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Found 11 results

  1. Kerbal Field Weapon Pack KERWIS Team products Weapons more than photo show Our members: @BF2_Pilot @Acea @Icecovery @Kernowden Kerbin Download: SpaceDock Recommended: BDArmory Continued V1.2 License: CC-BY-SA
  2. Small Naval Vessels in 90s Modern naval weapons by BDA weapon Consist of: Class 054 type “jiangkai II” frigate hull with VLS Class 053 type “jianghu”frigate hull Class 037-II type “Houjian” missile boat hull Class 82-II type "wozhang"minesweeper hull 37mm Automatic naval gun 6 pipe 30mm CIWS HHQ-16 “red flag”air defense missile YJ-83 anti ship missile and launcher Fregat-MAE-5 radar Type 344 radar Big size FLIR for ships Anti submarine rocket launcher Recommend to you: and A Kerwis Team Work DOWNLOAD: Naval Vessels in 90s License: MIT Update in 2018/1/27
  3. Bonjour, je me lance dans la création de mod avec pour but un pack d'armes française pour BD Armory. Pour le moment toute aide est la bienvenue. Je commence par le MDBA Meteor Hi, i'm going to mod creation with the goal to make a french weapons pack for BD Armory. For the moment all help are welcome. I start with MBDA Meteor.
  4. SU27! Yes, SU27! In this pack you can see: --- Jet Fuselage with 6 tons of fuel --- 30mm Auto-cannon with 300 units of ammunition (needs BDA) --- Cockpit with full IVA (needs ASET MOD and JSI mod to work) --- Main Wing with 3 missile racks --- Tail Fin --- UHF Antenna --- N001 Radar (thinks for the help form @XOC2008) You can also use stock parts to finish this jet - much more interesting than giving you a complete jet, right ? I am trying to make it work in FAR, which took me a lot of time to do it, but it just wouldn't work... I will be really grateful if anyone could make it work, . Oh and what's more, there are some bombs in this pack too. License: MIT Thanks for the help from all my friends who helped me finish this mod! and sorry for my poor English and Let me put a piece of my oil painting here. Download at:‘s Flanker SU-27 Gallery: ____________________________________________________________________ 1.01 update ----a main wing without racks ----some codes change
  5. Some early Russian missiles for your extra BDA weapons, including: AA-2 (USSR P-3c missile), AA-4, and two Pitot tubes (it make your jet more like a jet) if you dislike USSR weapons, you could give this missile to your AI enemies; if you like them, enjoy it!‘s Military part Pack License: MIT Sorry for my broken English.
  6. Hi , i know when we place missile at ground and fire missile it will throw up about 1m , and setting DropTime will start engine missile . Here i want when Fire Missile missile will throw about 4-5m it possible?
  7. Tbone2142

    Tbone's XAGM (for BDArmory)

    Download: The XAGM is designed as a top-attack GPS guided Air-to-Ground Missile so you will (almost) always be able to hit any ground target that's behind any cover, provided you have it's GPS co-ordinate. I'll let this video do the talking... Also, for anyone wondering where I got the weapons bay from, it's a mod called Red vs Blue by Scoundrel and can be found here: Licence CC-BY-SA
  8. The weapons challenge thread still has my attention. Also a few weeks back there was talk about moving things without switching craft (scanners, claws, etc). The cumulation of those 2 things lead to this revolver. I wanted to see how much manipulation I could do without switching craft. Each round is one nosecone (bullet), 8 angled sepratrons (gunpowder) to give spin stabilization (pretend the barrel is rifled, k), and a docking port with no probe core control. There is one round in each chamber obviously. A ram pushes the round, then the docking port magnetism takes over. Now that it's part of the main craft I can fire, undock, unlock the revolving part, spin it with rocket force, then lock it into place and do it all again. I had to come up with an a device to stop the revolver at each chamber (remember, self-imposed no craft switching) so I made a mechanical incrementor (the blue seperators at the back there). They are a one-time stopper at each 60 degree mark, give or take flexing. Empty rounds are lighter than full rounds so I needed a stopper (the landing gear) so the chamber won't roll backwards. Enough typing for now, on to the show. KerbalX
  9. Darth Jeb

    Planet destroyer laser

    It has been many days and i have many questions regarding lasers now : 1) Which laser mod is used in this video to destroy the planets? I guess it would be a .cfg edit. So anyone please tell 2) Again which laser mod is used in this video ?Please tell. I guess these videos are made by space scumbag (aka SWdennis)
  10. MODERN COMBAT WEAPONS By Zacharii Updated as of 12/4/2015 RELEASE 0.5 Initial release - one weapon AIM-120C - An ungraded/updated version of Baha's AIM-120. This version has more agility and maneuverability. Physical changes include clipped fins for maximum space efficiency. Cosmetic changes include a dark grey tone(rather than a white one)
  11. MODERN COMBAT WEAPONS By Zacharii Updated as of 12/4/2015 RELEASE V0.5 Initial release - one weapon AIM-120C - An upgraded/updated version of Baha's AIM-120. This version has more agility and maneuverability. Physical changes include clipped fins for maximum space efficiency. Cosmetic changes include a dark grey tone(rather than a white one) and a circular split exhaust pattern, much like the real counterpart. IRIS-T - in production AIM-9X - in production GBU-12 - in production GBU-10 - in production That's it for now! Gallery Installation - Drag "Zacharii" folder into gamedata - done Download (For some reason, Kerbalstuff refuses my connection when trying to save changes and/or publish the mod, help would be appreciated) Kerbalstuff: Reliant on BDarmory: Licence MIT