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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone, a couple weeks ago our good friend @Badie from Squad started a "Weekly Challenge", which seems to have attracted quite a lot of attention, and is off to an excellent start. And after talking to her a little about it, I thought it might be a nice idea to start a thread with suggestions for future challenges, so she isn't stuck trying to do it all herself. The rules for your challenge suggestion are up to you, but please bear in mind these weekly challenges are just for fun, and a chance to show off some of your wilder KSP creations and/or moments. They aren't meant to be as difficult or strict as "official" challenges, so to speak, and with maybe an exception here and there, not the kind of challenge you would do to earn a badge. So I'll go first with a suggestion I pm'd @Badie a couple days ago concerning the new green meanie monoliths recently added into the game. Turns out they're randomly generated anywhere on a planet or moon, and will never appear twice in the same place from game to game. So you can't help anyone else, or spoil it for anyone, by posting a screenshot of where you may have found one. Which is my weekly challenge submission. Quite simply, find a green meanie monolith and post a screenshot of it, and maybe the ship and/or rover that located it.... the more unusual the location the better. Now, I leave the floor open to the rest of the forum... what can y'all come up with for a weekly challenge???