-1000 SCapitalShip: Info: The heaviest ships. They are important in the series being larger than anything else and being able to carry fighters and cruisers and other things. They are the flagship in any battle. They’ll look the coolest and strongest in a battle. Specs: They are able to use any bugs and delta-v can be anything. They should be able to carry a lot of things in the hull and be very powerful. Only Main factions can afford them or when 3 sub-factions like Astech, Bcorp, and AKS team together to buy one. Also, people who make them in the main part must contact me. These ships are important to the story… 0-600 SOther Info: Other military things like transports or refuelers. Specs: Depends. Air: 0-300 AFighter: Info: The lightest of the aircraft. Very fast and can maneuver very well. It should be able to carry some air to air, air to ground weapons and a small amount of 50 cals on the nose. AI-driven... Specs: 0-100 parts, Fast and can maneuver while keeping speed. Very good at turning. 0-300 AAttacker: Info: A heavier version of the AFighter. Upgraded, more armored and carry bombs and missiles. A combination of the ABomber and AFighter... Specs: 100-150 parts, Fastish, armored and sturdy, lots of guns and weaponry. Not very good at turning but it has a lot of firepower. Also, More like your average fighter. 0-300 ABomber: Info: The heaviest of the heaviest. It should be able to carry any weapons. They can be big or small but they have the same idea. Bomb or destroy the enemy all in one package. They should be able to defend themselves. Specs: 50-200 parts, slow or fast, can move or not, giant weapons and lots of guns and weaponry. 0-400 AOther: Info: Large or small. Refueler or cargo carrier. Note: Gunships do count as something other. Doesn't include craft connected to it in par count... Specs: Depends... Land: 0-300 LLightTank: Info: Light, fast, and over all light and mobile. It carries light weaponry (up to 30m) and is cannon fodder to protect the heavier MBTs. It can be either Anti-Air or Anti-Tank and carry troops or small rovers. Specs: 0-200 parts, fast boi, light guns and missiles. Note: Go crazy with this one guys. I want it cool looking. That means hinges, missiles. You name it. But don't go into cannon territory. 0-300 LMBT: Info: The general rover of the battle. It’ll do general things like shoot and shoot even more. They all are almost the same. Specs: 0-200 parts, slow to fast, big guns and it should be general. It can be outfitted/changed in the building menu to fit purposes. 0-500 LOther: Info: Other, anything dedicated to the job like a refueler or supply truck. An antimissile battery. A base or any of that stuff. Specs: 0-500 depending on what it is. Ocean: 0-200 ODestroyer: Info: Small but deadly. Could be silent and be specialized in AA or Torpedo. (Yes subs are allowed.) Specs: 0-200 Parts, Not many guns but able to dish out damage well. Plus very fast. 0-500 OBattleShip: Info: Big bad and good at killing and destroying stuff. Could be used as a floating base. Specs: 0-500 Parts. Lots of guns and other things like that. Maybe a floating base. 0-500 OOther: Info: Something other than a military vessel/Craft. Specs: 0-500 Parts, It can really be anything ocean related. Specs: Weapons, Delta-v if applicable, Max speed if applicable, Part count and just everything you think I need to know. Don't put nothing in there lol. Download link: If you are putting it on KerbalX do this: Put the faction it is in or main faction then add the title after it with the info below it. Also add it in the topic here as info and images would be here and there... For other things: A download link is needed. Try to be organized. Put the folders like this. [If you don’t have any craft in that folder don’t add that folder.] Also: We need a little bit of information, what faction it’s going to be in or # if you are just uploading a craft. Space > SFighter, SCruiser, SCapitalShip and SOther. > (In each of these folders.) SPH and VAB. [Tells me where to launch it otherwise things get messy…] Air > AFighter, AAttacker, ABomber and AOther. > SPH and VAB. Land > LLightTank, LMBT and LOther. > SPH and VAB. Sea > ODestoryer, OBattleship, OOther, SPH and VAB. If you want to add multiple # to tie in with your faction do so following the same steps. You can also ally with other # if you want but please contact the owner or something. After this is the way you should put it in-game: In the game itself, the title should be in the top box with your faction name in front. After that in the smaller text box below the title, you should have. Craft: Faction: Category: Partcount: Specs: Controls/Actionkeys: History: Form: Title with Acronym: A branch of the faction or something like Orion. Logo or flag: This could be after or before or underneath the title. If you do not have one put some text on what you want or your idea and I'll work on one for you. Info: Summary and a little history. Motto: You know the deal. The purpose of the company and goals. Creator: The Kerbal that made it or the faction the branched it. Beliefs: Goals and what they believe in. Deals: Later, once we get more people/factions we can hold deals. I will do deals with other or main factions tho. Funds: Get to me first and I'll show you what you have. We are working a point system so you can spend those points on what you want. Then I'll take control and do the cinematic stuff. (All of this is later and I'll have to price your Craft and mine for you. If for example you are buying a Craft on the other side you must pay 1.5x rounded up of the price of the Craft.) Craft: Craft you currently have. This is after we get done with funds. After that there should be some text like this: Space: Air: Land: Ocean: Alliances: Not deals but instead allys. They can trade stuff without expecting stuff back and are there to support each other. Main focuses: What you are going to do or goals. Lesser focuses: What it sounds like. Craft: The Craft you've made. Make sure it follows the minimum of the Craft guidelines. These are the Craft you're going to put in the series. Just do all of your craft though. That's it... Factions: Spoiler box for people who do not want to get flooded... [END]
  2. So, yeah. I want the know how to build a missile that includes target functionality. Like you double click on something and it pulls up a target sas mode. I need an atmospheric and space faring version. Can both take down a building. (Any.) I'm quite new only 130-ish hours on KSP and I want this for my Kethane Wars video. Don't care how big. Make some physic-bug ones if you want and make sure it can fit in a 1.25 meter hull or mk2 payload. (Full size.)
  3. Basically, you attach a lot of boosters on decouplers to the side of the main rocket. When you are high enough, decouple everything and send missiles flying in every direction. Very stupid, especially in career as it is a money dump and danger to your buildings. ( somehow though none of my buildings have been destroyed by this ) But maybe someone could make it useful...
  4. So i have an issue For some reason when i load up this group of mods the craft dont load unless their right next to each other It's really weird and it's pretty annoying. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/PeaSqpW"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> Hope this helps. Thanks in advanced
  5. This is my collection of tanks and other armored ground vehicles. Challenger 2 Jagdpanzer IV M16 MGMC Halftrack AA M16 MGMC Halftrack AA - STOCK Challenger 2 Jagdpanzer IV M16 MGMC Halftrack AA M16 MGMC Halftrack AA - STOCK
  6. Kerbin Kollapse is our attempt at starting a stock multiplayer war in KSP. We're using a discord server to organize the war and keep track of everything. The link for the discord is down below for those who don't need more info and want to jump right in. Kerbin Kollapse isn't entirely stock. It has to take in use a few mods to make it work. The most important of these are LunaMultiplayer and vesselmover. There's no part mods or anything that makes the weaponry and such easier to make. All the vehicles need to be made fully functional in stock version of KSP. It might be hard, but the challenge is the entire point of it. You can choose from a small number of nations. Each one has borders that can only be expanded by taking land from others. You will need to play tactically. This is not like those small dogfights and such we have right outside the ksc. It will happen all around Kerbin. (Note that this war will not have space combat. Inside atmosphere only.) You can ally with other nations and form alliances if you want, but you have to talk with the rest of the players in your nation/team before allying someone. Your can also do trading with other nations. And example would be exchanging a tank design for ore (ore is the resource required to spawn in crafts). We are not very strict here and will help you with anything you need. Can't make a good autoloader, gun, or warhead? Need better tracks, engine or turret mechanisms? Ask for ideas. Don't be scared off. The game is complicated, but you'll understandt it quickly. We'll explain any questions you might have. Minor details can be found in the discord server. Kerbin Kollapse is still w.i.p. By the time of this post we still have no LMP server up running, but we're working on it. Kerbin Kollapse is not flawless. There's still some stuff to be done. Discord link: - TheNordicToast - General Incompetence
  7. Can someone help me spawn military vehicles controlled by AI in random locations so as to create a military campaign? The idea is to place military units like mission markers n u need to engage them there.
  8. Can someone help me with the 5Dim military contract revival? The owner seems offline from ages.
  9. So, I was messing around for the Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships) Challenge (its awesome, check it out) and I built a space battleship but couldn't find a place to put it. So this happened! Rules: Stock Battles: Start battles at about 5km distance in Kerbin orbit, combat is turn based with each ship in a fleet getting a turn in a Team A1-B1-A2-B2-A3-B3 fashion. NO INFINITE FUEL/ELECTRICITY!!! BDA battles: to be added, though it seems that high Gilly orbit should work
  10. My ships! coming soon Cleared all of the craft out. due to KSp updates, Will start adding some back soon
  11. I’m interested in doing a KSP turn based war using BD armoury, similar to “fall of kerbin” and “kollaborative warfare”. The game will require 2 or more players/teams, building there own vessels and setting up defenses and attacking each other’s bases by taking it in turns to pass around the save file. Should be really good fun! I’ve tried doing a similar thing by myself but that’s getting boring now! Will need to come up with rules. Reply if interested
  12. Guest

    The Great Kerbal Konflict!

    This is my first attempt to make a video story for KSP... The Great Kerbal Konflict. The two sides are KUC(Kerbal Union of Countries)(the good guy), and the IKS(Independent Kerbal States)(the evil guys). The IKS's goal: claim all of Kerbin for itself. If you have any planes you would want to be put in the battles, PM me. There should be an intro video monday. Here is a map: Intro: Episode 1: Episode 2 Contributers: @NotAnAimbot @MiffedStarfish @lancefoxcia @Joseph Kerman
  13. Em mods so don’t know if this is in the right section so just move it to whare it should be thanks! MAP: the orange and purple have parts hidden for some reason-not finished still being changed (The red and yellow are already taken, gray orange pink and Wight are non players with very few defences) So me and some other peaple are planing a war series with BDA and some other mods and we need two other players to join and take control of one country. The war won’t start until after Christmas or sometime around that but it will have lots of mods and probably will be very pc intensive. MOD LIST game version 1.2.2 or 1.3 still working on it You need to think of a name and flag for your country and a bit of backstory coment if interested
  14. So basically I want to do a war series on Kshatriyas but th person I was doing it with cancled so DM me if you want to do it lots of mods Make youtube vids about it (I don’t care about subs or views or anything like that) you will probably need a cold comp. Thanks please DM me if you want to do it
  15. Hi all, Today was my last in the Clearwater area before moving to Melbourne, FL, tomorrow. And to take advantage of this I decided to drive to Tampa : The reason? There is a museum here I wanted to visit since a long time... the S.S American Victory! Docked on the Ybor channel, the ship is a general cargo from the Victory class, heir of the much more famous Liberty ships. Built in California in 1945 the ship is the 792nd of its class which counted 875 units. The work started in March and she was launch in May, entering into service on the 20th June 1945. Arriving nearly at the end of the War she was however immediately deployed in the Philippines. Following the end of the conflict she was re-assigned to civil merchant shipping until 1950 when the Korean War started. She then served for three years before being devoted once again to the civil. She finally was deactivated in 1969 and place into reserve. Nearly thirty passed before an association saved her from disassembling at the last moment. They renovate her for more than two millions, transfer her to Tampa and she still is operational to this date, realizing about two trips every years with members of the association. Now, let's go aboard! A traditional and cracking foot bridge to welcome you. Some short stories and different ships models or ammunition are exposed in the welcoming area. Here a destroyer from the Clemson class. The entrance is costing $10. Which is not so much for such a historic piece. O.K let's start! The inboard temperature just is normal for such an old ship, which means terrible. Some fans are present to help the peoples but do not expect any A.C units in most of the ship. Mmmmh and this delicious smell of oil everywhere! You really feel like you still are aboard a living and operational ship! A good example of how "hybrid" the ship was at the date she was placed out of service. A mix of old and outdated stuff with more much modern ones. One deck lower is situated one of the loading area, inaccessible, alas. Let's go up to discover an impressive stock of life jacket, all of them being mark of 80... not so great to stay alive for hours. A bit of light in the darkness. And more important... some fresh air! A view of the ship's bridge. We will go inside later. For now let's walk to the bow. Where we can discover a 76 mm/3 inch dual purpose canon. My local time being 24:25 it's time for me to take a break but I will share the end of the visit tomorrow.
  16. So I've been wanting to do a ksp war for a while now and I was wondering if engine wanted to do it with me. It would be a turn based thing so we would pas,around a save file. it will have quite a lot of mods in it so your computer may struggle. ive already started making a map for it so please pm me if your intrasted Thanks
  17. The third book in my series. The nations of the planet of Eve have decided that the planet of Kerbin is too violent, and must be destroyed. In a brave quest to defend their planet, the Kerbals must fight for survival, and for the lives that they know and love. With a star-studded cast, prepare yourself for... Written by: DarkOwl57 Chapter 1: Contact Chapter 2: The Entrance of the Evians Chapter 3: First Blood Chapter 4: The World Kongress Chapter 5: Haydi's Return Chapter 6: To Space! Chapter 7: The 'Battle' Chapter 8: On the Surface Chapter 9: Going Home Chapter 10: Trouble Chapter 11: Wernher von Santa Klaus Chapter 12/13: Peace?/The Defensive Chapter 14: The Battle Chapter 15: Predator and Prey Chapter 16 & 17: Saga of the Orbital Weapons Chapter 18: Clash of the Titans Chapter 19: Phased Out Chapter 20: To Space!!! (Again) Chapter 21: The Last Battle Finale: Traitors and the End, A Fond Farewell, Jeb's Goodbye, and a Note From the Author More to come soon! (Maybe)
  18. This is the most recent video, launching two military ships and a a rescue mission, and some other stuff! I would love to hear your constructive criticisms, stuff you like and stuff you would add! I am also accepting crafts for the series, with these rules -No mods -500 parts or less -state if you would like it to be used on the Communist side or the /K/ommando Co side (or if you dont care what side, let me know) -Media fire/drop box downloads GREATLY appreciated! I will include your forum username, and I am excited to see what you have made! Let me know what you guys think
  19. WELCOME!!! So this is the.... uh..... I think... 4t- no 5th story that I've written for the forum so far. In this story, the Peoples Republic of the National States (PRNS) have declared their independence from the National States of Kerbin. Now, Gene has been enlisted to the Air Force, and has to fight for his country, and attempt to end this rebellion. This is... Written by: DarkOwl57 Contents Intro: Gene's Story Part 1 Chapter 1: The End of the World Chapter 2: A Legends Beginning Chapter 3: First Flight Chapter 4: First Fight Chapter 5: Breakthrough Chapter 6: The Battle Chapter 7: Promotion Chapter 8: Wernher's (2nd) Invention Chapter 9 (Finale of Part 1): The Unknown Part 2 Intermission and Chapter 10: Cheating Death Chapter 11: Stop that Thief! Chapter 12: The 100th Eclipse Chapter 13: To the Sea (Some issues with the forums means the font's messed up; Hopefully this'll get fixed soon) Chapter 14: Battle of the East Isles (This is getting really annoying ) Chapter 15: The Split (Ah fughetaboutit; I've just learned to accept it at this point) Chapter 16: On the Defense Chapter 17: The Mission Chapter 18 (Part 2 Finale): Shot Down Part 3 Chapter 19: The Remains of Blackheart Chapter 20: The Mistake Chapter 21 and 22 (I messed up): The Rocket/Heating Up Chapter 23, Epilogue, and Epilogue II: The End More to come! For everyone who reads, likes, and encourages me in my typing, Thank you. -Your author
  20. Before this starts, I would like to thank more than a few people. @Draconiator For giving me inspiration for my story. (Link to his story: @BahamutoD For supplying BDArmoury. @TheEpicSquared, @swjr-swis, @NotAnAimbot, @Avera9eJoe, and all the others who posted on my 'Fighter Jet Speed Test' Challenge. (Thanks guys!) And now, without further ado....... Introduction This story takes place 10 years after the Great War was fought. Jeb and Valentina, both now retired, enjoy their lives with Robert, their child. Bob and Bill, also retired, have both gotten married, and settled down with their own families. However, trouble is stirring in the island nation of Dystrios, and the rebel forces have taken over most of the country. Now, we start this story in the town of Riverview, in the house of Jeb and Valentina. Chapter 1 Time: 09:00 Hours, 10 years after the end of the Great War Location: Jeb’s Dining-room, Riverside, NSK Jeb was eating his breakfast, when little Robert walked into the room. “Hey dad,” He said as he grabbed an apple from the bowl that was on the counter. Jeb noticed that he was hiding something. “Did you take a cookie from the jar?” Jeb asked in a playful tone. Robert pulled two cookies out of his pocket, giving one to Jeb. “Mhm… Thanks,” Jeb said as he took a bite. Gosh, He thought as he took another bite. Val’s cookies sure are good. “What’s going on here?” Val’s voice said as he opened his eyes and turned around. “No eating cookies before you finish breakfast.” Val said with a smile as she took off her garden apron, which she had been wearing when she planted some new flowers. “Sorry,” Jeb said as he stood up. “I guess it’s okay,” Valentina said as Jeb gave her a light kiss on the cheek. Jeb smiled, and turned to Robert, who was eating his apple. “Do you want to try the simulator again?” Jeb asked as he began to walk to his study. “Yeah!” Robert said as he leaped up and followed Jeb. “Now remember, you need to be easy with the controls at first, but once the plane’s got a good speed, you can do whatever.” Jeb told Robert as they walked into the study. Jeb heard Val mutter something that sounded like “Boys…..” ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 09:05 Hours Location: Jeb’s office, Riverside, NSK Jeb sat down in the ‘Pilot’ seat, and pressed the power button. An old fashioned ‘KSC’ logo popped up on each of the three screens that gave the ‘Pilot’ a 180º view. “Dad?” Robert said as Jeb selected ‘Free flight’ mode. “What is ‘KSC’?” Jeb smiled. “You already know,” Jeb said. “Tell me the story again.” Robert said as he sat down in the seat. “Well,” Jeb started. “I was a pilot, and the KSC is where I worked. When I retired, they gave me this as a gift.” Jeb smiled. Robert chose his favorite plane, the M-13. “Now, remember-“ Jeb said, but Rob finished the sentence for him. “Don’t try maneuvers at low speeds, and don’t do maneuvers at mach 3.” He grinned. “I learned my lesson after the last week.” Robert flipped all the switches on the digital dashboard, starting the plane up. As soon as the plane got up to takeoff speed, Robert pulled the control stick back, and the plane took off beautifully. “Wo-oo-o-o-oooo!” Robert exclaimed when his seat shook as he did a loop. “Yeah!” Jeb said, seeing his son doing maneuvers that had inspired Jeb to become a pilot himself. Finally, after breaking his own speed record of 500m/s, Robert landed the plane with ease. “Yes!” Robert said as he got up from the seat. “Can I go again?” He asked Jeb, who shook his head. “You know the rules, 1 flight per weekend.” Robert groaned, and Jeb smiled at how similar Robert was to Jeb at a young age. “Why don’t you go help your mom,” Jeb said as he turned on his computer. “I’m sure that she could use help with the garden.” Robert walked out the door, and said, “Fine. And I’ll see if I can get you another cookie.” Jeb chuckled as he checked the news. However, his smile was immediately turned into a frown when he saw the latest military headlines. “Rebellion on Dystrios?” He muttered to himself as he clicked on the link. He was very confused. Dystrios was supposed to be a relatively peaceful nation. They were basically a satellite of the Eastern Empire; Too large to be considered a colony, and too small to be considered an independent nation. He decided to get on the simulator. He switched the user to JKerman102, and selected ‘Dogfight’ mode. He chose the M-13, which was his favorite of all the ones that he had flown, chose the amount of enemies that would be against him, and prepared to fly again. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 09:15 Hours Location: Jeb’s Office, Riverside, NSK Jeb gave a few short breaths, before launching the plane. He saw 4 enemy targets with 2 ally craft, making the odds 4-3. However, with Jeb flying, it was more like 4-5. His plane lifted up nicely, and he began the fight. His allies managed to shoot down one of the enemy planes by taking off it’s wing. 3-3, Jeb thought as he zoomed into the engagement zone. His radar alerted him to someone closing up on his rear, and Jeb looped around. He fired the guns, and the enemy plane lost their engine and left wing. With the odds now 2-3, Jeb allowed the AI generated allies shoot down one very pesky plane that was just able to stay out of range of the ally craft. Jeb launched a couple of missiles, which eliminated the enemy with ease. Now, with just one plane left, Jeb flew like crazy, attempting to get to the last plane. He prepared to launch the remainder of his missiles at the enemy, but a missile came at the plane from above, and destroyed the craft by hitting it in the middle. Jeb landed the plane skillfully, panting just a little from the excitement of flying again. Whew, Jeb thought as he switched off the plane and got out of the simulator. Just as he stood up, his phone in his pocket buzzed, and Jeb saw the notification that was on the main part of the screen. NSK NEWS- BREAKING: Dystrios capital taken by rebels, War declared on NSK Jeb was shocked. He heard Valentina running through the house, and she burst into the office, panting. “Did you get it too?” She gasped, holding up her phone. Jeb nodded grimly. “I’m going to go take a walk for a bit,” Jeb said as he walked out of the room.
  21. So everyone, this is the story that really kicked off my writing career. The storyline is.......... Oh dear lord... But I've decided that you guys should see this in its true form. Prepare for many poor writing choices, a storyline with an equivalent that's worse than Twilight, and some quirky authors notes in between. Hope you all enjoy.... The First Great War Contents Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4, 5, & 6
  22. Sol and Alpha Centauri duke it out in the 31st century. No other colonized systems because magic radiation stops them. No FTL. Systems are completely colonized and exploited. War is to the death. How is the war fought? Who wins?
  23. Suppose two countries with all of the technologies we expect to have by the year 2150 exist on Ganymede and Europa. They cover the whole of their moons. They have giant vertical underground farms to sustain themselves and huge solar fields with almost 100% efficiency (virtually no energy (light, heat, vibration, etc.) is missed or wasted). They have mining running down to the cores. They have big cities like on Earth, mostly underground. And they go to war with eatchother. No prisoners. No survivors. No slaves. Total annihilation. How is it fought? What are the advantages of Europa over Ganymede?
  24. Are there any war servers out there that have active players on for us to dogfight battle or destroy with hyperedit kax airplanes plus and bd armoury or procedural dynamics
  25. Welcome to the first known Kerpedo challenge! Intro: Our Kerbal engineers have noticed that they are very vulnerable to attack by other Kerbal nations, or even aliens. They decided some types of weapons, but they had trouble inventing something for underwater attack, So they had a discussion together. "What can we do to have something underwater that can launch a bomb?" Said Linus Kerman, Wernher von Kerman replied "Huh, an underwater missile?" Linus Kerman nodded and replied with excitement "That's an amazing idea! But, our research shows that it's impossible to get a rocket to fire underwater...Any ideas Wernher?" Wernher von Kerman answered as if it's a very simple question "But propellers do work underwater! We shall name it the Kerpedo, is that a good name?" Mortimer Kerman nodded and said "That's a great name! And it will be as cheap as missiles! Any more ideas?" Linus and Wernher shook their heads, and Mortimer instantly shouted "Dismissed!" Explaination: What I am bad at The challenge is to create a fully working torpedo (I'll be addressing the torpedo as "Kerpedo"). The torpedo has to be launched into the sea, and must be fully manuverable. The kerpedo may contain parts from the mods that will be listed below. I like to see realistic torpedoes, but hey, IT'S YOUR CHOICE! Allowed mods: The following mods are allowed to be used in this Kepedo challenge, please notice that visual enhancement mods are allowed and I very much appreciate them. BDArmory: Only use for an explosive warhead. Kerbal Aircraft Expansion: For a realistic propeller. Tweakscale: To tweak all parts to whatever size you want your kerpedo. KSP Maritime pack: Use for ballast parts to get a non-floaty torpedo (KSP Water Physics are a bit too good) Vessel Mover: For moving your vessel. This list is currently very early, this list will be expanded when mods come into my memory, you can help me decide which mods I should add by replying with the following format: <Name of the mod> <Why I should add it> [Side notes] Difficulties: Sandbox: Do whatever you want with the torpedo, I will check it out, but you will not be listed on the winners list. I will only add you to the list of you make something impressive. You may even make an airdrop torpedo. Easy: Make a working Kerpedo Moderate: Make an impressive Kerpedo Hard: Have an advanced underwater launch base for the Kerpedo (Use the Maritime Ballast Tanks to have a sinky base) Impossible: Make a fully working submarine containing the Kerpedo, I'd be seriously impressed! Well, only for ksp physics Submitting: Include the .craft file for me to download (Essential, there have been a lot of fake submissions recently) Include a video (Recommended) Include directions of use (Essential) Include screenshots (VERY Highly Recommended, though not essential) Include side notes (Highly Recommended) Include which mods you have installed on your game (Essential) Winner Board: Outro: Goodluck to you all! I wish you the best of luck! Your Kerpedo will serve the Kerbal Military, and you will be remembered as an honored scientist! Also, just a note, having the Scatterer mod (for the beautiful oceans) will make me VERY happy! I may record a video intro to this challenge.