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Found 1 result

  1. I've been watching re-runs of the Simpsons, you know, reliving my youth. After re-watching "Deep Space Homer" I noticed they use a weird space plane called "Corvair". I'm not sure what it's based on but it launches like the X-37 was supposed to, strapped onto what looks like a modified Saturn-V with 4 SRBs. I know it's just a cartoon but it had Buzz Aldrin as a guest and there are were some die hard science geeks running the show back then. Basically, it's not a standard "silly" launch system so much as something plausible and near-future sci-fi. So any ideas what it could be based on? Scroll down for images of the space craft on the launcher. Mostly I wonder if NASA ever had a concept for this system or if it's just entirely imaginative. There's something awesome about the idea of an early shuttle concept that launches on top of a 2 stage Saturn-II with 4 boosters (seems like overkill :D)