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Found 19 results

  1. Interstellar is cool, but pretty complex mod. USI Warp Drive is pretty cool, but does not allow you to time warp. Here's the intermediate solution: ISWD standalone - almost the same mechanics as in Interstellar, but in vanilla KSP. Space Dock Source Code Know how: The idea is that EM decays. So you need "Containment Field" to accumulate and store it. To activate containment field you need current power production 100 EC/s. Once activated containment field consumes 100EC/s and generates 0.01 EM/s. 100EC/s is not big deal if you use something like NFE, but really hard to achieve in stock, so I think it's a good value. If you initiate warp containment field becomes self sufficient, so no EC will be consumed, but EM won't be produced either. Such mechanics makes using warp drive not a piece of cake, but who said that travelling to the stars will be easy? Next, stats: Current Gravity Force - shows how deep you're in gravity well, the stronger the force, the lesser the speed you can warp with. Speed Restricted by G - ultimate speed limit of your warp, your warp speed will be dropped automatically as soon as you go deeper into gravity well, so beware, especially when approaching gas giants, as you may end up in sub orbital trajectory without enough EM to initiate escape jump. Current Speed Factor - currently selected warp speed, measured in fractions of C. !!!ACHTUNG!!! - C is "kerbalized" and equals to 29 979 245.8 m/s. Maximum Speed Factor - max allowed warp speed according to gravity well restriction. Minimal Required EM - minimal amount of EM required to initiate warp for the current vessel. Current Requred EM - amount of EM required to initiate warp with the current warp factor (see below) Maximum Required EM - amount of EM required to warp with maximum allowed factor. Current Drives Power - abstract value that affects EM requirements. Can be improved by unlocking new technologies (this part needs to be reviewed as current release may have bugs). Can also be improved with installing more than one WD on your vessel. The higher the factor the lesser EM requirements. Vessel Total Mass - no need to explain. The lesser the mass, the less EM is required to warp. Drives Efficiency - anothe abstract value that shows overall warp efficiency of your vessel. WARP FACTORS: You may think about warp factors as electron energy levels in atom, the "lowest" energy level is ONE C, that level requires minimal EM to initiate warp, all other factors will cost more and more. Here's how it looks like: 0.01 > 0.016 > 0.025 > 0.04 > 0.063 > 0.1 > 0.16 > 0.25 > 0.40 > 0.63 > 1.0 < 1.6 < 2.5 < 4.0 < 6.3 < 10 < 16 < 25 < 40 < 63 < 100 < 160 < 250 < 400 < 630 < 1000 So YES, warping lower than C requires more EM. That's current Interstellar mechanics that I kept with this mod. Increase Factor and Decrease Factor buttons increase and decrease warp factor. Reduce Warp Factor changes warp factor so that you go to lower "energy level". EM accumulation is done in background, so you can leave you warp ship on the orbit and continue building base on the Mun. Actually no background processing is done at all, instead you get "compensation" of EM according to time you've been away from warp ship, so this process does not eat your CPU time. Once in warp ship goes on "rails", that means your ship movement is processed by KSP itself and not by this mod, so you can go to tracking station and observe how you warp ship spikes trough time/space. WARNING!!! High speed warp (especially far away from Kerbol) is better observed from tracking station, otherwise you may wake up Kraken and your ship will be desintegrated. That's sometimes true while ship changes SOI, so quicksave is your good friend. If you loose your EC production containment field will continue to operate until EC is depleted. So you won't loose all your EM once you accidentally retract all your solar panels. EM decays with the rate of 100/s, be carefull. Launch scenario: Deliver your ship to the orbit, the higher orbit is better as G effect of Kerbin will be minimal, so you can warp with the lowest EM requirements possible. 10 megameters is a good start. Make sure your EC production is sufficient, otherwise you'll have really expensive satellite Activate containment field, you'll start getting EM immediately. Go and do something interesting like launching tourists to the orbit. EM is produced slowly. Come back to your ship after a little bit and see if you have enough EM. Pick your target and desired warp factor and initiate warp. Side note: I recommend using MJ Smart A.S.S to hold your ship orientation as stock SAS still not that "Smart". You can increase and decrease your warp speed while in warp, but that requires additional EM, so be carefull. If you go too deep into the gravity well, your warp factor will be reduced automatically until to 1 C and then you'll be dropped out of warp as moving slower than C requires more EM, so beware. Once you reached destination deactivate warp drive, but beware that containment field will start sucking up your EC immediately. I recommend using this mod for travelling to distant stars, for tactial "inside system" jumps USI Warp Drive is much better. License: KSPI-E Licensce TODO: Delay before warp, like you know: whoooooooo...booooom Integration with CTT Morph with USI Warp Drive Integrate with RSS, so that C becomes 299 792 458 m/s once it installed.
  2. WarpEverywhere This is a very simple mod that removes time warp restrictions and adds 2 more levels of time warp, 1,000,000x and 10,000,000x. A Kerbin year is almost 10 million seconds long (9203328), so this new maximum time warp will go forward about a year every second! DOWNLOAD: Spacedock GitHub SOURCE: LICENSE: GNU GPLv3 ATTRIBUTION: This project uses code and ideas from WarpUnlocker and TimeControl. CHANGELOG: 1.0: (Current) Declared Done - NOTE still works in 1.6 No bugs for a year Recompile for 1.4.3. No code changes. 0.1: Initial build. 2 extra warp levels. Removal of altitude limits on all worlds. COMPATIBILITY: I expect WarpEverywhere to work with most all other mods, with the exception of course of mods that change warp rates. I suggest only using one of those at a time in general. In particular, WarpEverywhere should work just fine with any mods that add or change planets; This should remove the warp restrictions from all of them. Note: This doesn't work all that great with Kerbal Alarm Clock at the top 2 levels. At full warp (1 year per second) the game just warps too fast for KAC to slow it down fast enough for your alerts. If you manually slow down about a year before the window, though, everything works fine. If you find a mod that this conflicts with, let me know. I can't make promises, except that I'll look into it. TO DO: Nothing! WON'T DO: Add a config so you can set your own warp rates. I think it's better to have this mod as a stalwart, simple addition to the game and if you want more control, use one of the other warp configuring mods instead. Modify physics warp. It's just too squirrely even at 4x to justify the work. The 2 extra time warp levels don't have their own triangles in the UI. I'm not a UI guy so I have no idea how to make that happen. I control time warp with my keyboard so I don't even really pay that much attention to that part of the UI anyway. So, I won't be "fixing" this. DONATIONS I do not need donations, but if you want to contribute, please donate to SpaceDock:
  3. PRE-RELEASE Beta Testers & Translators Wanted specific question - does it work with 1.7.3? Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. Biomatic This is the new thread. Original thread here. A utility to allow easier science gathering in orbit, by automatically de-warping when entering a biome which hasn't been listed. . Simple biome identification, notification, tracking, and warp stopping. adopted for curation by @zer0Kerbal — originally by @Biff Space The Biomatic sensor identifies the biome that the ship is in / above, and shows the information in a small text window. Optionally the ship's situation (high / low space, high / low flight, landed, splashed) can be shown as well. Biomes where science has been done can be added to a list, which is used together with a kill warp option to de-warp the ship when entering an un-listed biome. The list of biomes can be per-vessel, or global. It is integrated with the stock toolbar by default, but can be configured to use blizzy's. (Change 'stock' to 'blizzy' in the config file). The Biomatic Part The Biomatic part is found under the science tab. In career or science mode, it is found in the 'Space Exploration' node of the tech tree - this must be researched before Biomatic will work, either as a part or as a Module Manager add-on to command pods. Module Manager Patch(es) adds Biomatic to any command module or probe core [OPTIONAL] makes Start the techRequired for the Biomatic part Dependencies Kerbal Space Program Module Manager Recommends [NEW] ToolbarController [NEW] ClickThroughBlocker Suggests Toolbar (Blizzy's) On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) Field Training Facility (FTF) Field Training Lab (FTL) Docking Port Descriptions More Hitchhikers PicoPort Shielded Transparent Command Pods Repressurized Nuke Refueled Vanguard ProbiTronics CTN Stork Delivery System (SDS) SimpleLogistics SimpleConstruction Not So Simple Construction B9 Stock Switches (BSS) HotBeverages! Installation The Biomatic folder needs to be unzipped and put in your KSP\GameData folder: Feedback Any comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome, as are reports of bugs / problems - please let me know what you think. Licence Biomatic, its associated files and the source code are all released under the GPLv3 license, text here: Original: Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Thank you to @tinygrox for pushing the localization code! v1.3.2.0 original: 11 Aug 2018 0K updated: 02 Feb 2020 zed'K Source: GitHub License:
  4. Should time warp be extended? really not much to say right now so just ______ OMG I'm so sorry, I made a big Boo Boo, just look at the meme
  5. Okay, here's the story. I'm thinking about timing how fast I can send a plane all the way around Laythe, but I don't want to rely on the MET timer because it also adds the amount of time it takes to: Get off Kerbin Fly to Laythe Including making refueling stops Land Get in position I also don't want to rely on my computer's built-in stopwatch flying because it doesn't account for when I use the warp. Is there a "Kerbal Stopwatch" I can use? More specifically, I need to: Start at 00:00:00 when I want it to, which would be the moment of takeoff Speed up or slow down along with the warp And stop whenever I hit the "Pause" button --> and resume when I leave the pause menu. End at (TIME TO BE DETERMINED) when I want it too, which would be when I land. Be in plain sight the whole time while I'm flying. In case you're wondering, I have MJ and Kerbal Alarm Clock. If no such stopwatches exist (either in-game or mod), then how can I still time my run while accounting for the warp? For the Alarm Clock, I would have to start my engines immediately after the alarm went off. Is there any way I can display a straight-up stopwatch that can go along with the pause menu AND warp? Thank you.
  6. Video link: (pay attention to the Apoapsis marker position and altitude) I have no idea of what's causing this. It's happening to every craft I have in orbit, although not with the same intensity (smaller crafts seem to be affected less) This issue is really messing up my game though. Not only Rendezvous/SOI Interceptions can be lost because the plotted course simply changes after the time warp; but in this specific example in the video, I need the AP/PE markers to stay in the same place as I'm deploying a satellite every time the main ship passed through it's AP, this way ensuring proper separation between each satellite. Anyone has any idea on what's causing this? God, every day KSP has a new different bug that will probably take ages to be fixed... Edit 1.: I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty confident I know what might be causing this issue, although I have no idea how it could be fixed. The ship I'm using is quite tall as it has on the top 2 fairings with interstage nodes so I could fit 3 small satellites on top of each other. Now, I'm not sure how the game takes into account where the "center" of the ship actually is during map view (if it's either the Center of Mass, the most central point regardless of the mass, the active "control from here" module or even something else entirely), but it seems like this center point is not really aligned with the orbit line center (let's say it's 10m below the orbit point for example). This 10m offset therefore becomes the new center of the orbit when I switch from real time into warp mode. Therefore, as I switch, the game recalculates my orbit 10m below from where it actually was, causing bigger changes far away on my orbit. Maybe if the Devs had/could implement a system in which the game takes my orbital values (AP / PE values) before I start the Warp and put them back in after the warp is done this problem would be fixed; instead of recalculating it as the warp is finished.
  7. When I try to use warp in space while my engines are working, the game says that I must use physical warp. But I can't do this. Is it even possible? I found out that I can do it with Alt+</>.
  8. so i'm only really making a return because i have an ion-powered craft with burn times ~1 hour, but i can't enable physics warp for some reason. everyone says to do alt + . but it doesn't work for me for some reason. maybe because i'm on linux? i really don't know. (sorry if this is in the wrong place, only ~85% sure it should go here but i'm kinda desperate so :/)
  9. I want to do a zoom through space. Basically: I want a hyper-drive-type mod for 1.6.1, the latest version. What do you suggest? (P.S. "easy" meaning no dependencies or complicated setup, not meaning just easy to use in-game)
  10. Hi, i have a problem, i tried to install few mods just for better atmospheres (didnt worked for me) and when i started game and i try to warp, it says this. I tried using physwarp, but it isnt working either, so i unnistalled all mods, everything, then reinstalled game, and it still does this. The fun fact is, that when im actually playing some scenarios, i can warp. I cant use warp in every single game i create, doesnt matter if it is sandbox or career. Another fact is i can warp if i click on thst blue orbit line, but i cant use that warp in left upper corner. Help please i just want to play Btw i downloaded some hyperwarp mode, but as i said, everything except squad folder is deleted in gamedata
  11. i can't find a way to use phiscal warp (1x,2x,3x,4x,) after i escaped the atmosveer. this on the xbox one (X)
  12. The invention of Debug Drive (pioneered by one Cheiter "Alt-F12" Kerman) has rendered the complexities of orbital mechanics virtually obsolete. Now, spaceships can simply turn on their Debug Drive and zip almost instantly from any orbit to any other celestial orbit, without consuming a single drop of propellant. Some have decried the use of this technology as "too easy", but most have embraced it with enthusiasm. The new tech has only one limitation: it can only be used once a stable orbit has been established, as the Tunnelizer Particles used by the drive will rip the ship apart if exposed to too much gravitational imbalance. So while orbital mechanics is no longer a concern, rocket science remains alive and well. THE CHALLENGE: Build a ship capable of deorbiting and orbiting at many worlds as possible, without refueling, staging, or docking. Your ship is only responsible for the deorbit and orbit; it does NOT have to perform transfer or capture burns. You may use the Debug Menu to "jump" from any stable orbit to any other stable orbit, but you cannot jump from the surface (or from a suborbital trajectory) to orbit. Your vehicle must be manned. At no point can any parts explode, break off, or otherwise leave your ship. Absolutely no part mods. This challenge is about design, so you do not have to fly your ship into orbit; you start the challenge in LKO, fully-fueled. You decide what order to visit worlds in. SCORING: You gain points each time you land and reorbit from a given world. Each world is worth a certain number of points as shown below. Gilly: 6 Pol: 26 Minmus: 36 Bop: 46 Ike: 78 Dres: 86 Mun: 116 Eeloo: 124 Duna: 145 Vall: 172 Moho: 174 Laythe: 290 Tylo: 454 Eve: 800 (if anyone can pull it off) Good so far? Don't get started just yet. You can earn bonuses based on vehicle design and mission parameters. Each bonus is a 10% increase to your final score, and they multiply, so two bonuses means a 21% increase, three bonuses means a 33.1% increase, and so forth. OP reserves the right to add new bonuses in the future. Homeward Bound: Return to the surface of Kerbin from LKO at the end of your mission. Infinity and Beyond: Your vessel consumes neither xenon nor ablator, meaning it could conceivably refuel at any ISRU station and continue its mission indefinitely. In the Neighborhood: Visit each planetary system only once. In other words, you complete all landings within a given system before moving on to the next one. Baby Grand: Visit every world but Eve. Kerbin's Sweet Caress: Land within visual range of the KSC at the end of your mission. No Surly Bonds: Your vessel is capable of SSTO from Kerbin, independent of your main mission. Rocket Scientist: Be the first person to post, in this thread, an accurate explanation for how I arrived at the scoring for each world. Hera, Wife of Zeus: Land on all the moons of Jool. Powerhouse: Your vessel carries no solar panels. Disembark: Your Kerbals can leave the vessel and plant flags on every world without needing their jetpacks. Regular Ace: Fly the entire mission without relying on informational or piloting mods. Pickup Artist: Your vessel is capable of EDL at Eve and re-ascent to orbit if Infinite Fuel is enabled after landing, independent of your main mission. One Stop Shop: Your vessel consumes only a single type of propellant (e.g., xenon only, LF only, monoprop only, or LFO only). Killing Me Smalls: Your vessel has the lowest dry mass of any submission. To qualify, you must land on either Laythe or Tylo. Rule of Cool: You have a dual-thrust-axis lander, capable of vertical takeoff and landing perpendicular to your main engine thrust vector using dedicated engines. Good luck, everyone! LEADERBOARD: @Wanderfound Touches down on Laythe and the Mun before coming home to Kerbin for a pinpoint KSC landing. For now, the smallest submission capable of Laythe, so 791 points!
  13. I need to know how to properly manage timing during physics warp and high-speed warp (the non-physics variety). Timing is required for my animations. I can use Time.time under normal scale and it works ok, but i need a timing variable / method that reads game time and is affected by both warp types. Note that MET is not acceptable since it does not run while vessel is landed.
  14. Yay! the IXS Enterprise is a reality! I made this from scratch. I am pretty sure people have made this already, but I wanted to make my own. mods: Mechjeb 2.0 and KSPI-E. Any questions? Just ask. You may need to add a few fuel canisters. I left them out so you could do a little Work for yourself. You can use my craft however you like, just credit me. Any questions? just ask! Craft File
  15. KSP: (WindowsPlayer x64) Problem: All the problems occurred with engines / RCS disbled. During warp the problems stopped, when warp is leaved, they continue to nag me. Maneuver-drifting: When I setup a maneuver, for example to do a Hohmann transfer to Mun, without touching the maneuver-node, the delta-v for the maneuver begins to increase, the maneuver indicator begins to drift away. After 1 minute over 2000m/s are displayed. Closest approach drifting I`ve setup an intercept with Duna from Kerbol orbit (just leaved Kerbins SOI). After a few seconds, the intercept switched to closest approach, which increased very fast so several million meter. Mods installed: "000_AT_Utils", "Toolbar", "USI Tools", "B9 Part Switch", 1.7.1 "BetterTimeWarpContinued", "Community Category Kit", "Community Resource Pack", "CommunityTechTree", "Contract Configurator", "Contract Reward Modifier", "CustomBarnKit", "DMagic Orbital Science", "CapCom Mission Control On The Go", (Remark: Sometimes the CapCom is not displaying any contract) "Contract Parser", "Contracts Window Plus", "Progress Parser", "EditorExtensionsRedux", "Firespitter", 7.5.1 "Flexible Docking", "GroundConstruction", "Interstellar Fuel Switch", "JanitorsCloset", "Kerbal Attachment System", "Kerbal Inventory System", "Infernal Robots", 2.0.10 "NearFutureElectrical", "NearFuturePropulsion", "NearFutureSolar", "DockingCameraKURS", "SCANsat", "Science Relay", "StageRecovery", "Strategia", "Kerbal Alarm Clock", "TweakScale", "USI Exploration Pack", "Karbonite", "Konstruction", "USI-LS", "MKS", "USI Core", "Universal Storage", "KSP Interstellar Extended", "[x] Science!", 5.6.0 Reproduction steps: Hard to say. Mostly after switching from Tracking-Station to a ship, sometimes even after reaching LKO with a 200t rocket. Log: Savegame: Subassemblies and ships: CKAN-File: Other points: The problem occurred the first time after many hours of playing the current career. After the problem occurred several times, I had the illusion that I have figured out the problem, because every time I visited my spacelab and switched then to another vehicle, the problem popped up. The first several times this occurred I only had to leave to main screen, now I have to completely restart the game to stop this I have no clue which mod is, in principle, able to cause this. maybe someone can give me a good advise. Thanks in advance best regards Schnoog Edit: Just tried a copy under Ubuntu which led to the same problem.
  16. Playing on: Xbox One Issue: Don't have the full Warp available that exists on PC Details: I am enjoying the my initial forays into the game on Console after having played almost 1000 hours on PC. I am no stranger to glitches and issues with the game. However, as I have been getting further into the game, getting into orbit and the like the lack of being able to go to full Warp to speed up time has become problematic. Apparently there is only the 4X Physic Warp, which is fine in atmo, but when I am trying to get around to the other side of a 300km orbit, that is many real minutes of just sitting. I can't imagine what it will be like waiting to get to the Mun or the outer planets. I am going to assume it is a bug, but if it is not, please consider fixing this in some way, otherwise the game becomes very cumbersome and not very fun. Easy enough to repro, just get into an orbit and try to warp to the other side of your orbit. Thank you.
  17. Hello, Could someone update the “Time Control” mod, this is by far the best mod I have ever used, could easily be one of the top 5 most downloaded mods of the curse community. There was someone updating it, but he is away for a while, by the way, he did not published the updates, and I think that is the reason this mod have not reach the top list. Updating it should not be that hard, I guess it is just a matter of fixing the interface, so it is not invisible for the 1.1.0 version. But I'm not a modder or anything, maybe it's harder than I think. Here is the link for the 1.0.5 version of this mod:
  18. Hi. Lately I have been playing the game in career mode, in hard difficulty, the true is that I have lots of problem, but are not money or science problems... ...are time problems. The control of rocket, although is in hard difficulty, is moderately relaxing and fast, when you are in orbit, you can add a very big warp time. The problem is the aircraft fly (and the use of other types of non-space vehicles), to explore the biomes of the itself planet. The aircraft fly is very slow compared with the rocket fly, implies lots of time-outs, without have to interact in the game, this is really annoying. I suggest add the possibility of warp more than "x4 time speed" when you are in a big height with a stable position, to solve these time-outs of interaction and make the exploration of biomes with aircraft more pleasurable and satisfactory.
  19. I've been playing KSP for a number of years and have come across a problem I can't address myself. I'm in version 1.0.2 using windows 8.1, and with lots of memory and graphics muscle. For some reason when Autopilot is engaged or any Maneuver Node is executed, the vehicle will not warp to the node. Even though the aiming 'bar-V-dot' centers on the blue target icon. Also, when it does eventually reach a node, the vehicle simply passes the node without throttling up. And yes, every warp enabling button is lit. Any thoughts? Thank you!